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Daily Moisture by Perfect Formula-Essentials for Perfect Nails
The Trendy Undone Bun Tutorial

Follow these five tips to perfect this hot hairstyle

The Trendy Undone Bun Tutorial

This is a hairstyles article

Buns are back in a big way. Not the boring librarian ones, but the modern "undone buns." Translation: Buns that are loosely swept up with soft pieces hanging out (and down). If you're on board with this trend, I've put together five rules to help you master the style.

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Hello gorgeous! Enjoy the final day of January! Can you believe one month down and 11 to go?

How are you doing on your new years resolutions? Good I hope!

Mine are the usual two: floss more and accessorize more. This year when I say accessorize I mean to do my nails. Nothing fancy, just a simple coat of clear polish or something along that line. This stuff I love-it's called Daily Moisture and it's like lotion for your nails and in my case raggedy cuticles from too much typing, hand washing, makeup applying and kindergartner school projects.

I swear I can feel nail polish laying on my fingernails so to have this be an oil base that absorbs into the nail area to smooth, supple and protect the nail is a product I'm using, daily! More on the nail polish application later. To find out more on what I am talking about, please visit ( love them!) to see the entire line of manicure and pedicure goodies! Just in time for a Valentines day pamering!
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Waste Management Phoenix Open-the PGA Tour stops in Scottsdale
Get Rid of Facial Hair -- Stat!

Find out all the different forms of hair removal and pick the one that's right for you

Get Rid of Facial Hair -- Stat!

This is a hair removal article

Because of the stigma sometimes associated with facial hair, you can become self-conscious, suffer from self-esteem issues and/or become reluctant to enter into a romantic relationship. But, don't despair! Check out these options on removing facial hair now.

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The TriWest Healthcare Alliance Shot at Glory Returns to the Famed 16th Hole »
Ever wonder what it would be like to hit a shot on the famed par-3, 16th hole at the TPC Scottsdale during the Waste Management Phoenix Open?
**Hello Gorgeous! Enjoy the golf speak before we actually talk beauty and all things lovely?
I'm holding in these photos a superb collection of the new scent and packaing in Crabtree & Evelynn. It's a luscious pear floral layered with sweet and tangy scents.

If you are attending the PGA Tour here in Scottsdale, playing golf, watching or entertaining for golf I highly suggest you run down to the local mall with a Crabtree & Evelynn retail front and get a set or two of these luxurious pampering body treats.

Camilo Villegas, Vijay Singh and Y.E. Yang Among Latest Commitments to 2011 Waste Management Phoenix Open »
Three-time PGA TOUR winner Camilo Villegas, two-time Phoenix Open Champion Vijay Singh, 2009 PGA Championship winner Y.E. Yang and 2008 Masters Champion Trevor Immelman

**Again, more love golfspeak that is here courtesy of the website-thanks for sharing.

Look, don't take my word for it-just because my experience with the lotions and soaps was sumptuous and creamy while also being decadent to the sight, smell and touch-you should get this for your guest bathroom and office building bathroom to help bring the nature of the business up a notch!

Or, just get it all and keep it for your self-no harm in that either because you will have lovely moisturized scented skin. Enjoy the time at the Waste Management Phoenix open and please remember to wear sunscreen!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday-$10 haircuts all day! Arizona Hair Co! Go see Star Flores at Tempe Marketplace!
Real Woman Edgy Haircut and Color Makeover

Need to change up your look? Get inspired by checking out this makeover

Real Woman Edgy Haircut and Color Makeover

This is a makeover article

To get a competitive edge in a cutthroat market, Anna wanted a cut and color that would make a statement, but still look professional.

See her transformation

Ladies and gentleman-may I have your attention please! This deal is super for Super Bowl Sunday!

Get your appointment made today then get your style on before you go to your Super Bowl Party!
Need a referral? Go see Star Flores at Tempe Marketplace Arizona Hair Co. for me? So far so good! I have enjoyed every cut and style to date and you just may too!

Visit the to print the coupon out! Enjoy!

photo courtesy of Arizona Hair Co.

