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Official "Update Your Resume" month guest blogger
Hair and Makeup Shortcuts Inspired by New York Fashion Week

Beauty experts share the timesaving tricks that they use backstage on models

Hair and Makeup Shortcuts Inspired by New York Fashion Week

This is a make up article

From flat ironing in a flash to using one key makeup product, experts backstage at NYFW give us the CliffsNotes for getting pretty in a pinch.

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Welcome guest blogger Anna De Souza and her informative article on how to update your look to go along with your updated resume! Enjoy!

Anna De Souza
Reporter, Lifestyle / Beauty / Fashion

Pound the pavement with the right base. Begin your beauty regime with a primer that fills in fine lines and pores for a flawless finish! Give Smashbox's Photo Finish Foundation Primer a try. It helps to inhibit the destruction of collagen so you can look flawless for years to come at your corner office.

Sleepless night from nerves? Cover up those under-eye bags, puffiness, or any other perfections with Tarte's Dark Circle Defense. The finely milled light refracting minerals actually brighten skin to help camouflage dark circles, puffiness, refness, fine lines and wrinkles. And there's 56% reduction in eye puffiness after 4 weeks--but we know you'll nail that interview the first go-round!

Sparkle and glitter aren't office appropriate. Opt for a matte shadow in a natural hue on the lids. We love Revlon's ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow in In The Buff. Better yet, go for a thin line of smudged pencil eyeliner. Sue Devitt's Eye Intensifier Pencil is great. Nylon and a number of other ingredients lock in moisture and expand and contract with facial movements without creasing to create a long-lasting, luminious eye.

Stop fussing with and reapplying your makeup! Ditch the trips to the ladies' and mist on a product that holds concealer, foundation and eyeshadow in place for up to 16 hours. Skindinavia Makeup Finishes creates a flawless look so there's less touch ups throughout the day. Since it resists heat and humidity, the mist is also great for when that mid-interview perspiration occurs!


•For your face, you probably won't need much more than concealer and loose powder. If you have blemishes or uneven skin tone, by all means, use a foundation! But if you don't need much coverage, just skip it.
•Wear lipstick, not lip gloss. Gloss is too shiny and youthful for a formal occasion like an interview.
•Well-groomed brows show that you pay attention to details. Tweeze any stray hairs, and if you have brow gel, use it to set your brows in place. (A tiny bit of hair gel, diluted with water, can do the same thing.)
•Applying a little bit of blush makes everyone look healthier. Use this rather than bronzer for a natural-looking, healthy glow.
•Don't wear any perfume. "Oh, but I love my signature scent," you might be saying. Yes, and it probably smells lovely, but what if your interviewer has an allergy? Skip it.
•Unless you have naturally clean, even, hangnail-free nails, get a manicure. It doesn't matter whether your nails are long or short, but they should be neatly filed. Don't opt for a French manicure -- many find it dated.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BOSLEY! not from Charlie's Angels but he could use some too!
Myths About Fillers and Botox -- Can You Spot Them?

Take this true/false quiz to see if you can separate fact from fiction

Myths About Fillers and Botox -- Can You Spot Them?

This is a skin care advice article

Expert skin doctor, Dr. Derek Jones, debunks the popular myths about cosmetic injectables. Test your knowledge now.

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Fine thin hair got you down? Perk up a flat style for Fall 2010 beauty trend by puttin' some Bosley products on!

Now I started with clean damp hair and then proceeded to use all four products. At once!

I sprayed all the hair from roots through the shaft with the leave-in nourishing thermal protector spray.

Then I worked the gel into the roots of my hair for some lift and volume.

Next I used the mouse through the mid-shaft of hair to the ends.

I used a blow dryer to dry my hair upside down for volume and effect. When I flipped my hair over it was full! Pow! I finished it with a serious hosing of the Bosley volumizing and thickening hair spray which only fattened up my hair more! I pushed it into place and went about my business for a few hours before taking my after picture because everyone's hair looks great when you first do it. The effect of life on a hairstyle hours after doing it and the style surviving driving, heat, stores, shopping, meeting clients...that's the effect I'm looking for and found.

