Friday, September 27, 2019

Can You Install a Roof in Michigan In Any Season? Yes, You Can!

Have you ever had a need to fix, repair or even build a new roof in any season in Michigan? Even in the winter? If you answered yes, you are right. Michigan is known for having four full seasons of weather. Fall, Summer, Spring and a very robust Winter - and yet, that doesn't stop Downriver Roofers from serving their loyal customers.

There are many ways to fix a roof or install a new one. If there is water damage into the walls, that will be addressed as part of completing the full project and not just bandage a leaky roof.

A detailed written estimate is provided for you. If you are working with insurance claims, there is a staff member who specializes in working with insurance companies.

When you work with the licensed, bonded, insured professionals at Downriver Roofers - you are working with the best of the best and weather isn't going to stop them! Why not contact them today? Call 734-548-9919 or visit them on the web at

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