--Arizona Hair Co--
FEBRUARY 6TH 2011 Thank you!
We appreciate your business.
Customers like you make doing business a real pleasure.
Arizona Hair Co
p.s. For those of you who live in Arizona like me, especially in the greater Phoenix area you know that February 6th is more than Super Bowl sunday, it's also the Phoenix Thunderbirds Waste Management Open-all the PGA greats will be on the final day playing for the trophy! Then after the Super Bowl game! It's a full day of sports so get your beauty and style on early!

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chocolate-the cure for what ails you and some of the best I have ever had!
Your Skin Care Personality

See what essential products your skin care regimen is lacking

Your Skin Care Personality

This is a skin care article

How does your skin care routine stack up? And, what does it say about your personality? Answer these nine questions to find out.

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Hello Gorgeous!
Valentines day is coming up and it's traditional to give or get chocolates.
Well busy moms, brides, and ladies-I'm here to tell you, this is some of the best chocolate I have ever had!
The blue box of William Dean chocolates has a purple butterfly in the box. That is a lavender infused chocolate!
Each of these are hand crafted, unique and complex in flavor and texture.
Like I said before, this is not your average See's box of chocolate!
They are incredibly delicious to look at and eat!
If you are considering giving chocolate for Valentines day, or a birthday, or an anniversary or for any reason-please consider the William Dean or Jacques Torres!

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AVON Voices-Fergie! Natasha Beddingfield! Diane Warren! Sheila E.! and you for AVON Voices!
Real Woman Edgy Haircut and Color Makeover

Need to change up your look? Get inspired by checking out this makeover

Real Woman Edgy Haircut and Color Makeover

This is a makeover article

To get a competitive edge in a cutthroat market, Anna wanted a cut and color that would make a statement, but still look professional.

See her transformation

Hello gorgeous! I love you and I support you in your dream! It's only 30 secons, make a video now! Quit making excuses, now! Remember the saying for 2011-no excuses just results! You can do it! Why not?

When would now be a good time to make a step towards your dream? Moms, do it now! Just make a short video-get your kids to help you if you need...but do it!

Lots of fun stuff to look at so please take the mere moment to do so...and, if you are in need of some amazing Avon products, please call your fellow busy mom Sara Hoekstra to get some and enter CHERELYNN in the promo code to receive a discount! Go mom go!

NEW YORK – January 27, 2010 – Thirty seconds is all it takes to potentially make it big and gain exposure to audiences from more than 60 countries and be professionally judged by music-industry greats like Fergie, six-time Grammy award winner; legendary songwriter, Diane Warren; Natasha Bedingfield, Grammy nominated singer/songwriter; Lea Salonga, Filipina singer and actress and Russian sensation, Valeriya, among others.
Be empowered! Avon Voices is inviting people everywhere to join a worldwide movement that unites and inspires through the universal language of music. Women around the world are making their voices count by telling their stories, sharing their dreams, and showcasing their talents at
It’s easier than you think. Through February 13, 2011, women can sing out on a 30-second video clip from the approved song list at and be a part of a global movement. Talented finalists of the year-long program will travel to exciting destinations such as Hong Kong, Hollywood, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Paris and Nashville. With that comes professional coaching, Avon makeovers and studio time for performance videos.
Avon Voices is the company’s first-ever global online singing talent search for women and songwriting competition for men and women in celebration of its 125th Anniversary. At the conclusion of the program, Diane Warren will be providing an anthem to be recorded by up to 10 global finalists alongside many of Avon Voices celebrity judges. The anthem will debut live at the Avon Foundation for Women Annual Awards Gala, scheduled for Fall 2011 in New York City.
This moving anthem, as well as other Avon Voices recordings, will be available for purchase in certain countries, and a percentage of your purchase will help advance the Avon Foundation for Women’s global campaign to end violence against women and girls. Find out more about music purchases at To date, Avon global philanthropy has raised and awarded more than $30 million directed to domestic and gender violence awareness, education, direct services and prevention programs.
About Avon Products, Inc.
Avon, the company for women, is a leading global beauty company, with over $10 billion in annual revenue. As the world's largest direct seller, Avon markets to women in more than 100 countries through approximately 6.2 million active independent Avon Sales Representatives. Avon's product line includes beauty products, as well as fashion and home products, and features such well-recognized brand names as Avon Color, Anew, Skin-So-Soft, Advance Techniques, Avon Naturals, and Mark. Learn more about Avon and its products at
About Avon Foundation for Women
The Avon Foundation for Women was founded in 1955 to improve the lives of women. Through 2010, Avon global philanthropy has donated more than $800 million in more than 50 countries for causes most important to women. Today, Avon philanthropy focuses its funding on breast cancer research and access to care and efforts to end domestic and gender violence. Avon has also responded generously in times of major global disasters and emergencies.
To learn more about Avon Voices, go to or follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentines hair designers at Warren-Tricomi Madison Avenue Salon teach a simple, at home style for you
I Finally Found a Fix for My Puffy Eyes

