Friday, February 23, 2018

How Does Doe Deere Spend Her Day?

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I have a guest post to share with you an encouraging word of how hard work and perseverance can pay off!

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How Doe Deere spends her day
Doe Deere is more than a fashion diva and giant in the field of beauty and cosmetics. She's a successful entrepreneur who has a mind for business and glamour. She is not afraid to be extravagant, bold and creative and encourages other women to unlock their inner potential, reach for the stars and live a successful life.

All of that is nothing new for the Izhevsk, Russia native. As a young girl she tapped into her imagination and entrepreneurial spirit. One evening Deere and a group of her friends enjoyed a slumber party while dressing up as witches. That party got her interested in cosmetics and led to her starting her own business while just a grade school student. Deere developed her own line of temporary tattoos and sold them to her classmates, marketing them as "cool."

When Deere turned 17, she left Russia behind and emigrated to the United States, landing in New York City to pursue a career with her band, sky Salt. One of the band members, Mark, is now Deere's husband and serves as president of the couple's cosmetic company, Lime Crime.

With all her success, Deere starts the day like most of us. She wakes up each morning in her Los Angeles home without fail at 8:30 a.m. (no alarm lock needed). Deere, a self-proclaimed morning person, says she enjoys waking up after a restful night's sleep. The first thing she does is drink an entire glass of water. Los Angeles has a relatively dry climate, so staying fully hydrated is important in order to stay healthy. Deere then might spend a few minutes admiring nature from a window before doing a series of stretching exercises and enjoying breakfast, which usually includes grits, yogurt and freshly squeezed juice that comes from one the orange trees in her backyard.

After breakfast, Deere turns her attention to business. She speaks with her employees, who she considers family, via a closed internet system and responds to emails. An avid user of Instagram, Deere checks the social network to see not only what's happening in the world but to spot what's trending as well.

After all that is done, Deere begins to prepare for the day. She takes her showers before going to bed, allowing her hair to dry naturally overnight. Cranking up some music (Deere is currently enjoying songs by The Beatles), she uses a curling iron to style her hair in her signature looks – loose and with large curls.

Deere then turns her attention to her makeup. First things first, she washes and moisturizes her face every day. Next comes foundation, which Lime Crime will soon offer. She then fills in her eyebrows and applies blush and lipstick, usually in red or pink.

Before leaving for the office, Deere spends some quality time with her two cats, showering them with love and affection. She arrives at work at noon, where she has lunch and discussions with her team. Deere then spends the rest of the day in meetings before leaving the office at 6 p.m., or sometimes later, depending upon what is on her agenda.