Friday, May 30, 2008

Seasource detox-whoa!

Happy Friday my friends!
I have a really busy weekend with life as a single mom, having a very active toddler, and keeping up with fitness, life, and business.

Even though I am extremely busy, I create time to take care of my skin. (This means doing chores with a mask on my face and hair at the same time!)

I just sampled a package called Seasource Detox from Arbonne International.
It comes in a box with a week sized sample of each of the new products.

Just in time for summer this detox kit is amazing! There is more to the line that is not included in the box and I just may order it because it is recommended that you "detox" or cleanse your system every 4 months.

What I did try:
The Stimulate products:
5-in-1 massage oil: this can be used on the face because it is botanical, over the entire body, in a treatment or bath. The smell is fresh and invigorating and the light slip of the oil is easily absorbed into the skin.
I tried it on my temples, ear lobes, and across my clavical bones since this is where I tend to store stress. It moved easily across the skin and after a few minutes was gone. Great!

Foaming Sea Salt scrub: I used in on my face and's a sample...I would like to slather this all over me, but again, it's a sample and I would like to do a several day trial instead of using it all at once.
The scent is light and really smells of the Pacific ocean! A gentle fine grain that is safe for the face, and a light polish on hands. It has a thin consistency and created a slight bubbling effect which left my skin with a squeaky clean feeling.

So far, my experience with the Arbonne SeaSource Detox is 2 for 2!

I had begun this experience of sampling with the facial cleanser called Rescue Wash and I like the lightness of it. Not chemically, perfumey, or harsh and it did remove my makeup, sunscreen layers and mascara. My face felt clean yet not stripped of all moisture.

I love a mask and had layered on the SeaSource Detox Sea Mud face & body mask: it reminds me of the Borghese Mud pack before they became a Costco brand. It has a powerful heating element similiar to the Arbonne Thermal Fusion mask without the afterglow redness of that product.

Again, this was a sample so I have used it as a mask two days in a row and have noticed an improved texture and clarity to my skin. Which I was in dire need of given the amount of coffee I have consumed lately.

In short, my Arbonne SeaSource Detox sampling experience:
*washed with Rescue wash, felt good
*scrubbed with Sea Salt scrub, felt great
*masked with Sea Mud, felt smoother texture
*massaged with 5-in-1 essential massage oil, felt relaxed

Good stuff! There is more in this Arbonne SeaSource Detox line, when I try them, I'll let you know.

Stay tuned for the sugarslush in Vivacious report, plus more to come from Aveeno, Neutrogena and TOKI!

Enjoy your weekend and put some sunscreen on. If you don't know which one to choose, tune in on Monday!

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

MSNBC Story, did you see it?

In case you aren't following what's going on in Lakeland, here's a link to catch up:
Stay tuned because starting June 1st, I have a bevvie of new products and information to share with you!
I hope the end of May is as good for you as the beginning was!
Remember to put your sunscreen on, and if you haven't picked one out yet, check back on Monday when I introduce you to a sunscreen that can protect skin and begin to reverse the signs of sun damage caused aging.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post Memorial Day BBQ skin, what to do

So how much did you have yesterday? Did you tube down the river? BBQ? Hang out with friends or see movies?

For those of you who played at the pool, river, ocean and anything outside and got too much sun, here's a suggestion to help the skin heal.

Sun, wind, and the water can dry skin out: so to put water back in start by drinking room temperature water. A sip at a time, through out the day, slowly, will rehydrate the body.

For red, burnt and chapped skin, try brewing some chamomile tea and letting it cool in the refrigerator. Now, for face use round cotton pads to apply the cooled tea. I suggest pouring some out into a small bowl, dip the cotton pad in til moist, and then gently wipe over the face.

If the facial skin is really burned and chapped, try chilled aloe vera plant or cucumber slices applied lighty to the skin. Let the plant or vegetable just rest on the skin for up to fifteen minutes, then remove, apply some chamomile tea solution, and then if you want, apply another fresh cut of aloe vera plant of cucumber slice.

Grow your own aloe vera! It has so many uses, that having it in the yard is helpful. To get to the healing pulp of the plant leave, pull one from the main plant, then with a paring knife or potato peeler, start skinning the leave til the pulp can be scooped out and used.