I have a confession to make... I am a bona fide, hardcore sodium addict, and as result, I have some serious swelling issues

I Finally Found a Fix for My Puffy Eyes

This is a puffy eyes article

Thankfully I found three things that really help to banish the bags without breaking my piggy bank. They are ...

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Hello gorgeous! If you want a romantic style for your upcoming Valentines day-whether you celebrate you or your union, try this simple, easy, salon at home style from the experts at Warren-Tricomi!
For perfect Valentine’s Day hair Edward Tricomi of Warren-Tricomi Salons recommends sexy, wavy hair as this reminds men of women’s curves.

To create this look, spray a heat protectant in your hair before any heat styling, not only to protect your hair but to make sure your style stays put. Comb through and wait for your hair to dry. Then take a large, 1inch curling iron and wrap 1in inch sections of hair around the barrel making sure to twist the hair as you are wrapping it around the barrel and hold for 10 seconds. Afterwards, let the hair fall loose and spray with a flexible hold hairspray. Continue to do this until your whole head is finished. Definitely splurge on a good curling iron so you can create the look properly at home. A curling iron can do so many things and depending on the way you twist the hair around the barrel, you can create many looks.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brow diva for brides, busy moms and you!
The Pre-Wedding Diet and Exercise Plan That Works

Is your wedding coming up and you need to lose weight fast? Try this regimen that really works

The Pre-Wedding Diet and Exercise Plan That Works

This is a health and beauty article

Many women kick their weight loss program into high gear pre-wedding. If you don't want to go the Jenny Craig route, how can you drop a dress size (or just tone up) on your own? We spoke to the experts to find out ...

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Hello gorgeous!

I feel that eyebrows are the frames of your eyes and face-so a little brow powder goes along way for a striking look and unforgettable appearance.

In the first photo are three very simple eyebrow tools: powder, gel, and slant tip brush with wand comb on the end.

In the next photo you can see that I am bare browed!

Not a stitch of anything on them-and since I am not using an eyebrow growth product I no longer have big full bushy brows!

Instead, I have to draw them on daily with a multitude of products but my favorite brow makeup of choice is a powder and slant tip brush.

Now, Brow Diva is different than a traditional eyeshadow powder because it's styled for hair color and then is muted one shade up or down.

The kit comes with the tools you need to design the brow and then set it in place.

Best yet, the different colors are named for classic iconic beauties-I'm wearing the Sophia

I like it! It photographs'll see those soon!

In the meantime, go find your color at
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lost Dutchmen Days rodeo queen is Cristyn Peacock of Golden Valley
The 13 Best Face Powders

There are so many grease-minimizing powders out there, but which one is No. 1? Find out ...

The 13 Best Face Powders

This is a face makeup article

We combed through thousands of reviews to bring you the most helpful, insightful tidbits about the highest-rated face powders on our site.

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No. 13: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Loose Powder, $9 average reader rating: 8.1

No. 13: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Loose Powder, $9

"This powder blends very well and doesn't require a lot for sheer coverage [or] evening out [your] skin tone," says a reader.

