Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Father's Day

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Father's Day! Cheers to all ya'll havin' a wonderful celebration with the fathers in your life!

One more thing all the single moms, who are doing double duty as both parents, we salute you!

Women went to work during the war, and some really liked it and didn't want to return to home life.  Some liked it but did want to return. Since this time, the role of women in the home and the workplace has shifted, and women have began to shoulder both the home and the work, and the family.

To each woman at home with the family on this fathers day, just know, for you, today is "FaMother's" Day!  Celebrate yourself and the success you have in raising a family, while maintaining the home and working while also serving in your community!  Thank you for your dedicated efforts!

Now, how about some videos from the Youtube channel that showcase some great gift ideas for Father's day.