Friday, July 27, 2007

Samples vs. the "Experience" center

If you have never gone to the department store cosmetic counter and asked for a "sample", then you can stop reading this now.

Since we are all still reading- I want to share with you about the expensive cost of free samples vs. the amazing money saving, service enhanced, greater results and benefits of using the "experience" center.

Samples are expensive for your time, your effort based on the results you get plus the trips of gas used and emissions released into the atmosphere for a wee packet of stuff to try.

Samples are not as strong as the actual bottle of product you are looking to buy. Samples are a one time use packet that are thrown away and contain non-biodegradable cosmetic products that further fill the dumps on the outside of cities everywhere.

Our Earth goal is to use-reuse-recycle and when it comes to beauty and cosmetics, my goal is to help you shop smarter while making better choices about the items you choose.

Here's where it gets good and what we can do as consumers and citizens of Earth to do our part in keeping things clean and green.

If you do get a sample, get it in a container that can be washed and re-used for another purpose. If you are going shopping and know that you are going to need a reusable container, then take your own snack baggy for a to-go squirt because many makeup counters don't have fillable sample cups.

Now for your best case scenario: the "experience" center!

Follow these steps to get your highest level of satisfaction in makeup shopping:
1. Go clean faced if possible so you can try the product on yourself

2. Walk outside of the store to see the product in a different light besides overhead fluorescent. ( I am convinced men design the cosmetic stores because they don't have lighting conducive to makeup!)

3. Use the knowledge of the counter girl. Yes, she is there to sell you something, it's her job. She is also there to provide ingredient knowledge in case you have a sensitivity to something, and also show you how to apply what you are looking for.

4. NEVER SAMPLE MASCARA...spoolie or no spoolie, you never know who came before you and wiped the wand on their eye and put it back into the tube. Buy the formulation you are interested in, keep the receipt and the box it came in and if it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a credit, exchange or cash back.

Plus it just makes a piece of plastic covered in non biodegradable toxic petrochemicals that can't be reused or recycled.

5. Experience the shades of colors from light to dark. Meaning if you like the beige lipstick and the red, please put the beige on first.

6. To get the most out of the experience center, the cosmetic counter or the event that is being promoted in store, please call the store ahead of time and make an appointment to meet with the makeup artist. These appointments are usually free, though may sometimes require a purchase. ( again, keep your box and receipt )

Finally, as you venture into the experience center, please be conscious of cleanliness. The best time to go is early in the morning, and not on the weekend when it is busiest and sanitizing can wane on the part of the people working there. Remember to see the artist cleaning the brush they are using on you, or using a disposable wood spatula or cotton applicator.

Toss sample using out! Enjoy the experience center and pick the brain of the makeup artist, because they love it!

For more information on getting a green face and loving it, please contact Cherelynn Baker at

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wedding day makeup for the bride who would rather spend her money on cake.

I give you, the "WET-N-WILD" BRIDE!

Some brides don't wear makeup at all; "Period". Now for their wedding they know that they have to wear something and loathe the idea that they will have to pay for it whether they hire a professional makeup artist or buy makeup on their own.

For this unique bride, I have created the "Wet'n'Wild Bride". This is a gorgeous selection of wedding photography ready colors. It is functional makeup at a reasonable price and can be purchased at most drugstores and I find the biggest and best selection is at Walmart.

Here's what you need to get:
1. Ultimate Coverage Smoothing foundation $2.47
2. Ultimate Coverage Pressed powder in matching shade $2.47
3. Creme blush stick in 727 or compact of bronzer in Acapulco Glow $3.43 each
4. Brandy Wine lip liner .93
5. HiShine & Intense color lipstick in 323A $1.67 (*this product has great pigment and will wear on the lips through kissing!)
6. Dazzling lip gloss in 318A $2.47
7. Mega plump mascara $3.43
8.Egyptian Sands 381A $3.67
*9.extra...the shimmer powder in pink orchid, $2.47

These are 8 must haves to do the classic bridal look and those products total $20.30 plus tax in your area. If you get the extra shimmer powder for highlighting the collarbone, arms and legs, then it's $22.77.

Now that's what I call a beautiful bride on a budget! Which is an 800% savings over what it costs to have a professional makeup artist show up on site and do the makeup for you. Smart shopping!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

The not so beautiful side of cosmetics packaging and what to do about it

The not so beautiful side of cosmetics packaging and what to do

Makeup comes in plastic. Period. And lots of it!
To add to that, many companies have one time use containers that demand you buy another brand new compact instead of using a refillable drop in pan.

When I say “pan” I mean the little tin that holds the actual makeup in it.

So I have a few ideas how you can be your beautiful self while keeping our living space, otherwise known as the amazing planet Earth a little less cluttered (unlike my makeup drawer).