No. 12: L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Powder, $5 average reader rating: 8.1

No. 12: L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Powder, $5

"This pressed powder works better than ones I've tried from department stores -- for a third of the price."

No. 11: Clinique Blended Face Powder and Brush, $19 average reader rating: 8.3

No. 11: Clinique Blended Face Powder and Brush, $19

Readers call it the "perfect choice for all skin types, tones, and women who are concerned with what ingredients they put on their faces."

Want to see what powder made No. 1? Click here!

Lost Dutchmen Days rodeo is coming up in February and the new rodeo queen is a young lady from Golden Valley Arizona. You know, when I was a young lass still in my teens I too, was a beauty queen. My mom was a beauty queen. My aunts were beauty queens, and even my own cousin was a rodeo beauty queen.

These pageants have so much to give to a young lady starting out-confidence and scholarship money is such a small part of it. The real focus is on community service.

Congratulations to you Cristyn Peacock!

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Bridal hair extensions! Job interview extensions! Best beauty for busy moms extensions!
The Dramatic Hair Color Makeover reader Kim had a much-needed hair lift in 20 years -- would her new look suit you?

The Dramatic Hair Color Makeover

This is a haircut article

Our makeover dream team gave new mom Kim a dramatically different haircut and some gorgeous color.

See the look

Hello gorgeous!

Bride-are you getting married soon and want Kate Middleton thick wavy tresses to top with a tiara?

Job interview time and want a full, bouncy, healthy looking head of hair?

Moms do you need a quick hair change for a
romantic evening out to create a night never forgotten?

Ladies have I ever got the easy answer for you!

Effortless extensions are easy and affordable-I can prove it!

There is the back of my head-freshly colored with a box of something that told me it was dark

brown but looks an awful lot like black to me!

Here is how easy it is to apply the Effortless Extension-in wavy brown. Simply pull the piece down over the crown of your head, it will look like an 11 pound fishing line but is more resilient in texture.

Next, pull a section of the crown hair ( notice the

angel orb in my hair...oohhh, revelation is coming!) up from under the Effortless Extension piece and let it lay on top of the extension.

Use the special Effortless Extensions brush which is included with the purchase and arrange your hair around the piece.

Wah lah! Easy! This can be pulled into a pony tail,

or braided, or worn in a bridal up do!

This really is easy and snug fitting and no pulling of hair from a clip like a traditional extension.

Go watch the cute video on their main page at

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Is Boot Camp training for you?
13 Healthy Hair Secrets Your Stylist Won't Share

Stop hurting your hair and start helping it with these tips

13 Healthy Hair Secrets Your Stylist Won't Share

This is a healthy hair article

We've picked the brains of all sorts of expert types to come up with 13 ways to cure what ails your less than commercial-worthy hair.

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Goodmorning Gorgeous! Enjoy these tips and implement them into your new year new you resolutions!

According to Alex Fell and Ruben Belliard, former Marines and founders of Warrior Fitness Boot Camp in New York City, “women are often very apprehensive to try intimidating exercises, thinking they will fail. Almost every time, our female clients surprise themselves turning a ‘cannot’ into ‘can do’!”

Alex and Ruben have listed their five favorite exercise moves that usually make women cringe, and why you should take a second look!

#1.The Pull Up:

•Why it’s Great for Women: Why should women do chin ups and/or pull ups? They are effective for building nice toned muscles, burning calories and fat. According to Alex, “pull-ups improve your overall fitness through a combination of upper body strength and core stabilization.”
· Make it Work for You: Women are often apprehensive to even attempt a pull up or chin up but as we tell our bootcampers you have to try. They are not impossible, they are possibly one of the BEST upper body exercises for women and if you have the willpower to push yourself you’ll feel like the toughest woman in the room.
· First off, what’s the difference between a pull up and a chin up?

o Pull up: Palms are turned away from you and often times a wide grip (wider than shoulder width) is used. The back muscles (lats and tapezius muscles) are pushed to the max, but the biceps and shoulders are used as well.
o Chin-up: Palms are turned towards you and grip is shoulder width apart. The arms (more specifically the biceps) are the muscles that are hit the hardest. But don’t worry your back and shoulders will still be worked. Chin ups are a bit easier than Pull-up.