If your sunburn is anywhere else on the body, the same techniques of applying to the face will work to heal the skin, you'll just need alot more!

Remember to apply a light weight lotion that is preferably botanical to help soothe and heal the skin. While the skin is healing, you can speed up the process by not using petrochemical or mineral oil based lotions on the skin.

Now, the next installment will be about how to get a great summer tan from your local drugstore.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day and thank you soldiers

I like Memorial Day. I like what it stands for, and the opportunity to reflect on the service and sacrifice of others for our country.

I think the sacrifice gets forgotten. That the NIMBY syndrome has infiltrated the minds and hearts of the average everyday person living their life week after week in a semi slumber.

Sometimes, it just makes you want to shout, wake up!

So, with that said, I say, thank you soldiers and veterans for your continued service. You can't really put a price on the freedom provided by the duty these men and women have given themselves to.

I don't know much about the military, though I sure hope they provide sunscreen and good moisturizers for our soldiers. :)

p.s. More beauty reports tomorrow, starting with TOKI and the cool'ness of it!

Happy Memorial Day, please hug a military person today!
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Friday, May 23, 2008

Drinkable skin care?

Hello fellow beauty lovers and happy Friday too!
Below is an excerpt from the press release for a new product that is a "drinkable" skin care. A produc that can help reduce the signs and affects of aging from the inside out.

Interested? Keep reading! Here at Makeup University Inc we have just received a sample to test and will get back to you shortly about our experience.

Until then, please enjoy the information below or visit the TOKI website for more information.


In 2002, natural Japanese beauty supplement TOKI™ was introduced as the first collagen drink to help diminish signs of aging, and improve skin texture and appearance, literally leading women to their “fountain of youth.” Of the nutritional therapies, one of the most effective approaches is oral ingestion of an absorbable collagen (TOKI), which supplies the body with the additional collagen necessary to improve skin appearance and the resulting wrinkles.

What is TOKI?
TOKI is the first natural collagen drink clinically shown to reduce fine lines and age spots. Introduced to the United States by way of Japan in 2002, TOKI has become a leader in the field of natural beauty aids. In Japan, TOKI was used to support the joints, due to the effect active collagen and glucosamine has on the joints. Soon after it was introduced, clients began to report an overall improvement in the texture and appearance of their skin.

TOKI contains three essential nutrients for the skin: Active Collagen, Calcium and Mucopolysaccharide, which is a group of polysaccharides that are a constituent of bone and other connective tissues. Mucopolysaccharides include hyaluronic acid which is normally produced by the body and gives the skin its volume, fullness and elasticity. TOKI is taken internally in the form of an eight-ounce drink and delivers the essential nutrients to the dermis layer of the skin through the body’s own blood supply.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beauty and the heat!

Here's a short and sweet article on how to help your makeup hold on under intense heat, like that of the Arizona desert.
We have just had a heat snap, similiar to a cold snap, where out of nowhere, we went from the normal high 90's to 109! Ouch!

Okay, what to do with your makeup:
Use gradual self tanner made for the face, like Neutrogena or L'Oreal. This way you need less foundation. Meaning, less applied equals less to melt off.

Use a stain, like Tarte, Lorac, Vincent Longo or Sephora's brand to stain your cheeks and lips for an all day hue that won't move when you sweat and wipe at it.

If you prefer to use a creme blush stick, that will hold up better also because if it does start to move on you, the creme consistency can easily be smudged back into place.

Try a water resistant mascara to hold on to lashes during intense sweating or humidity. I'm not a big fan of water proof because I feel it is too hard on the delicate eyelash and eyelash follicle. Though, a water resistant is meant to hang on under tougher conditions, but not necessarily during swimming.

Use a gloss on your lips. If you become dehydrated, your skin will shrivel and wrinkle a bit, and a slippery shiny gloss will stay moist looking versus a lipstick. Now, is not the time to wear a matte lipstick unless you know you will be in the air conditioning all day.

Simple eye shadows, perhaps one solid shade on the lid, or a wee bit of highlighter on the brow bone. Keep your summer makeup simple so there is less to worry about as the temperatures rise.