1. Select cosmetic companies that use recycled packaging for their products. Examples of recycling efforts on the corporation side could be including a percentage of post consumer plastics, reclaimed paper, wood, and aluminum efforts.

I know you are asking yourself, “How do I know if the company recycles?”. If they do, it will be labeled on the product and say something like, 80% post consumer plastic included.

2. Choose companies that offer a “buy once” refillable compact and then mix and match your favorite pans of eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer and pressed powders.

This is how professional makeup artists build their kits of product. Several palettes with refillable colors so we have less weight to carry while having access to many shades at once. Try it!

Instead of having tons of little single plastic lids, bottoms, compacts and half used multi-shade shadow trios where you only use the one shade you like, you will now have one easy to carry and use palette filled with all your favorites.

3. Spend your green backs with a company that offers a “recycling” program. There are several options for returning empty lipstick tubes in trade for a brand new full sized lipstick. You save money and give Earth a break at the same time.

An option to double duty your efforts is to scrape the “bullet” (which is the amount of product used to secure the lipstick in the tube) out of the lipstick tube and press it into an empty eyeshadow or blush pan and use it in your refillable compact to make the favorite shade of lip color go a wee bit further.

Now you have saved more money on the lipstick already purchased while reusing another empty shadow pan, plus giving you another tube to return for a brand new lipstick!

Who knew recycling could be so much fun! For more information and going green, please visit

If you have questions about how to apply your green beauty, please visit Cherelynn Baker at

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Mascara: best brand, best price, best show!

Mascara that is Earth friendly and more! Water resistant, Vitamin C & E!


Our Price: $22.00

Learn More & get yours!

  1. For price, the best value and best application with longevity without flaking in my opinion is L'Oreal Voluminous. You can buy it at any drugstore and it's usually $5. It's my favorite all around mascara and it is what I use on my brides.
  2. Arbonne mascara for the water resistant since I live in the desert and sweat alot, plus it holds up under humidity! $20
  3. Basic Lorac mascara because it comes in beautiful shades of eggplant, navy, moss,brown and black. It's conditioner based product also with low parabens. $17.50
  4. Maximum impact and the closest thing to false lashes and perfect for big drama events and photos, Dior Diorshow $23...which has a special color and promotion going on with Sephora right now!
  5. Benefit Cosmetics's very close to Diorshow and saves a few bucks, plus the formulation tends to have more slip to it.
  6. Bourjois Coup de Theatre False Lash Illusion Duo mascara... this is a two ended product with one being a base coat and the other the color. It comes in numerous shades from basic black and brown to vibrant blue and purple, plus green. It wears well, goes on slick over the base coat which truly adds plumpness and fullness to your natural lashes. $18
Now a few for honorable mention:
I have not tried, but I am intrigued by and most likely will try:
Fusion Beauty Lash Fusion Micro Technology Pure Protein Lash Plump...$39! Wow, for that price it must be doing something...

I don't wear waterproof mascara...but...I hear the most amazing results about MakeupForEver Aqua Eyes...if it works for the water ballet team, it will work at the water park. $16

I personally am not a strong fan of Lancome's Definicils, but again, it's always in the gift when you buy Lancome and women seem to like it, $23.

When buying mascara, the most important thing to consider is the brush or wand: if you have petite lashes you need the mini brush or a comb like wand to reach the small lashes.

If you have a fuller lash, you need a full teddy bear brush. No lashes? You need Talika Lipocils enzyme treatment.

The formulation is second and it's all about the "slip", texture, finish and wearability of the product. When at the counter or in Sephora and shopping for mascara DO NOT PUT THE WAND ON YOUR EYE.

RUB IT ON YOUR HAND... (sorry for yelling but this is important) now use your finger to test it's texture and slip, see if the color smears alot. If it smears on your hand, it's going to smear on your lids.

Does it smell? Perfumes can make your eyes water and the mascara run. Yes, there is fragrance in mascara.

All makeup products can be returned. If you just fell out of your chair because you have a drawer full of stuff that you bought, tried, hated and felt stuck with, buck up little camper.

You must have the original box or packaging, it helps to have the bag from the store it came in, and the receipt and be with in 30 days of original purchase.

Mascara is something that you need to try on at home, with clean lashes. So buy it, go home, and try it. IF it works, bingo. If it doesn't return it, or at least get an exchange for a different product.

I love mascara. It can be work on the lashes, smudged into the lashline for liner, smeared in the crease for contour or rubbed on the lids for shadow. Everything a girl on a deserted island needs!


Your personal makeup coach

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dead lift skin...or lift dead skin?

Okay, would you like firmer, plumper, younger, healthier looking skin?

