Friday, January 31, 2014

Healthy Divas: Financially Wise Women lesson with Brittney Castro

Hello Gorgeous!
As we are wrapped up the Healthy Diva time together, we all got a short checklist of ways we can instantly improve our relationships to money from the Financial Wise Women money coach Miss Brittney Castro.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Healthy Divas update: Erafit Jennifer Wyatt takes the Divas through the paces of a workout

Hey Gorgeous,
Quick update to share some of what the Healthy Divas were learning and preparing for sharing with you.

One of the Divas is none other than celebrity fitness training, spin class master and Lupus butt kicker Jennifer Era Wyatt.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Healthy Divas on set in Los Angeles: Kreation Juice and then meet the Divas!

Hey Gorgeous!
I've been busy with the Healthy Divas and we did some visiting, teaching, fitnessing and of course eating while making the rounds in Los Angeles. It's such an amazing group of women and I am so excited to introduce you to them!

First we started out at Kreation Juice for a production meeting. It's oh so good and fresh!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Venice Beach and Kesh Beauty

Hello Sweet Gorgeous,
I'm on set in Venice Beach and Los Angeles this week. Interestingly enough, it's actually warmer here than it is in the desert at home!

Monday, January 27, 2014

CoverGirl Bombshell review & $100 gift card giveaway to get your own Bombshell on!

Happy Monday Gorgeous!

Today I have a giveaway and a review for you! CoverGirl has just released their new Bombshell collection just in time for red carpets, award shows, Super Bowl parties and Valentine's day!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Grammy's tonight on CBS: Pevonia Botanica de-aging mist can help be HD camera ready

Hello Gorgeous,
I am excited for the Grammy's award show tonight. How about you?
It's just been announced that Madonna, a seven time Grammy award winner will be performing tonight.

I wonder if she will be using Pevonia Botanica tropical de-aging mist?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Maverick Internationals, 50 ft waves and Philip Kingsley Swimcap

Hey ya Gorgeous!
There is something unique going on with our weather worldwide. Extreme cold causing a polar vortex in the East, unseasonably warm weather in the West and extremely big waves from Hawaii to California.

Just in time for the Maverick Internationals Surf competition in Half Moon Bay, California. This photo is of Colin Dwyer navigating a large wave at Maverick. Notice the wee patch of rainbow in the top right corner of the photo? I think that's God smiling on the competition. (*photo courtesy of Mercury News)

Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 Grammy's and Sublime Beauty

TGIF Gorgeous!
Is it Shabbat yet? It's been such a doozy of a week, well-couple of weeks that I am ready to call Shabbat after I finish my first cup of coffee. Maybe even half way!

This Sunday is the Grammy's and it's a favorite award show of mine. Last year, at the 2013 Grammy's I loved Carrie Underwood's performance of Blown Away in the dress that lit up and changed scenes as she sang!

Now, who will wear what to perform this year?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Alone Yet Not Alone nominated for Best Original Song for 2014 Oscars

 Hey Gorgeous!
The 2014 Oscar nominations have been released and this wee film Alone Yet Not Alone has been nominated for Best Original Song for a song of the same title Alone Yet Not Alone sung by Joni Eareckson Tada.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Travel skin grimey? Try AcneFree Gentle Acne Scub with oatmeal and salycylic acid

Hey Purty,
The past three weeks have been filled with a lot of travel for me. Which I love and is good though it tends to reek havoc on my skin because nothing says pimple quite like a long air plane ride and crossing several time zones.

I've got a new product I'm trying to help exfoliate and deep clean my skin while I travel.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Pevonia At Home Spa: perfect for returning home after a very long trip!

Hello Sweet Gorgeous!
It's Monday night, late-and I'm about to turn in early! It's been such a long and wonderful couple of weeks of travel though it has left me drained.

It was a wonderful surprise to come home to an at home spa kit from  Pevonia.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Laura Mercier makeup at the SAG Awards on Claire Danes

Hey ya Gorgeous-enjoy-I'm wrapping the Barrett Jackson set - thank you Jesus!

Enjoy this update from Laura Mercier!

Claire Danes
2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards
“Female Actor in a Drama Series” for “Homeland” Nominee
Look by Matin Maulawizada Global Brand Ambassador for Laura Mercier
Makeup artist Matin Maulawizada drew inspiration from Danes’ Vionnet gown which he stated “contained a Roxy Music feel.” To complement the beautiful gown, he created a modern and sexy look with a glimmer reminiscent of the 1980s.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gerard Caruso with RUSK: How to Pick The Right Hair Products for YOU

Hello Friends,
I'm on what seems like the never ending gig called Barrett Jackson. No complaints. Well, sort of.

