Friday, July 30, 2021

Kera Health Womens Hair Vitamin - 30 Days Post Usage

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TGIF and a very merry Friday to you today! How is it the last weekend of July? Back to school had begun and many schools are already on campus! Oy!

I just want one more hurrah and huzzah of a trip to really close out the summer season. Where should I go?
This video blog post has a final commentary and review of the samples I received for Kera Health women's hair vitamin. 
Thank you for visiting today and watching the video. It's my personal experience in hair health supplements via a sample of Kera Health Women's Hair supplement from the PR agency. 
Yes, I'm thankful for the chance to try this - especially after I shelled out hard cash for two months on the Nutrafol personalized hair health supplement. 

I hope you enjoy the video and that it helps guide you to your own decision on purchasing the product. 
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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Wine Wednesay | It's Jammy Time!

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 Snap your fingers and just like that! School is back in session! On campus and ready to enjoy the learning and being with the peers is a good thing for students. For all the parents who aren't teachers and who had to suddenly become teachers, good for you too! You may need a sip of wine.

 So on that note, I bring you a video review of a new flavor in YellowTail that I found in Walmart last week. $5.79 in my town for Jammy Red Roo. It's a nice flavor, finish and fun way to kick off the Back to School season!
Thank you for tuning in today - I have a bit of "wayback" as we take a trip down memory lane, with a new wine for a "Wine Wednesday"! 
I haven't done one of these videos in a long time, though I found this new flavor at Walmart and wanted to share with you. 

 Amazon link for fun wine accessories! 
Electric Wine Decanter 
Hey! IN case you didn't see the last video where I was talking about the importance of doing your holiday shopping early - please - do yourself a favor, and start getting your birthday gifts/Christmas gifts/Thanksgiving dinner hostess gifts now. Just in case, you can't get them later due to the shipping containers on the ship, at the shoreline. You're welcome!
Video link here:



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Monday, July 26, 2021

Monday Blogs: The "make up" of holiday preparations now - watch!

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How are you? Today's video blog post is part suggestion, part commentary, and part "what I want for Christmas"! Yes - it's time to be thinking ahead to the holidays if you want to have product availability. I don't mean from hot items like Tickle Me Elmo selling out but actual, physical, availability of goods!

Today's video is important, like, even sideways important that if you haven't set yourself up to buy ahead of time, then now, is the time to do it. May I repeat that for you? I am a Black Friday shopper for my Christmas and holiday preparations. 
Yet, this year, 2021 is different. I think the Suez blockage and traffic jam of shipping ships and containers is going to have an impact on us regular people for the holiday season. So for the first time in nearly 20 years, I am NOT going to wait for Black Friday/Shop Small Saturday/Cyber Monday sales.
Not me. 
Not this year. 
I am doing my shopping now. No, not wrapping now yet preparing for the season ahead of time. I am getting the household ready. I am in a self imposed "open one, order one" routine for my lifestyle items and getting my gifts ready now. Here are some basics that you may enjoy as well, yes, these are affiliate links and I get a penny when you click. 
So thank you very much! Gifts for the whole family: 
LASER TAG - (* I can hardly wait to open this with the fam!*) 
Burrito blanket: The fam watches a new film on a holiday weekend and I am looking forward to the joy of us all, wrapping up in our own burrito snuggly blankets! 
I DEW luxury skincare box set (just what you need to care for you!) 
p.s. Yes, that is my RoC vitamin C face wash with retinol that I have been using for months and LOVE! 
The creme I am holding is the crepe erase - have only been using for a week. Yes, love,though need a little bit more time of usage to be able to report on it! Thank you for watching and enjoy! 
Now get ordering! Say it with me "open one, order one!"




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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Best 2 Step Skincare - Meet Buzios Skin Co. Brazilian Effortless skincare

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Today I have an answer for those of you who are fed up and tired up the multi step skincare process.

Meet Buzios Skin Co. -

From their website:
"Buzios is a Brazilian Effortless skincare, with rainforest super-foods. Our 2 step skincare routine is all you need.
"Brazilian women are big on skincare, we do not use makeup, it's too hot and humid for that!" So we focus on our skin, providing the necessary nutrients to make our skin thrive.
We created an easy multi-functional skincare, to achieve your complexion goals.
We believe in our products so much that if you don't like it, we give your money back. Money back guarantee 30 days.".

I used, I liked. But. There's always a but. As a makeup wearer, I didn't feel like it removed the makeup and cleansed the skin. On the days where I did not wear makeup and used the cleanser and moisturizing oil, I liked it! 

I used the 2 step system, for 2 weeks, and yes, I liked the products especially the scents and rich moisture feeling.  The Bare skin Brazilian Miracle Cleanser is a glass bottle with 4.05 ounces of cleansing balm in it. 2-3 pumps are recommended for cleansing your face with 30 seconds of massaging the product into the skin.