For more information that is bride specific for destination weddings or Arizona summer season ( which always brings a great discount at our finest resorts), contact me through the website!

Remember to stay hydrated with plenty of water, add some electrolytes, keep your skin moisturized with botancial lotions that add moisture instead of petrochemcial products that leech it out.

Happy summer everyone!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Kat Von D has a makeup line?

I was just getting ready to write about how to make your blush stay on through the summer heat. Especially days like to day where here in Arizona it was a record 108! If you haven't experienced it, then, there really is no way to describe it, other than it's so hot it makes your skin hurt.

More on sustaining your makeup in the heat later....I just saw that the tattoo artist and reality show participant Kat Von D has a new makeup line at Sephora.

Intersting? Or pure brand marketing hype and one more way to make a buck? I am not against making a buck, though, I am curious when someone creates a line of makeup and it's not their day job.

From the looks of the line on Sephora ( go to it's basic. There are "tattools" which seem basic and functional plus portable.

I like the red lipstick, liquid eyeliner shades that are more than black, and there are two palettes of eye colors for creating smokey eyes.

In my opinion, her makeup on the reality show is always pretty and stylish. She wears alot of makeup, and she wears it well.

Stay tuned, I'll see about getting some samples and reviewing it for you and giving you the plain simple truth as always.

Until then, stay cool, and keep your makeup on in the heat by using a stain instead of a powder blush!
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Destination bridal beauty

Hello brides who are packing there suitcases as I write this.
The majority of destination weddings are in island tropical weather.
Though you still want to have an amazing wedding day face. So what do you do?

A few simple steps:
1. Use a face was that day that is for oily skin, even if you are not oily.
2. A must buy item is Peter Thomas Roth's MAX Anti shine gel. It's my favorite of all mattifiers because it goes on so smooth and dries smoother. Just put it on after your moisturizer has dried, and before you foundation. Keep it close to dot on as needed for absorbing oil during pictures instead of dusting on more powder that could possibly cake up on you.
3. Use a oil free moisturizer, not your usual thick creamy one ( oh, is that me who uses that?) but something made for oily skin ( Neutrogena has a good affordable line of oil free products as does L'Oreal)
4. Use liquid foundation that is "oil free", or if you prefer mineral powder makeup, buff it on ever so lightly.
5. Use stains for lips and cheeks to avoid your skin sweathing through the powder blushes.
6. Use water resistant eyeliners and mascaras in case you cry and if there is serious humidity. Try Makeup ForEver from Sephora.
7. Keep lips in sheer shines, with an SPF, like Neutrogena Lip Soothers.

Enjoy your destination wedding and send photos of how your makeup looked!
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Frownies! Frownies! Frownies!

Frownies! Frownies! Frownies for everyone!
I love a new product, though there is nothing new about this one. In fact, Frownies have been around since 1889 originally being known as “Wrinkle Eradicators”. Created by a mother who wanted to help her daughter preserve her youthful beauty, these unique beauty treatments work!
As beauty products become more risky and dangerous plus require longer downtime for healing, why not try something simple that can be administered at home with privacy?
Try Frownies, I know you will love them! They are available in a “face lift in a bag” or individually. I tried the face lift in a bag and the wash is amazing for its light fell on the skin and how my face feels clean. The hydrating rose water spray that you use to create the adhesive for the Frownies is perfect for dry hot or humid weather to refresh the skin. I suspect in the dry winter months this spray would be amazing for winter skin! Sometimes dehydrated skin that is dry, saggy and wrinkled just needs a drink, so try this nourishing spray.
I follow the regimen as follows: I wash with the pH Balancing Complexion wash, the use the Immune Perfect Wrinkle Cream, and then get ready to use the Rose Water Hydrator Spray on a Frownie patch and start my “at home facelift”! If you are looking for a beauty treatment that doesn’t require healing time, try a Frownie.
There is an extra product called Immune Shield and it represents a new level of technology in skin repair and health. It is formulated with a 40 percent anti-oxidant matrix f active vitamin E and 17 amino acids to protect the skin from free radicals which cause cell damage, wrinkling and melanoma.
Frownies is still a family owned and operated company since its inception in 1889. They were originally called wrinkle eradicators because of the unique way that the Frownie patch “pulls” the skin up to reach the level of the rest of the facial skin.
I saw a difference in a brow or thinking wrinkle I have, and Annmarie tried it for a consistent seven days and saw almost all of her thinking wrinkle pull up. Wow! No needles for this procedure, plus you can do it at home.
The key to the Frownie is that you are consistent in its use to train the skin from the fold of a wrinkle to a more upright position. Celebrities, beauty queens and starlets have been using them for a century!
I recommend you take the time to read the instructions, practice the application, and by the second try you will be a pro and soon be reaping the reward of your newly learned skil!
To try the Frownie, visit their website, Sephora, Ulta or your favorite beauty retailer.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Canyon Ranch Spa upcoming give away from Neutrogena