Okay, I'm sorry again for another "post of a post" but the lovely people over at RUSK have sent some great info from one of their lead stylists.


RUSK International Creative Director Gerard Caruso has 25+ years of experience as a salon owner and celebrity hair stylist and is available to provide any expert advice you might need! Of note, although Gerard is affiliated with RUSK, he does not need to speak only the brand and can provide unbranded tips, recommendations, trend forecasting, etc.

Tips from Gerard Caruso:
How to Pick The Right Hair Products for YOU

·         While mousses are great for all hair textures, they work best when looking for body and volume to your hair giving you the extra bounce you’re looking for. Mousses are also great to squeeze into natural curly hair to help control the curl without weighing it down.
o    Gerard recommends: RUSK Designer Collection Mousse Maximum Volume and Control, SRP $13
·         Oils are great for hydration, shine and frizz and help to repair the hair, but sometimes have a tendency to weigh the hair down or just make it to greasy. They work best on dry, damaged hair, or thicker, curlier hair looking to calm some frizz; all oils are best when applied on hair’s mid shaft to ends and not at the scalp area.
o    Gerard recommends: RUSK Deepshine Oil Protective Oil Treatment, SRP $29.95
·         Pomades work best on shorter hair styles to help mold and define the look.
o    Gerard recommends: RUSK Paste, SRP $9 – available in April 2014.
·         Root sprays – although root lifters work great on all hair textures, they seem to work best for longer, heavier hair  that you are trying to get most amount of  volume and texture at the scalp leaving you with flexible control.
o    Gerard recommends: RUSK Designer Collection Blofoam Extreme Texture and Root Lifter, SRP $13

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

Friday, January 17, 2014

How to Save Big Dollars on Party Shoes with Donna from Exposure

It's the one of two of the busiest days at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale. I sure hope this finds you sitting down and relaxing somewhere!

In the meant time, special thanks and shout out to Donna from Exposure Swimwear for sharing a blog post!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scottsdale Barrett Jackson and Amy Adams Golden Globes

Hello Gorgeous,
First and foremost I apologize for a post in a post. I am committed to daily blogging, though this week long trip to Scottsdale for the Barrett Jackson show has me boggled and tired with very limited internet connection (long story)

Here I am and below I have some Laura Mercier Golden Globes makeup tips!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chia! Guest post with Exposure Swimwear Donna-how to get that bikini body!

Hey Gorgeous-I apologize for not being available today-but in my absence, I have a rich and entertaining guest blog post from friend and colleague Donna of Exposure Swimwear. (You know, where you get the best custom bikini ever!)

Enjoy her sharing on the power of chia!

Getting in shape for the beach is important all year around.  Actually it is a way of life.  I bet most of us have heard that over and over again.  Most of us avoid the simplest things just because we don't really know or understand them.

Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale: Paul Walker's 2Fast 2Furious car & opening night party

Hey Gorgeous
It's Barrett Jackson time in Scottsdale! This show is so much more than just a car show. So while I'm busy getting ready ( no lashes today, too many allergens in the air! Simple Laura Mercier mascara in navy, Laura Mercier Bronze 01, Dr. Lewinn BB creme and some Mally Pink Baby lipgloss!)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Golden Globes on NBC tonight: who has the best dress?

Hello Gorgeous!
I love the award show season and red carpets because I just adore watching all of the gowns going down the path.

Some are amazing and some are awful and much like watching American Idol, it's  sometimes more fun to watch the bloopers/out takes of the singers who obviously didn't take the advice of their friends and families and take up dancing.

The red carpet for award shows is just like that. Unless of course, you are Jennifer Lawrence.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gracie Gold: will she skate for the USA at 2014 Sochi Olympics?

Hello Gorgeous!
Here is the beautiful young figure skater Gracie Gold and she just finished her short program. Fingers are crossed that this beauty will make it to the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

What a beautiful makeup look she has on to perform in. What do you think she is wearing?

Friday, January 10, 2014

CES then Penn & Teller

Hello Gorgeous,
It's been quite the unique week in Las Vegas at the 2014 CES show. I took a break from all that busyness and took in an evening of entertainment at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino  in the form of the Penn & Teller show.