According to Alex, “I can almost assure you that if you’ve never tried either one, the chances you’ll be able to do 1 chin up or more is slim… but that’s OK.” There are a few options you have to get better at doing chin-ups. At the gym you can use an assisted-pull up machine or as Alex also notes, the easiest and cheapest alternative is the buddy system – have your workout partner hold your legs or knees as you do a pull-up, only giving you as much help as you need.

#2. Elbow to Knee Exercise (aka Bicycle Crunch):

•Why it’s Great for Women: It’s one of the most effective abdominal exercises that target the rectus abdominis (i.e., the 'six pack') and the obliques (the waist).
•Make it Work for You: The key to making the bicycle crunch work for you is to use perfect form. Concentrate on perfect execution of the movement, getting a good contraction and feeling the abs throughout the movement.
•Lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground. For this exercise, you will need to put your hands beside your head. Be careful, not to strain your neck as you perform it. Now lift your shoulders into the crunch position.
•Bring knees up to where they are perpendicular to the floor, with your lower legs parallel to the floor (Your legs will form a 90 degree angle at the knee). This will be your starting position.
•Now simultaneously, slowly go through a cycle pedal motion kicking forward with the right leg and bringing in the knee of the left leg. Bring your right elbow close to your left knee by crunching to the side, as you breathe out.
•Go back to the initial position as you breathe in.
•Crunch to the opposite side as you cycle your legs and bring closer your left elbow to your right knee and exhale.
•Continue alternating in this manner until all of the recommended repetitions for each side have been completed.

#3. Lunges:
· Why it’s Great for Women The lunge exercise is one of the very best exercises for your legs and butt. Lunges are one of the best functional exercises and multi joint movement you can do. They work your body in multiple planes of motion like activities of daily living and can strengthen the muscles or your lower body while your improve your stabilization and balance.

· Make it Work for You: Lunges are very safe and effective for almost everybody and require little or no equipment to get a great workout. Start with both legs together, then take a step forward about 2 to 3 feet with one foot. Before you lunge, make sure your torso is straight. Bend the knees and lower the body down until the back knee is a few inches from the floor. At the bottom of the movement, the front thigh should be parallel to the floor and the back knee should point toward the floor. Keep the weight evenly distributed between both legs and step back with your front foot driving through your heel.
o Static lunges are great, but adding variety to your workouts will help you engage the glutes, hips and thighs in different ways and add a whole new dimension to your training. Below are just a few examples of lunge variations:
§ Sliding Lunges: Using a paper plate under the back foot helps you engage more quads and work on balance and stability
§ Side Lunge: The side lunge emphasizes the inner thighs along with the hips and glutes
§ Sliding Side Lunges: Adding a paper plate to the traditional side lunge creates more challenge for the inner thighs
§ Split Squats: Elevating the back leg makes the traditional lunge more advanced and puts more emphasis on the quad of the back leg
§ Low Lunges: This move offers a tight, small move that really challenges the glutes and thighs of the front leg while engaging the core

#4 Side Straddle Hops (Jumping Jacks).
•Why it’s Great for Women: This is a great way to warm your body up before you start your work out because it incorporates the entire body. •Make it Work for You: For the multi-tasking women this is a great workout. It can serve two purposes of both warming up and also providing you with many benefits of aerobic exercises. This exercise involves numerous parts of the body such as back, calves, shoulders and thighs.
•Jumping jacks are a great way of shedding that extra weight. This exercise burns calories and fat at a higher rate in comparison to other exercises. Since it involves different muscles of the body, they are going to be worked effectively leading to fat burning and eventually, weight loss.
•To perform a jumping jack start by standing up straight with you’re hands down by your side and facing forward. Then jump and simultaneously fling out your arms and legs so that when you land your feet are spread about shoulder width apart and your hands are reaching up to the sky. Then jump again to return to the start position.