And who wouldn't right?
Here's some info on skin lifters and why
Everyone wants to look their best. So do I. So to lift your dead lifeless looking too much summer sun skin, try a "lift" product. And yes, you can smear it on your boobs too. Afterall, a lift is a lift.
First, I offer, Lift Fusion by Fusion Beauty, Available at Sephora or

Total Lift Set ($229 Value)
An exclusive offer for you from Randi Shinder, founder of Fusion Beauty™. To celebrate LiftFusion's first birthday, Fusion Beauty is offering the 1.7 oz Fusion Beauty LiftFusion Transdermal Face Lift and 0.5 oz Eye Lift as a set, a $229 value, for just $179.

What it is:
Fusion Beauty has pushed the envelope in creating a cosmetic alternative to doctor-administered antiwrinkle injections. Both a powerful wrinkle-relaxant and a collagen-booster in one safe needle-free formula, it delivers dramatic and visible results comparable to popular, physician administered injectables - without the discomfort, side effects, and unnatural loss of facial expressiveness associated with many syringe-administered antiwrinkle products.

What it is formulated to do:
Utilizing the most sophisticated delivery system on the market today, this advanced age-defying technology (a patented blend of naturally derived compounds that absorb into the skin and visibly relax fine lines, creases, and wrinkles) helps reduce existing wrinkles to promote skin's natural defenses against new ones; effective right away (within 10 minutes), but completely reversible in 24 hours. that's one option...the other is my favorite, Arbonne. No chemicals, no needles, just botanicals.

Thermal fusion enzyme mask for exoliating and retexturinzing dry skin, wrinkles, blemishes and overall ashy looking skin.

Follow with RE9 Anti-aging Transdermal Lift
Both together cost $77.50, unless you shop wholesale then it is $50.87, you can add an anti-aging eyecreme for $49 retail or

All three anti-aging skin lifting goodies cost $82.72

Whether you want a little lift, or alot, please remember to take care of your skin.

There is no amount of technique I as a professional makeup artist can do, short of hosing someone down in a silicone mask to make up for bad skin.

Yep. There I said it. Great makeup on bad skin looks just like that. Great makeup on bad skin.

Til next time my friends!

Click for more information & purchase details
Get the $179 Lift Fusion set at
and get the $82.72 trio of antiaging skin lifting from me at
Cherelynn Baker
Your personal makeup coach
Mailing: 7841 Shinarump Dr - - - Golden Valley, Arizona 86413
Save 35%
All new wholesale shoppers with a qualifying $100 get a free product of their choice from the catalog ( or online shopping page ) PLUS a free gift from me to say thanks! When you invest Arbonne in your family, you are investing in mine. I appreciate it!
Offer Expires: July 30,2007

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Ron Paul rally in Kingman AZ Sat July 21st 10 am

I normally write about makeup. Today I write because the '08 elections are around the corner. Think a day goes fast? Try a year. Please share an info moment with me, and I hope to see you in Kingman!
Thank you from Makeup University Inc!

Saturday July 21,2007
From 10 am to Noon at the Northwest corner of Stockton Hill Road and Airway Avenue in Kingman a rally for Dr. Ron Paul, Republican candidate for President.

Dr. Paul or Congressman of Texas Paul, has never taken a government-paid junket, and he has never voted for:
raising taxes
regulating the Internet ( hallelujah!)
the Iraq war
a unbalanced budget
a federal restriction on gun ownership
raising congressional pay
increasing the power of the executive brance
the patriot act

though....if elected to Commander in Chief... he will

secure the borders and ind illegal immigration
end "birthright" citizenship for illegal aliens
put an end to the IRS ( can I get an amen!)
stop the Central Bankers " inflation tax"
stop unconstitutional spending that is leading this nation to barnkruptcy
stop financial dependency on China, Saudi Arabia and other foreign governments
protect citizens privacy and stop the National ID Card ( if you are just learning about that, sorry)
bring U.S. troops home from no win "police actions"

See you in Kingman this Saturday! For more information email:
or call 626-826-9739

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Exfoliants: St. Ives? Dermalogica? Thermal Fusion?

I exfoliate almost everyday..that's right. As often as I can! Why? Because it makes my foundation wear better and helps with rough texture from being in the sun.

The big question is, which one do I use? So, I've listed the top three that I get asked about most.

1. St. Ives Apricot scrub, get it at any drugstore or Walmart. Cost is usually less than $5. My opinion, this is too rough for your facial skin. Especially around the eyes. But wait! It's great for hands, elbows and feet!

2. Thermal Fusion Enzyme scrub, order online or through your consultant. I love it for the green papaya action. It's intense, but can be used daily. Which I do! It's $32 retail or minus 35% for wholesale shoppers.
For a full list of ingredients and product knowledge, follow the link:

Here's a few details from the page: This stimulating exfoliant includes
advanced ingredients that slough away
dead skin cells, to expose new, vibrantlooking
skin. It's uniquely formulated with
Thermal Fusion technology, to increase
microcirculation and cell proliferation. This
dynamic product combines the benefits of
a scrub and a masque for deep-cleansing
recommended for:
All, except sensitive and acne.
when to use:
Nighttime only. Daily, as often as needed
after Cleanser and before Balancer.

