Monday, August 20, 2018

10 Reasons Why A New Roof Installation Can Benefit You

Did you know that a brand new roof installation can benefit you in more than one way? The roof is the crown of the home! The roof represents the covering of the house and the better condition it is, the better the house can be for keeping care of a family, furniture and valuables inside.

First, if you have been trying to sell your home or commercial building and it hasn't budged, consider installing a new roof to help with the resale value.

Second, a new roof improves curb appeal - meaning that the house or building looks better than the one next to it!

Third, energy efficiency is a hallmark of a new roof due to tighter seals and insulation.

In the Canton Michigan area, the Tittle Brothers Construction company is licensed, bonded and insured and has the best reputation in the Canton area and can get started working for you now with a written quote and estimate on your roof installation.

Contact Tittle Brothers Construction today by calling
(734) 225-2525

Use this link to find out the other reasons why a new roof installation can benefit you!

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Do you Dew Puff?

Hi ya Gorgeous,

 Happy Monday to ya! Oh, how I love Mondays - I get so much done and this week is action packed!
So I'm going into my second week of my laser facial and I just really like the results.

I'm continuing to follow the post procedure protocol of taking really good care of my skin, which is a norm and given for me personally.

This little skin cleansing sponge made of natural plant based fiber is gentle on my healing skin and effective in cleaning my skin.  Meet Dew Puff!

 I have 3 samples, the orange tone in the photo is the Asian Clay Dew Puff - and I also have samples of Bamboo Charcoal which is the grey puff and then the white puff is the original Dew Puff.

 The Dew Puff can replace your skin chamois or wash cloth or current skin brush. You can use it alone with water or with your favorite cleanser. I use mine wet with cleanser and it gets a nice foamy lather and I wash my face and it's soft and removes makeup while being gentle on the face and neck.

It's  been great for post procedure care and going forward, I'm going to continue to use it to remove the heavy sunscreens I am wearing to protect my freshly lasered skin!

Learn more at    - find it at Walgreens and online!

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Treets Traditions - Relaxing chakra's Foaming Shower Gell in rose & ricebran oil

Hi ya Gorgeous!
How is your Sunday going? Is it relaxing or full of adventure or prep and planning?
Mine, is  prep and planning. Though I would like to be sipping sangria and grillin' meats for the fam then having a show - I'm not.

The week ahead is cray cray amazing - don't get me wrong - I'm super excited for all that is coming up in the next 3 weeks -  but - it means that some serious nose to the grindstone preparation needs to be done around the house to ensure a smooth week ahead and then some.

Now that all the chores are done - with just some in house cleaning to complete - I am ready to relax with a long hot shower and lots of my fave bath goodies, but in the shower. I don't really like baths because who wants to soak in their own dirty water? Seriously!

I have a new foaming shower gel to use for some in shower spa aromatherapy from Treets Tradtions, it's rose and ricebran oil.  I'm a huge fan of the rose scent and this shower foam is made with rose oil!

It's foamy with lots of nourishing skin oil for a pampering shower. You can dispense a ball of foam into your palm, onto a poof or wash cloth then enjoy the aromatherapy and moisturizing wash.

I'm liking mine- you just may like it too!  Find it online at Amazon!

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Lutronic Lase MD at Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo - interview with DJ and Brian

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Woo hoo - the weekend is here! Ours is jam packed with activity - good stuff - though have I mentioned the commute?

During my whirlwind trip to Scottsdale to experience Lutronic LaseMD - I also attended the Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo and met with the representatives for Lutronic LaseMD, DJ Shooter and Brian Lodwig.

When you are interested in a treatment for yourself, please visit Cindy at Cosmetic Laser Solutions in Scottsdale Skin Institute inside Scottsdale Skin Solutions (480) 551-1416

Or if you are interested in having Lutronic LaseMD in your practice use this link:

p.s. If you are not in Arizona and need to find a Lutronic LaseMD laser technician in your area, use the link above! Thank you for watching, please subscribe and comment.


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Lutronic LaseMD Post Procedure Products

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Oh happy Friday! Woo hoo - the weekend! Ever since we have gone back to the mega commute, I find I look forward to the weekend more than my son so I don't have to drive!

Now let's get into today's blog post - please reference yesterdays post here for the scoop on why I am talking about post procedure products to care for healing skin!

My first laser facial with Lutronic LaseMD is in my humble opinion, a success!  I am liking the tightening and more even skin tone on my face - though what I really love - is the neck. I have been wanting to address this neck for some time now, and well, now - it's had some attention addressed to it!  Not exactly where I want to see it in the long run, but a great start to a firmer more even skin tone.

Short version of a long moral store - WEAR SUNSCREEN APPLY DAILY AND ALL OVER!

See the products in the picture above? That's exactly what I have used this entire week to care for my skin - and I'm a fan of all of it!  It was a real comfort when I first met Cindy of Cosmetic Laser Solution and I walked into her laser treatment room and there were some old blog favorites of skin care sitting on the shelf to greet me.

I've been in Murad skincare for a decade though have deviated a bit here and there and tried other brands that were samples sent to the blog, such as PCA Skin ( oh how I love there masks and retinol!)  and Oxygenetics which has a light effervescent feeling day lotion that packs a powerful load of moisture into it!

I've recently really returned and enjoyed products from MyChelle and I swear by the reef safe mineral based (20% zinc oxide!) sunscreen which is what I need with this fresh skin!

Enjoy this video - walking you through the products and the process and the links below  the products is for you to look into if you are interested.

Products link:
Epionce wash
PCA Toner
Oxygenetics Hydro Matrix
Oxygenetics Moisturizer
PCA Skin Hydrolux moisturizer
MyChelle spf 50

My first LaseMD laser facial with Cindy at Cosmetic Laser Solutions inside Scottsdale Skin Institute. Lutronic reached out with an opportunity to try the procedure in return for an honest opinion of the experience.

Book your skin fitness today with Cindy at Cosmetic Laser Solutions inside Scottsdale Skin Solutions

(480) 551-1416 

Thank you Lutronic for the LaseMD experience

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