The Bosley products contain a LifeXtend complex which is an exclusive blend of ocean marine, plant and biogenic ingredients that create the ideal conditions needed for hair preservation, growth and restoration.

With that said, the products just smell good and feel good so get some today!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Treasured Locks with thermo shield for hot tool styling
Unusual Beauty Products That Work

From lip pumpers to heated eyelash curlers -- check out these wacky products

Unusual Beauty Products That Work

This is a beauty tips article

Many beauty products have unusual names, ingredients and purposes, but do they work? Well, Total Beauty readers can attest that most of the wacky products on this list actually work.

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Prevent heat damage to your hair with Treasured Locks Thermo Shield! You know I try anything and everything and this product is specially made for african americans and yet I tried it!
It's got a great scent, it's light on the hair and imparts great shine! It can be used on dry or damp hair. It contains a space age protectant that prevents heat damage caused by hot hair tools. The silicone polymers smooth, seal and hold in moisture by laying the cuticles flat. The company makes a variety of products.
To learn more visit

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

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New video: What's in my Caboodle?
Get Your Dream Hair On

With these pro hair tips, you'll get that just-walked-out-of-the-salon look at home everyday

Get Your Dream Hair On

This is a hair care tips article

From solving your hair issues to finding your hair personality to getting hair inspiration to learning about high performance hair products -- this guide has got it all.

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The Arizona Bridal Affair was an awesome event and great success! Many brides and grooms got everything they needed for their wedding day. Jennyvi, Strut, Dapper Dan tuxedos and KT Jean designs brought the wedding dresses that ranged from traditional to gothic.
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the event and a big hi, hellow and welcome to all the new blog subscribers at that joined at the show! Stay tuned to your email for the newsletter announcing the beauty product giveaway winners!

In today's new how to video I'm going share with you about some new innovative products that can help you look your best as well as save some money. Enjoy!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Winkee! A modest gals guide to style!
Eyebrows 101

See why having great brows is the best beauty-enhancing tip

Eyebrows 101

This is a makeup tips article

If you've ever seen before and after brow photos, you know what a difference well-defined ones make. Here are some tips to help you get your best brows yet.

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Oh yeah! That's me wearing the Winkee! This is a a lovely piece of wardrobe that you must
get! Why? Because 99% of the clothes made today are super low cut. I love a turtleneck and in fact own several, but I can't wear them in the Arizona summer! Or spring, or Fall for that fact I have to wait for the January week of winter here in Arizona.

So the Winkee is my new friend because it's super small but covers a large area and is easy to attach to your undergarment and get full coverage in what is normally a wee tank top! This scoop neck tank

is low, but now with the Winkee! Normally I have to
pull my tank up but not anymore!
Now in my button up shirt, again, the Winkee gives coverage and modesty without a layer of clothing to add another reason to sweat in the Arizona heat. There are so many colors and choices I know you will be happy with it.

Now for some reason, if you do choose to let it all hang out that's okay too because the Winkee is so small and easy to use that you could have it on at work, then leave for your next adventure and remove the winkee and put it in your wallet. Yes, wallet! It's that small!

Find more out at and if you would like to win one for yourself, then come by the Arizona Bridal Affair Makeup University booth and sign up for the new hub blog newsletter at Don't live in the Scottsdale area? That's okay! All subscribers to the new blog newsletter on Sunday September 26 will be entered into the beauty bonanza giveaway!
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New shades for Fall from Wet'n'Wild polish!
Best Dove Products

See which beauty products from this brand our readers flocked to the most

Best Dove Products

This is a beauty products article

Total Beauty readers continue to gush about lots of Dove beauty products on our site, so we decided to do a roundup of the best of the best of them.

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No. 8: Dove Pro-Age Cream Oil Lotion, $7.99 average reader rating: 8.3

No. 8: Dove Pro-Age Cream Oil Lotion, $7.99

"This is it! Now I can throw away every lotion in my bathroom …"

No. 7: Dove Damage Therapy Daily Moisture Shampoo, $2.99 average reader rating: 8.5

No. 7: Dove Damage Therapy Daily Moisture Shampoo, $2.99

"I am so loving this product. Dove never lets me down …"

No. 6: Dove White Beauty Bar, $2.99 average reader rating: 8.8 

No. 6: Dove White Beauty Bar, $2.99

"I adore this product because not only does it keep me clean and fresh …"

Want to see what other products made the list? Click here!