Why masque?
Reaches deep into the pores to draw out dirt and
impurities that can lead to clogged pores, bacteria
accumulation, and acne.

And finally,
3. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. You can get it from retail stores, online, at Dermalogica skin spas. It's $46 unless you find a sale. Here's some deets from their homepage about the product:
Rice-based enzyme powder activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes to smooth the skin and accelerate cell renewal. Our unique Skin Brightening Complex of Bearberry, Aspergillus, Grapefruit and Licorice helps to balance uneven skin pigmentation. Active agents derived from Rice Bran and Rice Extract help to regulate melanin production while micro-exfoliating dead cells. A super-soothing blend of Green Tea, Ginkgo and Colloidal Oatmeal calms inflammation, leaving the skin extraordinarily clear and refreshed. Gentle enough to use on a daily basis

For whichever exoliant you choose, I hope you are using something! It really makes a difference in your skin tone, clarity, texture and makeup!

Cherelynn "no baozi please" Baker
Your personal makeup coach
Makeup University Inc

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

THE KNOT brides wanted to know, so why not you too!

Hi, I was just writing some bridal beauty answers for THE KNOT brides and figured it was something that everyone could use. Enjoy!

What’s a good trick for keeping your face from getting oily in the heat of summer?

Humid areas: apply a mattifying lotion: the best is Peter Thomas Roth MAX Anti shine gel. You can get it at Sephora, there are other brands, though this is the one I use most in film and television plus on my brides and it will last through humidity. For our shiny brides, with their full face of makeup on including mattifying lotion, the key is to BLOT the face with tissue, or kleenex or preferably a toilet seat cover...yes, toilet seat cover and even the stuff coming out of the top of gift bags. Take a piece, press onto the skin, lift up, press again till the tissue no longer shows a mark of oil. It is better to blot repeatedly to control shine versus layering on more powder.

Any tips for choosing a foundation shade? (For brides that usually don’t wear it.) In my book Bridal Style DIY "How to take control of your wedding day beauty" available on Amazon I have what's called the "Wet'n'Wild" bride. An entire wedding day photo ready face for $20! Our budget conscious brides who don't own foundation and don't plan on ever owning it after the wedding need to visit Sephora, or the cosmetic counter at the department store and get color matched by the staff artist, and take home a sample. Sephora gives a generous sample and it is enough for the wedding day plus some!

Here's the key for our do it yourself brides: where the same color shirt to the makeup counter as the color of your dress and then make sure to check the shade in sunlight or lighting similar to the time of the wedding so there are no surprises.

Can a bride simply use her regular makeup? If she can’t splurge for the whole deal, but want to do it herself, what is the most important product to purchase?

Yes! A bride can use her own makeup! I know that most women have the shades she needs in her cosmetic bag right now. The shadows need to be matte to photograph best, a stain for lips and cheeks will make all the difference for longevity on the face, and the most important makeup tip for the wedding day is amazing skin.

There is only so much makeup can do. True, good foundation helps. I like ERA Classified Cosmetics or Laura Mercier, plus the L'Oreal True Match is good too! But the skin! It makes all the difference in photos for of a lifetime to have well exfoliated hydrated plump healthy skin!

Start several weeks before the wedding preparing your skin with facials, exfoliation and good hydration from a moisturizer. Add some anti-aging serums and you are really in business for amazing photos.

These can be at home treatments with drugstore products or trips to the aesthetician. As a personal favorite item for the wedding day, I highly suggest the bride buy a "signature lipstick". Pick a color that marks the day, and can be used as a memory touch stone during the marriage. Maybe it's only used on anniversaries or special date nights, but the memory of the intimate wedding ceremony triggered by the color is what we are after.

Any tips for teeth whitening? The thing that makes teeth the whitest is flossing. I know, nobody wants to hear that. Second, a dental cleaning before any whitening treatments whether at home or in the dentist office because who wants to pay to whiten plaque? Third, the Crest Whitestrips are good and they work, plus they have coupons on their web page. ZOOM treatments are worth the investment, then again, it's several hundred dollars. Maintain all this action with whitening toothpastes and don't forget what our grandmothers did, baking soda. Dip your wet toothbrush in baking soda, brush, rinse with a solution of half hydrogen peroxide half water. Not so glamourous but it is efficient.

Know any great products that keep eyeshadow from creasing? Okay, the MAC shadow base is good, I like the Paula Dorf shadow base, in a pinch a creme concealer applied before the shadows can help the powder hug the eyelid. Some people like me, no matter what, our shadows crease. It's something to do with large eyes that have alot of lid. We are the people keeping eyelid tuck doctors in business. When this product is must "set up" and dry first. Don't rush it, otherwise you waste your time, product and spoil the mood of the day!