A big congratulations to Sarah of Apache Junction for winning the Canyon Ranch Mother's Day spa basket. Keep your eye on the mail, it's coming!

Now, get ready for the Neutrogena Lip Soothers lip gloss with spf 20 give will launch later this week and be just in time for keeping your lips covered and colored during the busy Memorial day weekend.
Til then!
Bridal Makeup DIY Style: How To Take Control of Your Wedding Day Beauty! Simple step by step with product guide to do what I do without the high cost!

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Summer makeup trend for 2008

Summer makeup trend 2008: what to do with all that product choice in the stores.
Each season a cosmetic line puts out a “color story” which is the season colors that accompanies the fashion trends. What we see on the cat walk runways rarely translates into an everyday look, though with some help and inspiration, here’s what to do with all that product!
Bright colors! Neon too! Viva Las Vegas –or Laughlin if you are low on gas money.
The summer makeup trend for 2008 is al about bold, bright, neon colors.

The color is worn on the eye, especially as eyeliner whether it is a pencil or eye shadow applied with a small damp brush in a smudgy smokey pattern. The bold color can also be worn on the lips. Sure, try it on your cheeks, though it doesn’t translate well on that part of the face.

Try bold purples, lilacs, turquoise blues, and fresh baby blues too. Use the color to rim the eyelid in a smudgy streak, no need for precision here unless you are using a liquid liner which looks best drawn in a precise manner and is great for making a true cat eye pattern in eyeliner.
I suggest looking at brands like Sephora’s store brand slim pencil in Violet 71 or Lagoon. Try Pop beauty Lid Neon compact for really bold colors that work as a liner or shadow. When you are wearing this bold of eye color as an eye liner, balance the eye with a sheer shimmer shadow and strong eyebrow.
You could wear a two tone eye shadow pattern that is also strong in color for a take on 60’s Mod style eye makeup, though it’s great for parties and not jobs at the bank.
Finish the eye with lots of flirty lashes in mascara colors. Try Max Factor Vivid Impact or Urban Decay Big Fatty; both have lots of choices in color and are good on the lash for length, thickness and wears without smudging or flaking.
If you haven’t tried false eyelashes yet, why not now? When would now be a good time! I love them and wear them often. There are many video sites and beauty blogs that offer a video “how to” of applying them. A set of false lashes make maximum impact and are striking to look at when combine with a bright colored eyeliner.
Lips that make a person look twice and ask themselves “what is it about that woman?” start with a good liner and finish with the summer’s bold color.
Try a classic bold color such as Chanel’s Coco Pink. It is a true fuchsia pink and I love it! Or try Tarte cosmetics lipstick in Shock for a strong purple lip. Duwop makes an amazing product called a Reversible Liner that is a clear stick that shapes and defines the mouth while holding in lip products. I recommend this or a very nude lip matching lipstick to accompany the strong colors. If you like to match your lip liner to your lipstick, be sure and test the two together first so you don’t end up with a dark ring around your mouth when your lipstick is eaten off by your lunch.
Perhaps you are more of a lip gloss person like me? Yes, I too have seen the negative report that the dermatologist association gave lip gloss saying that the shine makes the sun’s rays penetrate deeper and can cause mouth freckling and lip cancer. Well, just apply a brand with spf like the Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip soothers with spf 20 in bold sheers like Gleam, Sheen or Shine.
Lips colored like these may only need a large pair of dark sunglasses to accompany them this summer.
Finally, if all this talk about bold, bright, colors are complete bunk and nonsense for you-then stick to the tried and true summer classic face:
1. A coat of self tanner and sunscreen all over your face
2. Light dusting of bronzer all over especially on the peaks
3. Mascara applied to your taste and preference
4. Sheer gloss on lips in nude to pink shades
Either way you wear your summer makeup trend of 2008, your love, generosity, humor and wit are what truly make you beautiful!
Bridal Makeup DIY Style: How To Take Control of Your Wedding Day Beauty! Simple step by step with product guide to do what I do without the high cost!

