Monday, November 30, 2009

AVEDA offers 4 free samples w/purchase
Perfect-for-Everyone Presents

Shopping doesn't have to be a pain -- especially with these gift ideas

Get your shopping done in a snap this year! Check out these 11 creative gifts that are earth-friendly to boot. They're perfect for everyone on your list from your child's teacher, your hairdresser, even your mother-in-law!

See gifts

Welcome to Cyber Monday! There are alot of deals ready for picking and clicking, so get going! Here's a goodie compliments of Aveda. Enjoy!
THE OFFER: Receive 4 sample size products + receive free shipping with just a $25 purchase at – enter promo code PICK4 and follow this link (this is the update).

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Long lasting lipstick: love it or hate it?
Find the Perfect Long-Lasting Lipstick

Real women put them to the test so you don't have to

Looking for a lipstick that'll last through your holiday party (not to mention a few trips under the mistletoe)? Well, we've found some for you. had readers try nine different lipsticks that claim to be long lasting in order to find out which ones will really stand the test of time. Check out the results here.

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Oy this subject! I love a stain and use one on days where I am going to be working and going from one gig to another with no time in between to re-do my makeup. Thank goodness f or goodies like Benefit's Benetint and Skindinavia's Jet Set makeup setting spray to make it through the day.

Now, I've tried alot of brands of long lasting lipstick and I'm not a huge fan of one or the other because they always dry out my lips. Sure, the color is still there, but lip also looks likes like a brightly hued scab.

Click through on the beauty bubble and review the brands and as always, if you pick up a tube of something and hate it, you can always return or exchange as long as you have your receipt and the package it came in. Good luck!
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Best brow technique and tools
Quick Fixes for Perfect Eyebrows

These expert tricks will help get you gorgeous arches at home

Few things can transform our faces more than eyebrows. It's critical not to overpluck, or pluck them into a bad shape. Doing your own brows can be a little intimidating at first, but with these tips from brow expert Kristie Streicher, from the Warren Tricomi Salons in Los Angeles and New York, you'll be a master plucker in no time.

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OK, call me a sicko: I love the dentist scraping and eyebrow plucking.
It may be a small niche of people, but these personal hygiene routines are rather pleasant to me and I look forward to it.
If you are intimidated by waxing or have been hurt by plucking, consider "threading" as done by a skilled Pakistani/Middle eastern woman. The technique originated in those parts and usually comes across the ocean with those that immigrate here.
I like a medium sized brow that can be shaped with powders and pencils or even covered with a wax so another shape can be drawn over it. But that's just me.
Enjoy today's beauty bubble and bravely go the way that most of us have at some time: pluck 'em!
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday shopping or spa'ing?
Stocking Stuffer Quiz: Find Perfect Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Answer a few quick questions and get ideal recommendations for the loved ones on your shopping list

Everyone has that someone (or someones) on their list that are practically impossible to buy for. Rather than wander the mall aimlessly for days trying to come up with a gift they'll like, just take this quiz to find gifts they'll love. It's almost too easy.

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I sure hope you enjoyed your day of feasting and family! I know I did.
Now, one thing that I did notice and found curious this year is that the retail markets seem to go straight from halloween decorations and products to Christmas gifts and stylings.
Sheesh! Don't rush me already!
Though n ow that the Thanksgiving holiday is officially over, I'm ready to break out the holly, eggnog and put up the tree.
I"m not out shopping by the way, just in case you were wondering; I'm actually busy on another project.
While the long holiday weekend lingers, enjoy the beauty bubble with more details on how to get great beauty deals for your list of gift giving!
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gravy is good for the skin. Go have some more to strengthen and gird yourself for tomorrow's shopping extravaganza!
Visit for information
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VH1 shopping for kids & music...more details in the bubble
Beauty Recipes that Reduce Stress -- and Make Great Gifts

Need to relax or have a gift recipient who does? Make it easier with these homemade beauty products

We're loving these simple beauty recipes for several reasons. One, they're so easy to make, all they use are ingredients you already have in your kitchen, no pricey trip to the store necessary. Two, they're all specifically tailored to relax and de-stress you -- and who couldn't use that this time of year? Three, there are quite a few that you could package up and give as gifts, it's an inexpensive but thoughtful present your friends and family are sure to love!

See recipes

The All Nighter Styling Powder will be participating in the VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s “Big Shopping” event an online shopping experience at, where customers across the country can purchase items from the newest, hottest and most exclusive retailers and designers starting Friday, November 27th thru Thursday, December 31st.