Wet'n'Wild makes great, affordable nail polishes so that when the seasons change you can easily change your polish color to fit the new styles and save some money too! I'm holding four new shades and all can be found at your local drugstore, the Walmart or Target stores. The new brush design makes painting the nail and keeping the cuticle clean even easier. So go get some!

Remember to come visit me at the Arizona Bridal Expo

on Sunday in Scottsdale at the Chaparral Resort & Suites

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Arizona Bridal Affair-Sept 26th! Jennyvi bridal gowns 50% off

Register today! Friday September 24th for FREE admittance for 2!

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Dermablend Smooth Indulgence foundation,concealer, makeup remover=amazing!
Fix Your Hair Issues Now

Total Beauty readers spill their biggest hair woes -- these expert tricks fix them all

Fix Your Hair Issues Now

This is a hair care article

From frizz to flatness, celeb hairstylist Kevin Mancuso helps solve all of your hair issues.

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Hello gorgeous! Are you getting ready for your bridal makeup and a wedding day beauty to remember? Or are you putting makeup on for a resume ready face that gets hired? How about are you a model getting your makeup on for your first photoshoot to make a comp card with?

All is good if you are I share these questions with you because I just tested the new Dermablend Smooth Indulgence line of foundation, concealer and long wear makeup remover.

Remember-most products work their best when in a system from their own line. I know some of you may like to mix and match your makeup brands, but in this case the Dermablend Smooth Indulgence system works syngergistically together!

Start with a clean face that is moisturized and ready for makeup. Get two synthetic brushes in different sizes: large and small! Use your small size to work the concealer with and your large brush to blend the large areas of the face.
The Dermablend foundation actually comes with a sponge inside-which is a nice addition though I prefer a brush because it's cleaner and saves product in the long run.

Who needs the Smooth Indulgence line from Dermablend? Anyone with minor to moderate skin imperfections or who is experiencing symptoms of rosacea, redness, uneven skin tone, and minor acne scars. Also the Smooth Indulgence has spf 20 sunscreen protection, a natural looking coverage, is long-lasting in wear and provides an all day hydration. The box does say it's suitable for sensitive skin-which I don't really have but it feels so good on that I would believe that it
could be a product for those with sensitivities.

Now, in the phot oto the left I have applied concealer all over my eyes, and over my eyebrows to test the 'bleached' look that is current Fall 2010 beauty trend but that I can't fathom doing! I am not bleaching my eyebrows!

In the photo you can see that I am applying a wee squirt of foundation to my brush and about to blend all over and down my neck. I do like the product but I noticed during application that it sets up fast so you either need to blend fast or apply to small areas of the face at a time! A little bit of product went a long way and I did two think coats to finish
my face and blend into the concealer. In the photo I did not set the makeup with my favorite powder, the Makeup Forever HD translucent because I wanted you to see the full effect of the Dermablend Smooth Indulgence product.

It photographs nice I think! Also, look at the coverage! You can't see one freckle! It did last all day, through alot of videos and photos, and wore very well into the evening. I did need to use the long wear makeup remover because my natural organic stuff couldn't budge it! So I washed first with my normal wash and when it would move I tried the long wear remover on a scrublet and it began to melt away! A note that I love about the product is that they are using a natural sunscreen instead of a chemical based one-this product is loaded with Titanium dioxide 6.1%!
Now here you see me in the bridal veil. Why?

Because Sunday September 26th is the Arizona Bridal Affair and I will be there to emcee the show, and also have a booth full of goodies for you! Come pick my makeup brain, subscribe to the newsletter for beauty product giveaways and book your workshop or makeup lesson maybe even your wedding day! Party starts at 9 for V.I.B.'s and 10 for everyone else. There is a Groom Room full of man party stuff! All under one roof at the Scottsdale Chaparral Suites Hotel. See you there!

