Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Recession proof beauty: the power of the lipstick

Recession proof beauty: the power of the lipstick
The country has been in a recession for a long time now. The mass media and politicians, plus our President are just now beginning to admit it and say it out loud.
Obviously, if the government had time to plan and enacted an “economy stimulus package” better known as the “tax rebate”, then they knew about the sagging state of the economy and sluggish performance of the dollar mixed with rising inflation way before the tax due date of April 15th.

As a single mom shopping week to week in my local grocery store, I can tell you that prices have steadily increased for basic food items for the past six months and continue upward. Things such as bread, milk, eggs and yogurt! Coffee creamer even!
The extra sixty cents to a dollar more per item may not seem like a lot, but put that on twenty items multiplied by four times a month and that’s an extra hundred dollars.
Now, let’s factor that addition in to the rising cost of gas, which I am personally convinced is a conspiracy.

While the recession looms large and tax rebates are being deposited as I write, the Starbuck lattes and Sam Adams beers are being sacrificed, but not the lipstick. Oh no, this mighty two inch tube triumphs amidst adversity.
Sales are up in the lip beauty area, booming in fact if you are a beauty product for the mouth under ten dollars and sold at a major discount retailer.

Why? Why the sales increase when everything else is shrinking and being cut back?
Because the lipstick is an inexpensive luxury that has a powerful impact and ability to alter the mood of the wearer and the person viewing the person wearing it.
I hear you saying-“drugs and alcohol alter moods too”-yes, this is true, though the lipstick is a touch stone of emotions, of better times gone by and the hope of a better tomorrow.

First dates, proms, weddings, graduations, first jobs and promotions, even rock concerts are all hallmarked in emotions and by a shade of lipstick.
Whether you are the one wearing it or sharing the moment with a lady in a striking color of lipstick!
The lipstick has survived empires crumbling, markets crashing, wars, rumors of wars, trips to the moon and now a recession in 2008.
Let’s hear three cheers for the recession proof lipstick! Hip hip hooray!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Prom time!

Prom: peace, purity and beauty too.
The prom season is raging among hormones and the recession.
The average prom night-yes-night, as in one time event of the year can cost about $790.00.
Before I give you the beauty look, tips and hottest products, let me start with what is really beautiful.

What makes a prom girl really beautiful is purity. I mean this kind:
4That each one of you should know how to [c]possess (control, manage) his own [d]body in consecration (purity, separated from things profane) and honor,
5Not [to be used] in the passion of lust like the heathen, who are ignorant of the true God and have no knowledge of His will,
6That no man transgress and overreach his brother and defraud him in this matter or defraud his brother in business. For the Lord is an avenger in all these things, as we have already warned you solemnly and [e]told you plainly.
7For God has not called us to impurity but to consecration [to dedicate ourselves to the most thorough purity].
8Therefore whoever disregards (sets aside and rejects this) disregards not man but God, Whose [very] Spirit [Whom] He gives to you is holy (chaste, pure).
9But concerning brotherly love [for all other Christians], you have no need to have anyone write you, for you yourselves have been [personally] taught by God to love one another.

Words like chaste, chastity, and virginal should come to mind after reading the above passage. Because nobody wants pre-chewed gum, worn underwear or used toilet paper, so why would your mate for life want a “used” partner?
Sex was made for marriage not the local Holiday Inn or back seat of a stretch Hummer limousine.

When I think of prom beauty, I think purity and the peace of mind for young girls self and her parents that a firm, decisive commitment to purity not peer pressure can bring to the night.

So with the prom purity in mind, I recommend picking a hair and makeup theme to compliment your dress and dance theme.

Lately, I’ve really bee n into retro 1940’s style looks. This means false eyelashes and matte red lipstick with a powder dusted skin. Hair would be up in curls and omelet fold styles secured with bobby pins and accented with a flower.
For your fake lashes: get Ardell in a medium length from your local drugstore, line your eyes first and then apply the lashes.

My favorite matte red is Explore by Lorac. It was created by Lorac owner and artist Carol Shaw for Nicole Kidman’s character Satine in the movie Moulin Rouge. It’s gorgeous and wears very well in color and slip on the mouth.

Or, if classic glamour isn’t for you, try a fresh pixie dewy look by using the Physicians Formula Organic line. Use an eye shadow brush to apply the bulk of the shimmer shadows in the center of the eye blending the color thinner in the corners, only line the bottom in a bold color of purple or green, and carry over the dusting of the glitter to your arms and shoulders.

Some new products to try: mark HookUps gel blush, the Secret Hawaiian scented anti-persperants for staying dry and odor free, Clinique almost there lipstick for moist lips that are barely colored, and the eye glosses by Jane Iredale.

If you need a hairstyle example and inspiration to take to your stylist or have a friend or mom help with at home, visit
A short note of what not to do: try to look like the super glam Pam seen on the cover of Playboy magazine. Remember, Jenna Jameson is not a role model.

A young man wants to introduce a lady who is honorable and respectful to his parents and peers.