Featuring celeb supporters, trendsetters and special guests, “VH1 Big Shopping” will link consumers with the most coveted items inspired by music and today’s pop culture, in support of VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s work to jumpstart instrumental music education programs in U.S. public elementary and middle schools.

The ALL NIGHTER Styling Powder is the ultimate all natural styling product and comes in six color-matched options for all hair types. The ALL NIGHTER Styling Powder absorbs excess oil and contains real silk powder for a luxurious satin feel You can love yourself and your hair using The ALL NIGHTER, because it contains no parabens, no aluminum, no talc, no silica, no propellant, and of course, it’s cruelty-free! Gently scented.

Celebrity fans include Rachel Zoe, Ted Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Bridget Marquardt, Katherine McPhee and ‘Miss J’ Alexander.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Check your online list for Cyber Monday sales!
Save Cash with these Holiday Discounts

Check out these great deals, beauty freebies and free shipping offers that'll last the rest of this year

We could all stand to save a few bucks while holiday shopping this year, and these deals will be a major help! We found tons of stuff, from sites offering free shipping, to discounts, cool gifts-with-purchase and more!

See deals

Yey for holiday deals! The Thanksgiving celebrations are upon us and gather your strength for Black Friday early shopping adventures!
If you prefer to stay inside and rest yourself, then today's beauty bubble is a online shopping list to prepare you for Cyber Monday. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Put your best Holiday face forward
How to Have a Feel-Good Holiday this Year

'Tis the season to be an earth-friendly, environmentally conscious anti-scrooge

Sleigh bells are ringing, snow is glistening, and you're all about that walk through a winter wonderland. But along with the joy of these seasonal outdoor elements comes the stress of holiday shopping, party hopping and family gathering. We say, no need to be gloomy when there's merriness to be found. Here, ways to relax and rejoice, while respecting the green (both the Earth and your loot).

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Sing it with me "turkey lurkey loo, turkey lurkey lah, goin to have two servings and then exhale and say ahhh".

We are mere days away from Thankgsgiving. I have so much to be thankful for and I"m super excited about celebrating this year and hope you are too!

Today's beauty bubble is about putting your best face forward for the Holidays. And why not? You have everything to be excited about! If you live in Phoenix, the Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo and Glendale Glitters light show are two things to smile about!

Enjoy todays beauty bubble and have another ladle of gravy!
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Eco-friendly beauty gifts: quick click gifts!
Top 20 Earth-Friendly Beauty Gifts

The hottest skin care, makeup and hair care on every green chick's holiday wish list

Why not try something a little different this season and look for eco-friendly gifts? Any of the products in this round-up will fit the bill -- they're all eco-friendly and tested and approved by (notoriously picky) readers.

See products

Cyber Monday is a rally cry to internet shopping enthusiasts. I won't be shoppoing on Black Friday, though I may be shopping from my laptop on cyber Monday. Try the beauty bubble suggestions for your beauty gifts.
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Me & ME: mineral essence lip nurturing products
TV Characters with the Best and Worst Hair

Did your faves make the list? Find out here!

TV show stylists have the fun, and sometimes difficult, task of conveying characters with hair and makeup. Sometimes they hit a home run and the character's look totally makes sense, and other times ... not so much. Check out our favorite and least favorite TV character looks here.

See hairstyles

So much going on in this photo! First, that's my Patrice Beaute model test color: at first it was purple. Yes, purple. Then ,toned down with a 4N brown which should have been light but actually was a bit darker than my normal 3N. The best thing about the Patrice Beaute new color line is that it has the most aromatic color and developer that I've experienced in a while. In fact, it smells darn near as good as AVEDA products.

Now, what I am holding in the picture are healthy, luxury and rich ME lipsticks. They are 100% certified organic, paraben-free and all three formulas are belnded with anti0xidant rich grape seed oil and vitamin A to help regenerate damaged skin cells.
All of the ME Lip products have no parabens, no bisbmuth oxichloride, additives, oils, talcs, harh chemicals or preservatives.
There are thee forumlas to choose from:
Sheer and creme plus a lipgloss line.

If you are a savvy bride getting ready to elope or have the fairy tale wedding, these shades and formultations are a perfect choice for your wedding day signature color. Due to the rich emulsion and moisturizing formula it will keep your lips feeling great for kissing and caking, plus the gloss is highly pigmented with great shine.

In the photo I am wearing CranberrySpice with Hot Pink gloss over it. These have been around since 2003 and you can get your s online at, or at Beauty 360 stores and Sears Beyond Beauty.


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Friday, November 20, 2009

Stay tuned for Patrice Beaute
Quiz: Could Your Winter Hairstyle Use a Boost?