Ideas for making eyes look bigger and cheekbones more defined?

To make the eye look bigger, we use basic art theory 101: put the light color on the areas you want to come forward or stand out, and we put the dark color on the area that we want to recede or go back. Meaning, we put highlighting shades on the brow bone underneath the curve of the brow, and on the inside corner of the eye, about a pinky's width. Just a smidge, not a big stroke. Finish coloring in the rest of the lid with a medium toned brown/taupe for a natural day look. In the crease of the eye, make a small arc, like a half semi circle of darker shadow. Blend the darker shadow until it is soft looking on the edges, work the brush back and forth gently. Use a little powder to start, and layer until you get the depth of darkness or "contour" that you are looking for.

That's the biggest makeup artist secret around: blend. When you think you are done blending, blend some more. The goal is to see your beauty not your eyeshadow.

To make cheekbones stand out more you are going to need three colors: light, medium, dark. What ever color family you pick is fine, you just need a highlight, a tone, and a contour.

Smile big, on the apple of the cheek, where it gets pinched, apply a light coat of color and work the brush in a small circle. Just like the tattoo artist does. If you haven't got a tattoo yet, you just got some insight into what happens. Next, take your dark color, the contour, and make a small half circle, that looks like a kidney bean in the hollow of the cheek. If you don't have a hollow " hollow" of the cheek, this will help make it look like it. Again, blend the dark color in a small circle. Using your blush brush, in small circles, work from the front of the cheek back towards the ear and hairline. Finish the defined cheek look with the light, or highlight shade. Wipe the blush brush off on a towel or tissue to take off the darker shades, load with the highlight and now in a sweeping side to side brush stroke, apply the highlight color on the top of the cheek bone, right under the eye. It will also light up the eyes.

Tricks for not looking tired? Dark under eye circles can be remedied with the application of cold raw potato slices applied directly to a closed lid for several minutes. Puffy eyes are fixed with cold water soaked chamomile tea bags. Red, tired, jet lagged, cocktail soaked from the night before "oh no I"m getting married in 4 hours eyes" can be fixed with cold cucumber slices. The key is to make the slices thin so they fit the contour of the eye.

As for makeup for these tired eyes, blue mascara. Not the shocking 1980's version, but a good dark navy blue. The best wedding mascara in my opinion is Christian Dior "Dior Lash" and it comes in navy, I know that Benefit Cosmetics BADGAL lash does also. If these aren't in the budget for our bride, the next best thing is L'Oreal Voluminous. It is hard to find that brand in navy. When I find it, I buy up everyone hanging on the rack.

My one personal insider secret for bridal makeup: foundation must cover the ears, neck, collarbone and any skin showing in the front so that the photos appear seamless. If my bride has blotchy skin anywhere that is showing, I cover that with foundation also and set it with translucent powder.

Getting married is such an amazing event. Girls of all ages dream about it and we all would like some version of the fairytale, including me!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

10 things you should know about cellulite

1. Few women are exempt from cellulite
2. Cellulite doesn't discriminate
3. Fat cells are there to stay
4. The four stages of cellulite: a progressive condition: going from a not so good, to really bad. At the beginning: you see no cellulite, even when you pinch your skin...then, you see it when you compress the's visible when standing..finally it's visible no matter what.
5. Diet and exercise won't always fix it
6. More than just an decreases circulation in certain areas of the body.
7.There's no guarantee...what works for one gal may not work for another
8. Pilates might help banish cellulite...there's been some testing among creams, endermologie and Pilates...twice weekly 90 minute session reach areas of the muscles that traditional exercise doesn't.
9.Change your lifestyle habits to fight the appearance andeat health...cut out the salt wihc makes fat cells swell
10. Learn to accept yourself...fat isn't always your fault.

I share this with you because I liked the information and every gal I know has this challenge. Especially in the summer time. Oh, except for my 9 year old niece.

Eat some chocolate, rub some Vanish cream on and go to Pilates!
Love ya!
Your personal makeup coach

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Beauty and the Beast of cosmetics

Beauty and the Beasts...of skin products

Cosmetics might not be as safe as we like to think.

By Maggie Koerth-Baker for MSN Health & Fitness

Roman women slowly poisoned themselves with generous slatherings of white lead foundation. Medieval Italians sensuously dilated their pupils—and blinded themselves—with an extract of belladonna. And the ladies of Queen Elizabeth’s court wore thick layers of red lip color made from toxic mercury compounds. All apparently were under the impression that their daily beauty regimen was 100 percent safe. Which begs the question: Are we similarly deluded today?