#5. Push-ups
•Why it’s Great for Women: Pushups, like pull ups, are compound movements using almost all the muscles of your body. People often do not realize that pushups can give them a full body workout. Pushups exercise almost all the parts of your body from your hands and fingers, triceps, biceps, forearms, shoulders, lower and upper back, traps, abs, hamstrings, glutes, quads, calf, and finally even your feet.
•Make it Work for You: You can start this exercise on your knees but eventually you will be able to do them without your knees. Once you are comfortable with regular pushups, you can progress to other types of pushups such as inclined, clapping, diamond, and wide pushups. Incorporating variations in this exercise, not only helps to break the monotony of following the same regimen over a long duration, but also helps to focus more on particular areas of the body where you want to build up or exercise more. Further, all these different types are simple variations which can be conveniently done anywhere, anytime.
•Position yourself face down on the floor, balancing on your toes/knees and hands. Your hands should be wider than shoulders, body in a straight line from head to toe. Don't sag in the middle and don't stick your butt up in the air. Slowly bend your arms and lower your body to the floor, stopping when your elbows are at 90 degrees. Exhale and push back up. Variations include incline, decline, wall pushups, or for masochists, one-armed pushups. Do this move 2-3 non-consecutive days a week and add a rep each time you do the exercise.

About Alex Fell & Ruben Belliard, Founders of Warrior Fitness Boot Camp
Alex Fell and Ruben Belliard were roommates in the Marine Corps. Together, in May 2008 they opened Warrior Fitness Boot Camp.

Alex served in the United States Marine Corps from 1996-2003. While enlisted, Alex was a forward observer with the infantry and was a member of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Demonstration Team. In 2004, he was honorably discharged from service with the rank of Sergeant. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The City College of New York (CUNY). He is also an American Council on Exercise Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Ruben served in the United States Marine Corps from 1997-2004. Ruben held various positions within the Combat Arms field and was an instructor at The Basic School in Quantico, Virginia. During his time in the U.S. Marines, he was involved in the Kosovo conflict and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was honorably discharged from active duty in the U.S. Marines in 2004 with the rank of Sergeant. Ruben is an American Council on Exercise Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

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Bambola Beauty wins award for best exfoliant!
How Antioxidants Really Affect Your Skin

Learn what's true (and what's not) about these cutting edge ingredients

How Antioxidants Really Affect Your Skin

This is a skin care article

We've enlisted nutritionists Paula Simpson and Joy Bauer to debunk some common myths of nutricosmetics (aka nutritional supplements that help support the structure of the skin) and reveal their true benefits to your health and skin.

Find out

Bambola Beauty Wins Beauty Award
Shecky’s Names Volcanic Mineral Scrub Best Exfoliant 2010

New York, NY, January 2011 – Shecky's editors embark on a quest every year to find the best hair, face and body products that are worthy of your wallet and wish list. It’s the Beauty at its best awards. With over 200 stellar products from over 170 brands, Bambola Beauty’s Volcanic Mineral Scrub was selected as the Best Exfoliant in the eco-friendly category.

“Bambola Beauty combines the purest and best natural ingredients, minerals, and botanicals with the expertise of our exclusive natural product laboratory, we are thrilled to be among other top brands and recognized for our great formulas.” says Faith Zelenko the founder. The Volcanic Mineral Scrub is Kukui Nut based and contains rich nutrients to gently exfoliate and deep cleanse your skin.

Bambola Beauty’s full line consists of 20 luxurious products.

Bambola Beauty is sold on several online retailers and select spas. They offer full and travel size products ranging from $12 to $65. Each order comes with a free deluxe sample in reusable packaging and a portion of the proceeds benefits the Save the Earth Foundation.
*notes from me-I love the sugar cane glycolic exfoliant but this volcanic stuff is really good too and when you are using the Bambola Beauty line you can trust that you are putting good skincare on your self while also being good to the Earth. Order some today to have in time for a Valentine pamper spa treatment for yourself for Valentines day!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!