Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Best 2 Step Skincare - Meet Buzios Skin Co. Brazilian Effortless skincare

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Today I have an answer for those of you who are fed up and tired up the multi step skincare process.

Meet Buzios Skin Co. -

From their website:
"Buzios is a Brazilian Effortless skincare, with rainforest super-foods. Our 2 step skincare routine is all you need.
"Brazilian women are big on skincare, we do not use makeup, it's too hot and humid for that!" So we focus on our skin, providing the necessary nutrients to make our skin thrive.
We created an easy multi-functional skincare, to achieve your complexion goals.
We believe in our products so much that if you don't like it, we give your money back. Money back guarantee 30 days.".

I used, I liked. But. There's always a but. As a makeup wearer, I didn't feel like it removed the makeup and cleansed the skin. On the days where I did not wear makeup and used the cleanser and moisturizing oil, I liked it! 

I used the 2 step system, for 2 weeks, and yes, I liked the products especially the scents and rich moisture feeling.  The Bare skin Brazilian Miracle Cleanser is a glass bottle with 4.05 ounces of cleansing balm in it. 2-3 pumps are recommended for cleansing your face with 30 seconds of massaging the product into the skin.

The Buzios Dewy skin hydrating serum is a glass bottle filled with 1 ounce of moisturizing serum.

I'm a fan of both I just don't feel like it removed my makeup thoroughly. After using the cleanser I needed to wash my face with my gel based cleanser.

I think this is a great product set for those who don't do a lot of skincare, and don't do a lot of makeup. If you are a natural bare faced gal in your daily life, you will love these!

I'm curious if I used the cleanser with the facial brush, would it be a better deep clean?
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