Cosmetic Conflict

Even if you don’t wear much makeup, chances are that you’re washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, toning down your underarm stink with deodorant, and attempting to stave off old age with moisturizer. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a watchdog organization that monitors the use of chemicals in everyday life, those simple actions add up fast. A survey the organization conducted in 2004 showed that American women use an average of 12 hygiene products each day. By the EWG’s count, that translates to more than 150 ingredients being absorbed through the skin, inhaled through the nose or inadvertently licked off the lips.

As far as the EWG is concerned, all this represents a massive risk to public health. “Essentially, we’re conducting a giant experiment,” says Jane Houlihan, the organization’s vice president for research. “People are being exposed to hundreds of chemicals. Every person is full of complex mixtures and the health consequences are completely unknown.” Particularly of concern to the EWG and other activist groups are two families of chemicals known as phthalates and parabens.

Phthalates are a common ingredient in things like hairsprays, nail polish and perfume, where they function as a plasticizer—keeping the mixtures flexible while also helping them remain sticky. Parabens are preservatives that keep fungus and bacteria at bay in a wide variety of cosmetics and hygiene products.

The EWG points out that research on rats has shown both chemical families to be carcinogens. A 2004 study published in the journal Reproductive Technology linked phthalates with reproductive anomalies, and a study published that same year in the Journal of Applied Toxicology detected parabens in breast cancer tissue. In fact, parabens and phthalates were among the chemicals banned by the European Union in 2003. A quick Web search will turn up a number of organizations that have extrapolated this research into warnings that makeup or deodorant are the cause behind breast cancer.

Naturally, this makes the cosmetics aisle seem pretty scary. But not all scientists agree that the danger is so great. The Food and Drug Administration officially classifies parabens and phthalates as safe, because the research has yet to prove a causal link between the chemicals and diseases in humans. As it turns out, rats, while convenient for research, don’t actually process chemicals the same way we do. So what’s deadly to them could easily be harmless in us. Other organizations—like the industry-run Cosmetics Ingredient Review board and the independent American Council on Science and Health—agree, pointing out that the amounts of phthalates and parabens used in cosmetics are far, far lower than even the amount needed to induce cancer in rats.

Pretty Is as Pretty Does

So, who’s right? The answer probably falls somewhere in between. “There’s a lot of people talking black and white, this is good or this is bad,” says Urvashi Rangan, an environmental health scientist who works with Consumer Reports magazine and its parent organization, the Consumers Union. “But a lot of the ingredients in cosmetics come down into a very gray zone.”

To Rangan, the fact that cosmetics use very low levels of chemicals doesn’t mean there’s zero risk. Instead, it means that we need more research to understand the effects of chronic, long-term exposure. On the other hand, chemicals aren’t inherently bad and Rangan thinks it’s inaccurate to say that using certain cosmetic products could be deadly.

“We don’t know all the reasons cancer happens,” she says. This means it’s impossible to identify a certain chemical as the precise—and sole—cause of a cancer. "To say these products are going to kill you is an overstatement. It's not likely that there's going to be a single reason behind why someone gets cancer."

Instead, Rangan says, the real problem lies in how we currently address the potential dangers associated with these chemicals. “Europe tends to operate on the precautionary principle and they tend not to make things legal until there’s a proof of safety,” she says. “Here, it’s the opposite. In order for the FDA to ban a chemical used in cosmetics it has to be proven harmful.”

And proving harm is tough. Usually, it requires thousands of people to develop a problem that can be linked definitively to a specific product or ingredient. Currently, the FDA has no authority to review cosmetics before they go to market and can only ban ingredients after problems arise. So, while most cosmetic products have been tested for short-term safety, their long-term effects are almost completely unknown. “There’s very little data to suggest safety or harm,” Rangan says. “There’s just a big question mark there.”

For now, whether or not you should keep using your favorite products depends a lot on how you use them and how much risk you’re comfortable with. For instance, occasionally using eyeliner with a questionable ingredient probably isn’t dangerous, but if you’re applying heavy amounts of a suspect lotion every day, you might want to consider taking steps to reduce your exposure.

One way to help gauge your risk is by looking up your brands on Skin Deep, the Environmental Working Group’s online database, which analyzes all the various risk factors associated with specific products.

Under Suspicion: 4 Ingredients to Keep an Eye On


What They Are: Preservatives that keep products bacteria-free.

Where You’ll Find Them: Cleanser, hand soap, moisturizers and toothpaste

Names They Go By: Methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben.

What’s the Concern: Parabens can mimic natural hormones, including estrogen. Disruption of sex hormones increases the risk of certain cancers.


What They Are: Plasticizers that increase flexibility and strength.

Where You’ll Find Them: Hair spray, nail polish and perfumes.

Names They Go By: Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate and diethyl phthalate are common in fragrances, while dibutyl phthalate appears in many nail polishes.