Find out with this quiz, and get tips to kick it up a notch

Sure, you may spend most of your time these days bundled up in coats and scarves, but that doesn't mean your look can't still have an edge, right? Find out if your style is lacking and what you can do to change it with this quiz.

Take the quiz

Give your hair a lift and try a new style! I'll show you mine after this morning's MAKA hair modeling session for
Til then, enjoy this amazing day!
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Adding color can wash away winter blahs
Add Sophistication with a Rich New Hair Color

Check out these easy-to-follow instructions to add a gorgeous chocolate hue to your hair this fall

Choosing rich, autumnal shades can make dull faded hair (like reader Kerstin had) look healthy, says colorist Marco Pelusi of Marco Pelusi Hair Studio in West Hollywood, Calif. Just stick with warm shades and follow these helpful hints to get a gorgeous new color in minutes.

See makeover

You have my mom to thank for this. Remember in the winter season, a quick way to add fullness and volume to your hair is to add color or even a high gloss shine rinse.
The shine rinse will last up to 6 weeks, and a color application in the same shade or within one to two levels of your normal color should last about 6 weeks also.
You can do it yourself at home, or visit your favorite salon. For the truly adventurous and budget conscious go to the local beauty school.
Enjoy how pumpkin pie is made and get your fall color on!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wen or not to Wen?
Best and Worst of Wen

Wondering if Wen products really work or if it's all hype? See what the buzz is about

You've probably seen a Wen infomercial, or if not, you may have heard of it. The all-natural brand was created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, and is "a new approach to the way you cleanse your hair." readers share their six favorite Wen products, as well as two they won't be reordering.

See products

The Worst: No. 2: Wen Lavender Cleansing Conditioner, $28 average reader rating: 5.9

"I could not do anything with my hair. It would not hold style or shape ..."

No. 1: Wen Sweet Almond Mint Texture Balm, $26 average reader rating: 4.4

"You have to be very careful otherwise your hair will stick together and get an almost greasy look to it ..."

The Best: No. 6: Wen Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner, $28 average reader rating: 7.3

It "takes away dandruff, cleanses and conditions hair, strengthens hair [and] moisturizes" all in one ...

Want to see the rest of the best? Click here!

hello beauty fans!
I know nothing about Wen and I see so little television to begin with so the chances of me seeing anything are nil. When I do see tv, it's Noggin. Enough said.
Enjoy the beauty bubble!
p.s. I have a limited amount of spaces in upcoming holiday makeup workshops:
if you want to attend, please email your paypal payment asap!
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lush cosmetics: vegan, scrumptions & perfect for the holidays
15 Ways to Shop Smarter this Holiday Season

Savvy ways to help you slash through the shopping stress

Mall rats, maybe. Online scavengers, for sure. We asked the experts (aka: real women, like you, who love to shop) to dish and divulge their biggest, best-kept secrets for tackling the tough-to-manage deed of holiday shopping. Whether it's for your mate, coworker, mom or kid's teacher, these tricks and tips will keep you merry and bright (rather than Grinch-ish bitter) as you get ready to gift give.

See tips

So the holiday retail season has started and somehow the supermarkets have gone from halloween to Christmas and skipped right over Thanksgiving. Nonsense! Say yes to jellied cranberry sauce and pumpkin pies! Now enjoy this Vegan based, responsible in a green and Earth conscious way company and their "lush" cosmetics!
Below is an excerpt from LUSH cosmetics and it's worth a read and a click through to their website
Host Thanksgiving Day…in LUSH Style

Start cooking…
Season the turkey (or Tofurkey, as we prefer at LUSH) and add in the stuffing – just be sure to wash up before working with the vegetables. Use LUSH 13 Soap, Unlucky for Dirt ($7.95 for ¼ lb), a rose-scented soap made with oregano, which is a strong natural antiseptic and antibacterial ingredient. Make sure to keep it in the kitchen for easy access.

Prepare the house…
Be sure to put out festive soaps and luxurious hand lotions for your guests. LUSH Vanilla in the Mist Soap ($7.95 for ¼ lb) is a delicious way for company to wash up and tease their taste buds with a savory blend of vanilla, coconut and tonka. Another great addition to your bathroom is Charity Pot Hand & Body Cream ($20.95). It moisturizes skin and all proceeds go to charity, making it a great way to give back on Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your delicious meal…
Be sure to get a “breath of fresh air” in between dinner and dessert or you may fall asleep from an overdose of tryptophan (or tofutophan). LUSH Breath of Fresh Air Facial Toner ($7.95 100ml) will give you a quick spritz to awaken your mind and rehydrate skin. For an added jolt, keep it in the fridge!

