Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wine Wednesday - featuring Wine Country Gift Basket brand Brick Lane

Hi ya Gorgeous! 

Happy Wednesday to you! I double dog dare you to caption the photo below in the comments...

Today I've got a wine review for you from my Christmas gift basket of wine. The basket was chocked full of snackie goodness and 2 bottles of wine - from Brick Lane.  Hmm. Well then.

Now, in this month of January, I know many of you may go "dry" - though when you are back to enjoying some vino, or need to give a gift, consider this website,

So from watching the video you may know by now, that no, I do not really like the Brick Lane. BUT! When I had Wine Country Gift Basket wine, Barrel Hoop, it was amazing!

Check 'em out! All the goodies that came with the basket were delicious! Thanks for watching and please subscribe and comment too!

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