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Bambola-oh the beauty of it!
Shhh … Salon Hair Secrets Revealed

Get your best hair yet without breaking the bank

Shhh … Salon Hair Secrets Revealed

This is a hair care article

From celeb hair inspirations to pro styling tricks to learning how to work your tools like an expert -- this guide has got it all.

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Here I am about to be inspired by my new samples from Bambola Beauty!
If you aren't familiar with the natural skin care line you should be! They are cruelty free and conservation minded.

Speaking of minded; here I sit with my samples and which to try first?

I have chose to wash my face and try the glycolic sugar cane exfoliant and it fast became my favorite. Why? Because I love the effectiveness of glycolic acid and love exfoliants to keep soft texture on my skin!

Here's some notes on the product from the main site:

Glycolic Sugar Cane Exfoliant
A Bambola Beauty favorite! Glycolic is a naturally-occurring, non-toxic Alpha Hydroxy Acid found in Sugar Cane. Glycolic accelerates the removal of dead skin, increases collagen production, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. This exceptional serum also contains Apple Source Malic Acid and Salicylic Acid that diminish large pores, acne scarring, and help clear oily or acne-prone skin.

Key Ingredients:
Apple Acid – Promotes smoother, firmer skin, helps reverse sun damage
Chamomile - Improves the health of skin, soothing and anti-oxidant benefits
Cucumber – Nourishes, clarifies and soothes the skin
Glycolic Acid from sugar cane – Gently exfoliates and moisturizes dry, dull skin
Size: 1.7 oz. - $48.00
After the glycolic sugar cane exfoliant , I did the mango moisturizing mask and finished with the hydration booster serum before applying my sunscreen laden daily moisturizer over it.

Phew! I just had myself a spa day! My skin looks great and I'm ready for camera to tape the promos for the wedding expo this weekend. Thanks Bambola Beauty for gettin' me gorgeous!

Now, there is a sample of the volcanic mineral scrub and that's for tomorrow...

Thanks for visiting, remember to come see the new hub blog at and definately come on out to the Arizona Bridal Affair this Sunday September 26th. See you there!
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New video: Word of Encouargement-you are good!
Hairstyle Refresh

Transition your hair from summer to fall with these easy steps

Hairstyle Refresh

This is a hairstyles article

See how to transform your beachy waves into more sleek 'do with inspiration from looks from the Fall 2010 Fashion Week runways.

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Hi everyone and thanks for coming by Makeup University today! Moms, single moms, ladies who need a word of encouragement and something fun, watch the video and let me speak a good word into you! You deserve it!

I know that I personally need to remind myself to say something good about me when the days are tough, so as I'm encouraging you in this video I am encouraging myself too!

Couple of quick notes before you go: in this final season of Oprah, watch today on the kidnapped at gunpoint and held hostage mom named Ingrid Betancourt. What an ordeal! My opinion is that mom's make the world go around!

Enjoy the video and remember to visit our new hub site and come out to visit the booth at the Arizona Bridal Affair
Register ahead of time and it's free to attend!

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Cellceuticals Biomedical Regenerative Skin Treatment
Beauty Emergencies -- Solved!

Follow these steps to fix that monstrous zit or tanning cream trauma

Beauty Emergencies -- Solved!

This is a beauty products article

Unfortunately, there's no beauty 911 number to call, but these easy steps will help you solve your emergency in a snap.

See steps

I'm getting ready to try a new Cellceuticals biomedical skin treatment as well as use a favorite!

I love the Cellceuticals extremely gentle face wash for sensitive skin-it's not that I have sensitive skin but after a long hot summer it's gentle on skin that has seen too much sun! I am thinking that this winter with snow play and long days snowboarding that my cold wind chapped skin is going to need an extremely gentle cleanser like the white bottle by Cellceuticals.

One thing to note: the pink scrublet that you see me holding is from a different line of skin care and it's similiar to a face wash brush or pouf.

It's very gentle and can be easily cleaned so it doesn't transfer bacteria to cause breakouts and the base is a suction cup so after use and cleaning it can hung on the wall or shower door to dry!