Leave the dishes until tomorrow and give thanks to a hot bath – you deserve it…
LUSH has exactly what you need to wash away the day’s stress. If you’re looking to warm tired, sore muscles, use Cinders Bath Bomb ($3.95). Or if want some bubbles to relax, use The Comforter Bubble Bar ($8.95), aptly named because it eases your mind and body after a long day.
And for the day after, make sure to take advantage of LUSH’s Black Friday offer. When you spend $50, you’ll get a FREE Snow Fairy Shower Gel (250ml), but if you shell out $80, you can choose between a FREE Snow Fairy Shower Gel (500ml) or a Snow Fairy pre-wrapped gift that contains a Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Angel’s Delight Soap, and Glitterbug Massage Bar. Let the holiday shopping begin!

Enjoy LUSH!
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Monday, November 16, 2009

You, Sephora and $10,000 shopping spree!
Enter for your chance to win a $10,000 Sephora Shopping Spree!

How much stuff could you buy with a $10,000 Sephora Shopping Spree?

Where do we start?! How about 416 DiorShow Mascaras. Or 41 ghd flat irons. Or 51 Clarisonic Skin Care Brushes. The better question is what couldn't you buy? Answer: Nothing! Enter for your chance to win by writing product reviews on or signing up for's newsletters, it's so easy! Find out more here.

See how to win

Enjoy this fabulous day and hurry and click through the beauty bubble for your chance at a Sephora shopping spree...if you win, your Christmas list will be the best looking ever!
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sweet scented treat! Meet Francis Kurkdjian
Are These Celebrities Lying About Their Age?

Take this quiz to see if you can decipher the true ages of these A-listers

Almost every actor in Hollywood lies about their age at some point in their career, it's practically part of the job description. So when it comes to knowing a celebs' true age, it can be a bit tricky -- especially with the fondness they have for plastic surgery, Botox, fillers and more! Take this quiz to see if the numbers you've heard these celebs say match up with their actual ages.

Take the quiz

Hello to your lovely day! Have a quick read then click over and enjoy the website of Francis Kurkdjian.
As you know, I am a fragrance junkie. Love the stuff, love to layer it on from body wash, lotion to parfum spray. I just finished reading through and smelling the many scents included in the media kit of Francis Kurkdjian. You may not know his face or his name, though I guarantee you know his fragrances as he has created award winning scents for some of the largest designer names.
I find a fragrance to be the perfect accessory and the simplest ways to define your own personal style. If you don't have a signature scent by now, get one! I've switched from Chanel to Dior and now I'm so into APOM by Francis Kurkdjian that it's my signature scent for 2010! I've got to get a bottle to go along with the sample.

If you aren't a big fragrance wearer, perhaps it's you have quite learned the notes, now a scent dries down and you can smell t he top, middle and base notes ( or scents) that the parfum is created with.

If you find allergic reactions to perfumes, try organic scented oils though please stear clear of the patchouli.

At your convenience, please visit the website and learn more about the scents and background of parfumier Francis Kurkdjian.

As for APOM; the anagram stands for A Piece Of Me and was created from inspiration and memories of stories his grandmother told him with travels to Lebanon. It's orange blossom and cedar wood with Ylang-Ylang flower. Light, floral, has depth and feels like a frangance of a woman on the move! Love it! Thank you Francis!
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Celebrity Hairstyle and Makeup How-Tos

Need a new look for all those upcoming holiday parties? You came to the right place

You're never too old (or young) for a great hairstyle and gorgeous makeup, right? That's why we put together these how-tos (obviously!). Whatever events you've got coming up, one of these celebrity hairstyles or makeup looks will work perfectly.

See looks

Speaking of great hairstyles! Have you tried nuNAAT from Brazil? I have a link for the website below and it's worth a click through! I have sampled this shampoo for seven solid days and it's got a lovely scent, a low sudsing that is rich feeling but not greasy afterwards. My hair has taken a noticeable difference too. It's been very dry from the weather change and after a couple of uses in the Karite Special line I saw a difference.
Lightly scented, great rinsability, non-greasy and effective, that's my experience with nuNAAT Karite Special. I love shea butter products and it's one of the main ingredients in both the shampoo and conditioner.
There are so many products to choose from and you can order from the website or find at local retailers near you, just do a quick zip code check on the website.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

GISS! Gone in 60 seconds!
Top 12 Products for Oily Skin

Stop grease and shine with oil-controlling makeup and skin care

If you have oily skin, you know it can be tough to prevent mid-day shine and keep grease at bay. Here, our fellow oily skin readers share feedback on the products that keep them looking matte all day.