Just look at the stage marks...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday Throwback: Downtown Las Vegas Speaker Series

Hey Toots,
I'm so tired from CES. I need to put a blog post up. Did I mention I'm tired. Fighting this cold hasn't helped any either. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm just used to more energy and being able to do more.
So, in honor of keeping up with my daily blogging, here is a 'throwback' from a few months back on a different trip to Las Vegas. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

People's Choice Awards with Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight

Hey ya Cutie,
Hope you are having a super awesome day. I'm at CES in some rockin' awesome heels and outfit-oh, yeah, they hurt. But they look good! Stay tuned for details from the show.

In the meantime, are you tuning in to the People's Choice Awards? I have to go to the awards show here but will be following who wins what online afterwards.

I really hope that someone will be wearing the new Miracle Skin Transformer FACE Spotlight.

Why? Because it's like airbrush finish makeup in a tube!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CES opens this week: whether or not the weather cooperates! OOTD!

Hello Gorgeous!
It's CES time in Las Vegas and the Cisco keynote with John Chambers' Tech Titans launches at the 2014 International CES®. Starts at 4:30 p.m. today, January 7 in the Venetian, Level 5, Palazzo Ballroom. Good luck to all the conventioneers. Here's my look for the first day!


ONLY tall shirt
$36 -

Filippa K slacks pants
$195 -

Stud earrings

NYX black lipstick

Gucci citrus perfume

Henri Bendel nail polish

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Downton Abbey: the beauty, the skincare, the hair!

Happy happy happy Monday Gorgeous!
It's time to get back to work around here! Mancub is back in school and I am back to the rise and grind of it all.

January is jam packed with beauty blogging, trade shows, media production, travel and more! All of that leads up to my favorite Makeup University series in February, TEEN WEEK!

So let's get to it-let's talk Downton Abbey. I have been hearing about the show for quite some time and after some friends mentioned that they are rabid fans of the show, I watched a bit last season. I was front and center to watch the season 4 opener and lets just say it did not disappoint!

 So how did the women of the Edwardian age take care of their hair, skin and beauty?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

People's Choice Awards CBS January 8th: did you vote?

Well hello Gorgeous!
It's that time again: January brings New Year's Resolutions and the beginning of  the award show season.
Which, I'm not sure really ever goes away?

So coming up is the People's Choice Awards on CBS January 8th. It's alot of the same ol' same ol' except for the Humanitarian Award which I am interested in.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sandi Krakowski on Entreprenuer with "Why Faith Belongs in the Workplace"

Hey Gorgeous-long travel, home, too much laundry to do, so while I catch up, enjoy this article from my friend Sandi which was posted on

She is awesome-enjoy the read!
If you would like to go directly to Entreprenuer click here.

Why Faith Belongs in Your Workplace


Why Faith Belongs in Your Workplace
Image credit: Shutterstock
I started my first business online with faith being as much a part of my success as a keyboard and Netscape. It was in the '90s, when Overture was the biggest pay per click platform and AOL reminded me hourly, "You've got mail!"

With no clue how to get back into Windows once I accidentally logged out to DOS, asking for help was my normal mode of operation. It still is today. It's my personal belief that faith stretches me to be more, do more and live more than I ever could alone.
Writing PPC ads in Overture was a blast in the '90s. The rush of not knowing who was competing with me was nearly addicting. OK, fine. It was addicting and it was the way I built my first business online. A newsletter and PPC ads...and faith. I had believed that I could do this and God would tell me how.

Many, many years later, millions in profits earned, I'm still bowing my head at my desk asking for help.
"What makes social media sing, God?"
"Show me how to write a headline that will grab their attention."
"Is there a target market I'm missing? Who am I not seeing?"
These are common questions running through my head as I simultaneously manage the Facebook Ad Manager, the Twitter Ad Platform and a few other link exchanges for some of the large brands I write for, as well as the ads I do for my own company.

You'd think the business world would think I was crazy when I began to teach small and large business owners to do the same. Reminding them of good, old fashioned direct response marketing and psychographics, we'd find target markets no one had ever even considered before and it would convert -- sometimes to percentages they had no clue could be their typical ROI. Then I'd pull out the "big guns." The "golden ticket' if you will. No matter who they were I'd encourage them to just have faith that they would reach the right people if serving became their focus more than selling, if loving their customer became the path to profits rather than obsessing about ROI. The highest ROI in this generation is relationship, so I'd encourage them to dig deep. Then I'd tell them to have faith.