The Buzios Dewy skin hydrating serum is a glass bottle filled with 1 ounce of moisturizing serum.

I'm a fan of both I just don't feel like it removed my makeup thoroughly. After using the cleanser I needed to wash my face with my gel based cleanser.

I think this is a great product set for those who don't do a lot of skincare, and don't do a lot of makeup. If you are a natural bare faced gal in your daily life, you will love these!

I'm curious if I used the cleanser with the facial brush, would it be a better deep clean?
Amazon affiliate link here to the super scrubby!

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Monday, July 19, 2021

OGX Shampoo & Conditioner Litigation - What You Need to Know - The "make up" of a lawsuit

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Welcome to the Monday blog for MakeupUniversity. There is some hullabaloo and fluff afoot for the very popular drugstore brand, OGX.  I have been a fan for some time. They are in court about some of their ingredients.

Video below with information and links as well to help you decide if these products are for you.

There is some talk amongst the beauty bloggers about the OGX brand having multiple shampoo and conditioners that have DMDM Hydantoin as an ingredient which is known when activated in water, can cause cancer.

This ingredient is used as a preserver in cosmetic products. More details here:

I saw on IG, that Kandee Johnson was talking about this and she did not know about the ingredient and its effects on the body when doing her collabs with the brand. I have bought so many of those products! I love the smell and supporting her. I can honestly say, I did not read the very fine print on the back of the bottle where the ingredient is clearly labeled, in fine print.

This link takes you to the docket for the court case:
This link takes you an informative picture post on Facebook that I shared from Amy Marino

Long story short? Yes, horrified. No, not continuing to use the products and sharing the story here to help others who may not be aware.

There are a few drugstore brands, that are natural and respect the budget. One of my faves is Shea Moisture. I have already switched back to the Shea Moisture

This Amazon affiliate link takes you to the good stuff from Shea Moisture

This link takes you to the Shea Moisture ingredient list - no DMDM Hydantoin here!




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Monday, July 12, 2021

Fast Fashion - The "make up" Of

Hi ya Gorgeous, 
Welcome to the first video in the transition to the "make up" of things, sort of like the "IoT" - internet of things that I would like to see the channel steer towards. Today we are talking about fast fashion and the high cost of cheap clothes.

 There is an environmental impact of  fast fashion due to the high volume of water needed to produce the cheap fabrics that also require a lot of toxic chemicals to color and process the textiles. Viscose is a particular culprit which is now primarily used in rayon blend clothing and bed sheets.

The circle looks like: social media influencers need a lot of inexpensive 'looks' for their everyday posting of images. Many popular stores like Target, H&M, Forever 21, Walmart, Amazon Wardrobe, Top Shop and Primark make low cost barrier fast fashion easily available. 

Many of these pieces of clothing wear out, fade and due to low cost are thrown away.  They sometimes get donated to charity stores though the quality is so bad throwing them out is usually the answer for the charity.

The 'make up' of fast fashion, in my opinion, is choice. We choose with purchase power and the sooner choices are made to buy less and recycle more, the better.

Perhaps the fast fashion clothing can be made in to simple quilts and blankets that can then be donated to charity? There are answers out there, we just need to look and act!

Personally, I think it feels good to buy a new shirt, skirt, shoes, handbag, makeup, dress, shoes - you name it - but, at what true cost does it come? I look forward to reading your experiences! 

Still creating and posting positive encouraging lifestyle videos - and - yes, still have reviews for makeup, skincare, hair care coming as well. Just beginning to serve the audience with more thoughtful and impactful content. Thank you for being here! 
Have you subscribed yet? The video is going to ask you to comment about your experience about "fast fashion" and it's total impact on society. 
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Monday, July 5, 2021

Christmas in July - Why You May Want to Shop Now

 Hi ya Gorgeous,

Today's video is to show you some possible gifts available at Dollar Tree now - and - stress the point of, "a dollar doesn't quite buy a dollar anymore".
Normally, I shop on Black Friday/Cyber Monday for my Christmas gifts. This year, I'm doing my shopping now for tangible goodies to give on Christmas. No matter where you choose to shop, such as Dollar Tree to get stocking stuffers, or Neiman Marcus, you may want to get started now to maximize the effectiveness of your budget. I think this is one of the years that will reflect stagflation from the 1970's. Just my opinion. So I share with you today to help position you for adjusting the holiday budget and your shopping expectations.

Are you a shop early person?
Wait til Christmas eve person?
No matter what kind of shopper you are, I encourage you to get started now.

Thank you for watching!

Amazon affiliate link for a "nano steamer" -  
Perfect gift for the skincare enthusiast!

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