See products

This stuff is fun! I can feel it tightening the skin and firming up! I love feeling the effects of a product working!
Here's some details from the Aminogenesis website, and go there to get your "Gone in 60 Seconds" because it's just under twenty bucks!
Give us 15 seconds and we will give you 15 years! Gone In 60 Seconds is a powerful formula that activates on contact to visibly erase fine lines and deep wrinkles – in just seconds! So, why put yourself through the expense and hazards of botulinium injections for short term results? A scientific blend of oxygenating peptides, micro-collagen and firming proteins tightens, firms and reduces puffiness all day long. It’s like having a temporary face-lift in a bottle!

· InstaFirm Protein: An exclusive protein technology that instantly starts to firm skin and plump up wrinkles, creating younger looking skin – within seconds
· OxyPeptide: Naturally derived peptide that is clinically proven to increases skin respiration and oxygenation by as much as 754%
· GABA: Naturally produced in the body to relax muscles, eliminating the need or desire for painful injections
· Micro-Collagen: Delivers a boost of collagen to the help firm the skin
· Patented Delivery System: Advanced patented technology time releases key ingredients all day long

· Visibly Firms: Fine Lines and Deep Wrinkles – In Just Seconds!
· Rebuilds: Skin Firmness
· Use Under Make-Up
· No Albumin, No Whitening Effect
· Natural Formulation Does NOT Contain Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Synthetic Colorants, Nor Synthetic Fragrances
· Dermatologist Approved

AminoGenesis products are cruelty free (no animal testing) and do not contain animal by-products

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beauty secrets and the Big Pour
15 Body-Transforming Products

Check out this list of miracle-working products that lead to beauty success stories!

Let's face it -- not all of us want to spend a bundle on costly spa treatments to fix our body issues. Luckily, these unique products promise incredible, seemingly impossible results for everything from body acne to cellulite. And readers say they live up to their claims!

See products

No. 15: Clinique Acne Solutions Body Treatment Spray, $19.50 average reader rating: 7.4

"This is the best way to rid the body from acne …"

No. 14: Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub, $35 average reader rating: 7.4

"If you use this scrub on your tummy and on your lower ab area (you know the kangaroo pouch!!) you will see and feel a difference …"

No. 13: Bio-Oil PurCellin Oil, $11.99 average reader rating: 8.1

It "lightened the freckles" on faces, "helped with scarring" after surgery, faded "ingrown hair and bug bite scars" on legs and got rid of acne scars and stretch marks …

Want to see what's no. 1? Click here!

It feels like a Friday, though it's a Thursday? Which is still a good thing because in Scottsdale the Big Pour starts tonight! Come see me!
Speaking of come see, here's a link to a publication that my makeup work is featured in along with Angela Johnson's designs and a beautiful story about her craft. Funny, the credit is off by a letter: in this story I'm "Chevelynn" which I"m curious to know if that's an alter ego or form of doppelganger?
Anyhoo enjoy and see you soon!
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NearbyNow helps pinpoint beauty spots instantly!
Top 10 Celebrity Hair Icons

Female stars have been defined by their hairstyles for decades. Here are the top 10 hair icons in recent memory

Starting before movies, television, photography or even electricity, hairstyles have defined female celebrities and vice versa. We take a moment to pay homage to the top 10 most iconic celebrity hairstyles in recent history, including a few from right now.

See icons

Hello all! This came in over the beauty wire and I thought for those of you using a smart phone, you may be interested in this.
I personally, am seriously contemplating the purchase of either the BlackBerry Tour or iPhone, but I have't quite commited yet. Cold ear I suppose or maybe cold wallet? Either way, enjoy this!
Seventeen, Cosmo and Marie Claire were included as part of an iPhone/iTouch Holiday Gift Guide that launched today.You can download the app by logging on to:

The app was created by NearbyNow and includes, in addition to the pubs mentioned above All You, Real Simple, Sunset, Details, Southern Living and Cooking Light magazines to fold their holiday gift selections into the app.

In addition, the app included gift guides from retailers including Nordstrom, Bon-Ton, Macy’s, Charlotte Russe and Buckle.There are more specific details below, but basically... Once users find products they wish to investigate further or purchase, they simply tap the “Find Nearby” button at the bottom of their iPhone screen, and NearbyNow's concierge service goes to work, ensuring the item the customer wants is in stock at his or her nearest store.

NearbyNow sends the customer an e-mail verification, typically within 10 minutes, and the customer can stop by the store and check out the item. There is also a “Find Online” option for those shoppers who prefer to buy online.

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