What’s the Concern: Can also mimic sex hormones and may be able to affect growth of reproductive systems in fetuses. Used in hundreds of non-cosmetic plastic products, so exposure is increased.

Coal Tar

What It Is: The liquid by-product of coal distillation.

Where You’ll Find It: Shampoos aimed at killing head lice or reducing dandruff and some dark hair dyes.

What’s the Concern: Extremely carcinogenic in rodents. Might also be linked to liver disease.


What It Is: A solvent, basically a liquid that dissolves other liquids or solids.

Where You’ll Find It: Nail polish and nail polish remover.

Name It Goes By: It might appear under the names methylbenzene or phenylmethane.

What’s the Concern: Breathing in the fumes can damage kidneys and cause birth defects. People who work frequently with nail products are at most risk.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

July minute makeovers...Canada,Australia, Ireland is next!

. Welcome to July's Arbonne Newsletter

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Botanically based, never formulated with dyes, chemicals fragrances or mineral oil

RE9 REactivating, Body Serum & REfinish, Hydrating Body Lotion

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About Face Mineral Powder foundation SPF 15
For coverage, with minimal effort, reach for this pure powder foundation. This advanced formula includes minerals and pigments that are blended into a light-reflecting powder that provides sun protection, a natural look and a flawless finish all in one! Offered in 15 shades. $22.10*

No Sun Intended Sun Bronzing Powder
Get color that sparkles and glows, naturally, with this luxurious bronzing powder that gives you an instant, easy and safe tan. This powder gives all skin types a gorgeous, tanned look without the unwanted effects of the sun's rays and it works beautifully for face and body $18.20*

About Face Lash Colour
Two in one, this product is a combination of a colorless primer agent that conditions and preps lashes, and a mascara that offers water-resistant lash coloring. This formula won’t irritate lids and offers extended wear … that’s easy to remove. Each product includes a precision wand that defines, lengthens and separates lashes … for a truly glamorous look that lasts, in 2 shades. Price: $14.30*

About Face Sheer Shine Lip gloss

Polish, moisturize and protect lips in one easy step with any of these Sheer Shine colors that work great with or without lipstick. Available in 6 colors. Price: $10.40*

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Arizona Chain Reaction..good information

If you are Arizona local, the does an amazing service for supporting and fostering small business relationships while increasing sales and growth.

Below is an excerpt from their latest post, enjoy! IF you don't have one in your area, why don't you start one?

In this issue...
Meeting sparks ideas, action
Golden Ticket gears up for Indy Week
Ad Deadline nears for Indy Week
Join Us
Mark Your Calendar

Tuesday, July 11
GPGLCC July NetMix
Burn Night Club
122 E. Washington St. Map
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
The Greater Phoenix Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce hosts its monthly mixer at Burn. To learn more and to RSVP, visit the GPCLCC calendar

Wednesday, July 18
Local First / AZCR Member Mixer
5:30-7:30 PM
Terrior Wine Pub
7001 N. Scottsdale Road Map
Sample wines in a fun-filled, relaxed environment. Network with other Local First Arizona members!

Tuesday, July 24
Junior Achievement BizTown Charrette
8:30 AM - noon
Junior Achievement
636 W. Southern Ave
Tempe - Map
JA is constructing a new "Town" using sustainable standards and they are looking for LOCAL suppliers for ideas.
To get involved, contact Mary Anne Doty - 480-219-0225

Saturday, October 20
Roosevelt Row Harvest Festival
Make your reservations now to participate in this fun event. Live Music, Beer Garden, Independent Vendors, Kids Activities. Vendor information can be found at on the events page at - or click here

All events that involve two or more members working together can be listed on this calendar. Want to list? Email
Meet Our Members

Please welcome these NEW and RENEWING members!

Home Services


Apparel & Footwear
Spraygraphic Apparel

You are not alone

Governor signs HB2515... New Local First AZ website launches...
Independents Week sparks fireworks
New website, Golden Ticket, pledge highlight observance

Fireworks are crackling across the Valley - and it's not even the Fourth of July yet. Independents Week launched with a BANG on Monday, July 2 with the new website, our awesome GOLDEN TICKET promotion, a massive radio and TV campaign, and a slew of SHOP LOCAL pledges from the likes of Councilman Tom Simplot, former Governor Rose Mofford and State Senator Ken Cheuvront.

You can see the full list of pledgers
here - plus their Top 10 (or Top 16) lists of favorite Arizona businesses. PLEASE GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO OUR WEB DESIGNER BRIAN FLATGARD FOR HIS HARD WORK ON LAUNCHING THE NEW WEBSITE!!!
Our fifth annual Independents Week advertising and awareness campaign launched in full force on Monday on AZ*TV (TV 13, Cable 27) and KJZZ-NPR 91.5-FM and KBAQ-Classical 89.5-FM.