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Product review: Canyon Ranch Spa "Your Transformation" anti-aging skin care

Product review: Canyon Ranch “Your Transformation” anti-aging skin care.

Now, I call it “anti-aging” because of the repair and restore skin properties.
In the desert, you need all the sun damage repair and restoration of skin elasticity you can get!
Below are facts and the three top activating ingredients in the products that I have tested.
Though, as usual, I have my experience test and review to report on plus the company’s side.

I tested three products, 2 in the skin care line and one in the body care:
• Age Transforming Concentrate Serum
• Restore Intensive Moisture for the face and neck
• Elasticity Body Balm

The treatment goes first. So on my clean face; I pumped out two pumps of the Age Transforming Concentrate Serum. It has a light, silky texture, with good spread ability that absorbed quickly into my skin. I used to pumps because I always slather everything down my neck in upward strokes and on the front of my chest which has severe sun damage from decades of the beach with no sunscreen!

The Serum is concentrated, so a wee bit will go along way as I found out after I pumped out two squirts and had ample left over for the backs of my hands after finishing, face, neck and chest.
This product contains the highest percentage (5%) of the ProNAD which is a bioactive vitamin B3 to do the most stimulation and strengthening of the epidermal layer of the skin.

The 1 oz. air tight packaging is recyclable, retails for $150.00 at the Canyon Ranch Spa properties, online at and your local Saks stores. (Like the Biltmore here in Phoenix!)

I followed with the moisturizer, though there is a second step available called the Hydramist, which I think is one of the beauty items you need to have on hand for freshening your face at the office, spritzing before moisturizer to help the skin absorb, you have recently been boating or at the beach, or if you have had too many martinis and you know your skin is going to pay for it.

The moisturizer is a rich, emollient textured, botanical smelling tub of goodness. It’s 1.7 oz, and retails for $95.00. I like that I experienced a “picking” up of my skin after patting and tapping the product on and then massaging in. Nothing says satisfaction with a product like seeing a quick return on application. My skin felt good, looked plump, and had a smoother texture to it.

The moisturizer has a 3% concentration of ProNAD the most active ingredient. This combined with the age transforming serum and I’m up to 8% of anti-aging skin repairing and restoring action. That’s more than my investment account return.

I also tried a 5 oz. tube of the Elasticity Body Balm which retails for $55. I put this on everyone who came in my path in the past 24 hours. The five ladies and one man who tried it all had the same general comments:
“Smells great, not sticky, absorbed right into my skin, I can see the difference between which arm is wearing it and which isn’t”. And about an hour later I asked one of the ladies to compare her arms again, and the one with the Elasticity Body Balm was notably smoother and hydrated looking.
The Body Balm also has 3% ProNAD in it along with Ceraplex, Antiox03, Shea Butter, Borage Oil, Camellia Oil, Almond Oil and Sunflower Oil.
My overall experience of the Canyon Ranch Your Transformation skin care is positive and I recommend it for ladies who are looking to see a noticeable difference in their skin, quickly. If you have skin that is past the legal drinking age, you live in a dry climate, travel on an airplane a lot, or have damage from smoking and drinking, I would recommend this as a solution for you to a smoother textured and plumper dewy skin.

**Now, before I get to the facts of the product as stated by the Canyon Ranch Company about their product, I want to offer you a chance to win a Mother’s Day basket sampling the Canyon Ranch Your Transformation skin care products.

ENTER FOR CANYON RANCH YOUR TRANSFORMATION SKIN CARE BASKET IN TIME FOR MOTHER’S DAY!From May 2nd-9th 2008, as a tribute to honor, respect and love on Mom, enter your answers to these questions along with current contact information which will only be used to contact the winner. No spam here or telemarketing calls either. The winner will be randomly drawn on May 10th out of all the entries received. One entry per person please. Good luck!