It's a silicone based rubber and has two different levels of nubs that help exfoliate and gently cleanse the skin.
Now that blue space age looking tube is the super potent night treatment with exclusive and patent pending GFP Cellular complex which acts as a cellular stimulant to encourage the regeneration of new surface cells for younger looking skin.

So I'm going to wash off my makeup and apply some and test it for the next two weeks to see how the combination of retinol, antioxidants,and lipopeptides in a nanoemulsion work for my skin!

Thanks for visiting today and remember to subscribe on the new hub blog: Then come see me this Sunday September 26th at the Arizona Bridal Affair-I'll be doing makeup, booking appointments and boy oh boy do I ever have a sweet giveaway for the brides! See you soon!
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Come see me Sept 26th at Arizona Bridal Affair!

Hi! Check out the video, and remember to come see me this Sunday at the Arizona Bridal Affair at Chaparral Suites in Scottsdale off of Scottsdale Rd and Chaparral.

The event starts at 9 and goes to 3 and I have an amazing giveaway for guests showing up and subscribing to the new blog at

So come on out!
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How to video: applying bronzer
A Guide to Beauty & Bliss for On-the-Go Moms

Steal some time for yourself with these simple tips

A Guide to Beauty & Bliss for On-the-Go Moms

This is a health & beauty article

We get that moms have zero "me-time" -- that's why we compiled this roundup of products and easy tips to help you squeeze in some R & R.

Read guide

How to apply bronzer: the secret to a healthy looking glow the safe way by using a bronzing makeup in any form you can find or prefer. Bronzer is a great way to have your makeup look fresh, your skin look healthy, and destination brides the bronzer is your friend when it comes to do it yourself bridal makeup.

As a professional makeup artist, I consider using bronzer a staple in my makeup case. Personally as a makeup wearer: I don't leave home with out it.

Bronzer can come in a loose powder, a pressed compact, a liquid stain, or gel stick. The first secret to your bronzer success is that it be applied in the right areas.

When you look at your face in the mirror, find the high points that would get the most sun. The forehead, tops of cheeks, nose and chin. I would include the very middle of your eyelids and top of your chest also because if you have ever gotten a really good sunburn or tan, these areas get colored as well.

Imagine a W pattern across your face. If you placed the bronzing product on the top of the W, working from left to right of the letter as if it were placed on your face.

The bronzer colors the top of your left temple, down the cheek to the chin, then up over the nose and forehead and down the right side of your cheek, chin and finish at the top of your right temple.

The powder bronzer is the most common and it's usually pressed into a compact. A large domed fluffy brush will give the best application that looks subtle and natural. When you move into using sponges or fingers, it puts a lot of product in one area that then has to be blended down into the skin to look natural.

If you are using a gel or liquid bronzer, apply it to freshly moisturized or over a liquid foundation so there is a lot of slip on the skin to blend with.

If you want to use your bronzer as a blush and have a deep brown/bronze looking blush, then just swirl your powder/blush brush into the product, knock off the excess and apply to the apples of your cheeks.

A very 1980's retro look would be to swish the bronzer through the hollow of the cheek in a kidney bean shape. You apply bronzer this way by sucking in your cheeks and making fish lips then applying the bronzer in a sweeping motion from the hollow of the cheek, pass under the cheek bone and back towards the ear and hairline.

Bronzer as a cosmetic is by far one of the most versatile and I recommend having two shades.

One for every day use and all over the face and the second slightly darker shade for contouring or creating a very deep tan look and using over larger parts of your body.

Some of my favorite products for bronzing are:

FAKE BAKE, Physician's formula two toned bronzing compact, Benefit Cosmetics Hoola, Cargo, Lorac and the Sephora store brand.

The bronzer can be brushed along your neck, collarbone, dcollet and when you have lines from wearing different style tanks and swimsuits in the summertime it can be brushed on easily to the areas that need more color and washed off with our fear of staining or streaking.

So get some bronzer in any form you prefer and keep on hand for the upcoming busy holiday season, parties and just looking healthy.

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!