As for Miley Cyrus and the Vanity Fair photos, let’s forgive her and move on. Prayer and forgiveness covers a multitude of sins.
Enjoy your pure, peace filled prom night!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Product review: Susan Posnick ColorME in Peony

Product review: Susan Posnick Cosmetics ColorME in Peony
So simple…so much fun to use!
A pure mineral color, for eyes, lips and anywhere you want to put a splash of color.
A quarter ounce retails for $32 and can be found on the Susan Posnick website or at apothecaries, spas and retailers nationwide.
The benefits are: high pigmented mineral color, formulated with vitamins A and E to help the skin, hypo-allergenic, non- comedogenic, antibacterial
Won’t clog pores or irritate sensitive skin, it’s water resistant, sweat proof and long wearing,
Travel friendly! The ColorME product comes in a wee self dispensing pot with an attached powder puff and mirror for easy application.
This mineral color product comes in 7 shades. I experienced Peony and loved it.
That is the details: here is the experience:
It is truly sweat proof because I tried it, and then had to do errands, outside in the heat plus chase my toddler.
I was not in the pool, though if it can survive a humid Arizona day, I’m guessing it will last on the beaches too.
I love that it is small, has the mirror to see what you are doing and the applicator is in it already. I travel a lot and if you are going to toss a product in your bag this is good one to choose! It can be used on eyes, cheeks, or lips.
To apply to your lips, dust a light coat on until you get the depth of hue you want the put your lip conditioner on over that.
Now, being a hygiene queen there is one issue for concern: how do I wash the enclosed puff? I gave a firm tug and luckily, it’s on tight so there is little chance for the fine powder to spill. I’m thinking that if my neat nick self needs to wash this thing, I am going to have to tap off the excess powder, then wash by hand, let it completely dry and shape a bit, and then twist back onto the product base.
I know you are curious about who is Susan Posnick and why her cosmetics?
She’s been working in the film and print media industry for over 20 years with celebrity clients. She started in New York and began to journey west to Los Angeles when she pit stopped in Dallas and fell in love with the city. When she developed skin cancer on her face, she couldn’t find a product that didn’t require layers for protection that wouldn’t melt off, she began to develop her own.
As usual, necessity is the mother of invention! Susan Posnick has received the Fashion Group Internationals 2004 Rising Star Award and been included in Who’s Who among American Women along with being credited as an innovator in the field of mineral makeup.
I would recommend this product for ladies who have experienced facial surgeries, cancer treatments, enjoy mineral makeup products or have sensitive and acne prone skin.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An ode to lip gloss

Lip gloss! This miracle of products that comes in many shades and can be used in many ways.
Oh! How I love thee lip gloss! Sheer ones! Matte ones! Plumpers and line fillers too!

Those with brushes capture my heart and lips though I would never turn away a doe footed gloss. The minis that come with sugar toppings and the ones that hang off my key chain I love you!

What about the old fashioned Bonne Bell lip smackers? Or the beginning of lip gloss in it's most incarnate form, the stick?
I love them all.

Why you ask? Why the amore for such a humble product? Because it is a staple and work horse of the cosmetic world. Because no matter what face you are wearing that day, if you use makeup sparingly or spackle it on, the lip gloss can be used in any and all faces plus can be utilized and is always included in holiday and seasonal color stories.

For example I give you:

Bare faced: tinted moisturizer, liquid bronzer all over especially center points of face, and clear gloss!

School face: dust powder, hit apple of cheeks with warm blush, groom brows, one light coat of mascara and gloss in shimmer tone!

Business face: foundation through the center of the face, conceal where needed, use a matte contour blush, two tone shadows to highlight and give depth to the eye, mascara, and line lips with a nude liner then apply flesh tone gloss!

Party with the girls or date night makeup: matte finish powder over your foundation, stain cheeks and lips, smoky eye, and use high pigment gloss in a red or fuchsia tone.

Gloss starts as a young girls cosmetic and evolves along with her through prom, graduation from college, first job, wedding and if you were me, birth of your first child. (I wore Lorac gloss in Tickle)

Long live the lip gloss! Let the adventurous in cosmetics apply it to their eyelids for a slick punk look or to mix up what they are wearing out on a Saturday night.

New lipsticks have anti-aging properties to them that can help reduce the signs of aging on the lips.

The plumpers that come in different formulations to increase circulation to the lips to make them fuller is an answer to lip injections. Oh mighty lip gloss!

Matte lip gloss is smooth and moist on the mouth without being a dry caked texture like a lipstick.

Lip gloss comes in a subtle shimmer to wear alone or over a lipstick. Lip gloss also comes in a girly Hannah Montana frost. Some even have large glitter bits that look like silver and gold in them. Lip gloss how versatile and portable you are.

You never hear of lip gloss melting into the cap or car cup holder do you?

The lip gloss will be with us in all it's forms: stick, roller ball, flavored or unflavored, doe foot wand, brush, mini, full size, as a gift with purchase, glitter, shimmer, frost, matte, natural clear or high pigment color until all eternity.

Lip gloss, I love you

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SeaSource Detox Spa

Ocean inspired body care.
I love the Ahava line and this is something similiar. It comes in a full line of body and hair products designed to detoxify your skin.

After all, free radicals, chlorine in our water, the anti-biotics or hormones you take, the plastics around us and the chemicals we wash our clothes with all build up.

So having a set of detoxifying products on hand makes sense. Remember, products work synergistically and best in a system,so if you are going to try the Arbonne SeaSource, get the set.

If you are going to get a different product line, get the set.
Enjoy playing with the Sea in your bathroom!
Bridal Makeup DIY Style: How To Take Control of Your Wedding Day Beauty! Simple step by step with product guide to do what I do without the high cost!

Welcome back! Happy Spring!

Hello and welcome back!
I took an extended sabbatical from writing to take care of a few issues at home.
All is well and I'm back writing to give you the most current information on beauty products and more.

Please write and share your stories, ask your questions, and be ready to take part in our product give aways.

After all, what good is it if I get to sample everything? You can be in on the fun too!

I look forward to hearing from you!
Bridal Makeup DIY Style: How To Take Control of Your Wedding Day Beauty! Simple step by step with product guide to do what I do without the high cost!