1. Name a Canyon Ranch Spa property location?
2. What CR YT product has the highest concentration of anti-aging ProNAD?
3. Where can you purchase your new choice in skin care, Canyon Ranch Your Transformation?
Please provide the following information:
Mailing Address:
Where did you read this:
Email answers to: makeupbycherelynn at yahoo dot com by May 9th, 2008 12:00 a.m. Arizona mst

Now, here are the facts as stated by the company:
Canyon Ranch Your Transformation™ is a clinically proven collection of luxury skincare products from the health and wellness specialists at Canyon Ranch. The line incorporates the integrative wellness approach and preventive practices of Canyon Ranch with state-of-the-art technology to deliver sustaining results, transforming skin from the inside out.

There are 4 categories of skincare products:

• VITALITY cleansing cream
• RADIANCE facial scrub

• AGE TRANSFORMING concentrate serum

• BALANCE light-weight moisture
• PROTECT UVA/UVB SPF 30 facial moisturizer
• BRIGHTNESS eye cream
• RESTORE intensive moisture

• ELASTICITY body balm

WHO IS IT FOR: Canyon Ranch Your Transformation products are for women and men with visible signs of aging and sun damage, and for those desiring healthier skin with improved skin tone, texture and firmness.

With proven science incorporated into pure healthy bases, Canyon Ranch Your Transformation™ products focus on providing skin with 3 key ingredients:
• ProNAD™ Niacin (Bioactive Vitamin B3) to generate healthier skin cells from the inside-out
• Ceraplex™ to strengthen skin from outside-in and improve skin hydration
• Antiox-3™ to provide antioxidant protection inside and outside

Additionally, each product features luxurious textures and secondary ingredients to firm, protect, nourish and brighten skin throughout all layers of skin.

INGREDIENT: ProNAD™ is a unique, multi-patented molecule that enables a bio-active form of Niacin (Vitamin B3) to be delivered deep into the layers of skin, rebuilding and reconditioning it from the inside out. ProNAD™ helps stimulate DNA repair by encouraging the skin’s natural healing process, strengthening and protecting skin against further damage. Because of its strengthening properties, this miraculous molecule was selected by the National Cancer Institute for study as a potential skin cancer prevention agent. ProNAD™ holds 19 Patents, 34 pending.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Product review: Aquafina Advanced Hydration...or, what else is available at Walmart besides equate

Product review: Aquafina Advanced Hydration RX: Intensive Targeted Renewal & Restoration Treatment with Qusomes
I try a lot of products, and review them all for you to help make an informed decision.
This brand is part Pepsi Co. brand, part water drinking song commercial for Aquafina water and now a skin care line readily available at your local large discount retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart.
The tube is 1 oz, and retails for on average under $10.00, or you may even find it on sale.
The product is light weight, silky in texture, has good slip and blends well. It may feel a bit tacky at first on the skin, though absorbs within a few minutes.
This product is a moisturizing treatment designed to compliment a moisturizer. If used alone, it is not enough moisture on the skin, though I suspect if you have very oily skin, this may be an option for you.
Because it does not contain a sunscreen, it is recommended for use at bedtime, though I would use it twice a day including the morning time in the summer because of the intense dehydration that happens in hot weather to the skin. Simply add a sunscreen filled moisturizer on over it.
I liked the light scent; it doesn’t have a heavy fragrance, but a light clean smell. I tried it on under my daily moisturizer and it added a boost of smoothness to my skin.
After spending a morning outside in the hot sun, I re-applied the product without the use of a moisturizer and had a temporary, soothing effect on the skin. It is cool to the touch.
The thin consistency of the Aquafina Advanced Hydration RX allows for use on and around the eyes. There is a full line of skin care products under the Aquafina brand, consisting of cleanser, toner, moisturizer, treatment and heavy creams.
The line is retailing in the ten dollar range per product, coupons can be found on the products homepage and in general, I think this was a fair product for the price range and ease of accessing.
For the record, a Qusome is technology which is touted as good for absorption.

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