A record-setting 35 members are participating in the campaign, generating more than 60 member-oriented Local First TV spots and over 430 member radio spots. In addition, 60 Local First public service announcements are running throughout the week on AZ*TV and another 200 Local First spots are running on public radio!

It is NOT too late to get involved in Independents Week - several members have sent email newsletters to their customers encouraging them to
TAKE THE PLEDGE TO SHOP 100% LOCALLY from July 2-8 and download the awesome Golden Ticket for once-in-a-lifetime values at a variety of Local First member-businesses. Here's some handy text that you can copy and paste into an email newsletter of your own:

Dear Friends,

I support the locally owned, Independent businesses that make Arizona a unique and wonderful place to live. To show my commitment, I have taken the Local First Arizona pledge to SHOP 100% LOCALLY during Independents Week, July 2-8. The folks at Local First Arizona have made it easy by providing a GOLDEN TICKET for 20% off at participating businesses - and they've even got a selection of favorite local businesses from Arizona leaders. Please join me in taking the pledge by visiting this week!


Have a great Independents Week celebration!
Governor signs tax subsidies prohibition, HB-2515
Cheuvront Amendment prohibits tax incentives to retail in key counties

state sealTHANK YOU to the many members who contacted their state senators, state representatives and the governor to urge passage of House Bill 2515, sponsored in part by Local First member Sen. Ken Cheuvront!

On Monday, YOUR HARD WORK AND STRONG ADVOCACY PAID OFF when Governor Napolitano signed the bill into law. Here's the full text of her signing letter:

"Today, I signed House Bill 2515, which will put an end to the practice of some cities in Maricopa County of giving huge tax breaks to retail businesses for locating within their municipalities," the Governor wrote. "These tax breaks have gotten out of control and been offered to a host of businesses, man of whom were likely to locate in Arizona regardless of whether they were offered a tax incentive. The use of tax incentives to pit Maricopa County towns and cities against each other is not in the interest of Arizona or its taxpayers.

"I note, however, that the bill appears to contain an inadvertent loophole exempting cities whose boundaries are not entirely within the exterior boundary of a metropolitan statistical area having a population of more than 2 million persons," she continued. "This could exempt at least the City of Peoria and could put that city at an unfair competitive advantage. I understand that shis was not the intent of the legislature, and I call up on the legislature to fix this provision of the bill at its earliest opportunity."

The passage of this bill shows that working together and staying involved in local politics means Independent Businesses are a force to be respected and acknowledged within our state! Congratulations on this victory!
In the News: Local First Arizona dominates headlines
Arizona Republic, Pat McMahon Show, KJZZ cover Independents Week

Let's give a big shout out to Lauren and Joy at MarketingEdge Southwest who have saturated local newspapers and media outlets with interesting stories about our Independents Week celebration!

Check out the Pat McMahon Show on AZ*TV TODAY at 9 AM: Local First Arizona executive director Kimber Lanning and member Kelsey Halo of Halo Precision Piercing make a guest appearance on the show to discuss Independents Week. Learn more about Pat's guests this week...

Tune in to KJZZ-NPR, 91.5-FM this afternoon between 3 PM and 5 PM: All Things Considered host Steve Goldstein interviews Kimber about Independents Week and the issues confronting local businesses. Plus, excerpts of the interview will be featured all day on Wednesday for Independence Day. You can listen online here...

From the Arizona Republic, July 2:A coalition of locally owned businesses hopes to raise awareness about mom-and-pop shops this week by asking consumers to go independent. Read more...

From the Business Journal, July 29: As part of a national event July 2-8 dubbed Independents Week, Arizona Chain Reaction is encouraging consumers to support local, independently owned businesses rather than chain stores, franchises and huge corporations. This marks the fifth year of the effort to buy locally. See the story...
Tempe Council goes on record against SuperCenter
Mayor also opposed to location at Southern and Rural

On Thursday, June 27 the Tempe City Council approved a resolution (2007.55) opposing the construction of a Wal-Mart SuperCenter at Southern and Rural. This is not a legal document or motion, however, along with the Mayor's letter opposing this project, the neighborhood and will have momentum to begin a strong dialog with Wal-Mart asking that they consider a more appropriate location.

You can learn the history of this dispute - and get involved in the campaign through the petition drive at
AZCR Member Join us . . . or pay your dues!
Charter member yearly dues are due now

Contact Linda at or 480 767-1774 to arrange payment via credit or debit card through PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to use this service, or you can mail your check to:

Arizona Chain Reaction 12 W Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85013.

Arizona Chain Reaction encourages citizens to shop the locally owned, independent businesses that are the backbone of our community. Click here to learn more about the benefits of membership, and remember to search whenever you are looking for LOCAL solutions to your needs. Also, look for the above "member badge" on local websites where you shop - and put it on YOUR site to show your support for the cause.

Review my Business at MyHuckleberry.Com