"Have faith?" Corporate heads and bigwig executives ask me.
"Yes. Just ask for some help. What do you have to lose? Call me a crackpot later if you think I'm a dork but just give it a try," I'd reply.
And they would.
Ok, just think that one through.

Come on now, let me pull you out of shock, but let's go there. If you were in dire situations and you needed medical help for a child, loved one, relative or what have you, and all paths to solutions were dead ends, what would you do? Yup. Some of you just said it out loud. You'd do what you rarely do at work but what would seem very commonplace in an ICU at a hospital or on a crashing plane as the front of the jet went down. You would pray. You'd have faith.

So I ask my clients to do that. And the results have been amazing. Large companies are now making connection with their clients. Company leaders are actually having fun talking back on Facebook and Twitter. "How did you find people who were so perfect for our company?" I'm asked. Reminding them of the basics and then the "secret sauce" big guns of faith, they laugh and smile, realizing it worked.

I recently got a Christmas card from a woman who told me her story. She was a new widow. "Why didn't God take me?" she said she would often cry out. "I don't want to go on without him" was her hourly struggle. Then, something happened. It wasn't a white light streaming down from heaven crashing through her house with a host of angels and a choir singing, "You're going to make it!" and she lived happily ever after. No, she saw my pink hair in a Facebook ad. Can you believe it? The ones I was praying over.

The card went on to say, "You have been a light to me in a very dark place in my life. I wanted to join my husband after he died. I wanted to know why I was left here alone. Then one day when I was on Facebook, I saw your ad. I was drawn to you and I went to your business page. I started reading your posts. I thank you for your very uplifting messages. You have made a positive impact on my life. I now look forward to each day no matter what it brings. Thank you Sandi. You are truly a blessing to me"

We have quadrupled our company profits in the last year. This one thing I know -- prayer changes things and faith belongs in business.

Faith is not beating someone over the head with your beliefs and trying to get them to convert to your way of thinking. Faith is believing in the unseen and calling those things that are not, as though they are.
I believe that faith works in the workplace. Taking the uncommon path to profits and changing people's lives simultaneously has been my business plan for many years. Faith works.

The author is an Entrepreneur contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer.
Sandi Krakowski is a Digital Media Marketing Expert noted by Forbes as a Top 20 Women Social Media Influencer and a Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer. Sandi is known in the marketplace for living an outrageous life, giving to many causes, writing, cooking and enjoying her family while serving over 2 million clients. She has a historic trackrecord of building an online social media presence with more than 600,000 clients connected to her in under 18 months. But the core of who Sandi is is revealed in her powerful teaching on faith, belief and the power to #BEMORE in all areas of life. You can find her at: 

Read more:

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Friday, January 3, 2014

TGIF with Karma Chow and a 10 day detox diet

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
TGIF. Sort of. The journey home to Arizona begins today. Right after a trip to the Science and Space museum. I know why Shakespeare said "parting is such sweet sorrow", because as glad as we are to be going home to our cats, we are also sad to be leaving behind the surf and fun of southern California.

I know that when I get in there is a 10 day detox diet laid out and ready for me to eat. Hello raw kale.

After all the sweet meats and delicacies I have indulged in this week, I need the vegan detox.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

NYX The Curve liquid eyeliner; you need this for 2014

 Oh Happy New Year Gorgeous!
It's a fast and furious post today for a wee quickie update: the San Diego adventure is on and awesome.

I have been traveling with this NYX The Curve eyeliner for a while now and it's officially replacing my Lancome Art Liner. If only this came in deep eggplant purple! It's just $15.00, works on a plane, train, car, boat and while walking up stairs for a quick eye makeup touch up before an interview.

In short, for the cost, you can't beat it plus the color wears and wears and wears. Get one!

An innovative, ergonomic shape that makes applying liquid liner mistake-proof. The grip zone provides just the right hold to make application precise, secure and best of all...effortless.
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy happy happy New Year! 2014 is starting off awesome!

Hello Sweet Gorgeous!
Happy New Year! 2014 has got some sizzle to it already!
I'm in San Diego at Tom Ham's Lighthouse for brunch. But-what I write for you today is to remind you that in the middle of all your resolutions (mines is to not drink one pop this entire year! Coke Zero you have been served!) please put a note to yourself to take care of your skin. I mean to really go the extra step each week and mask and treat your skin as if you were at the spa.

I'm starting with a New Year's Eve at home peel with Arizona based company Philosophy and the microdelivery purifying peel.