Monday, November 13, 2017

How Hard Candy Can Get Your Holiday Look On Point!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
November is in full swing and we are almost 2 weeks from Thanksgiving!
Are you ready?  Today I have a round up of new products from Hard Candy, available exclusively at Walmart stores and online at

Face full of Hard Candy!

I've already got my turkey plans and the meal plan laid out - and - I'm doing all that I can to stick to my Weight Watcher's points plan. Fingers crossed.

Now let's meet these new products from Hard Candy. 

 These are 2 makeup primers to set and seal your look. The purple cap on the left is the Hard Candy sheer envy illuminating setting spray in Glow - and I LOVE it. I've been using it constantly as I travel to keep the face I put on at 4 a.m. looking fresh until 9 p.m.

The second is the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Long Wear spray - I do like it, it's light, keeps makeup fresh looking but I like the glowy illuminating sheen of the Sheer Envy Glow!

 These 2 Hard Candy Wet Ever unicorn lip glosses are the least favorite products that I sampled. Aurora, the sheer white lip gloss on the left and Twinkle the pink(le) lip gloss have a very watery consistency. They are intended to be a shiny sheen top coat to a gloss or lipstick, but they have no slip or slickery feel to them. On my mouth, they dried to a bit of a sheeny crust on top of my lipsticks. I SO wanted to love these. Sadly, my experience was not too bueno. Try at your own risk and keep your receipt just in case!

 This little gem is the belle of the ball! Meet Hard Candy Just Glow! Illuminating liquid in Stardust. Holy smokes. This is near exact the Benefit Cosmetics High Beam. Same high glow and highlight without the double digit price! I used this all over! Everywhere! And then some! Get it and get happy!

 Okay, these Poppin'! Pigments are the living embodiment of the farm saying "happier than a pig in mud" - why? Because they are light, glittery, can be used dry or wet, in the hair, on the body, in makeup, as highlight and accent or as a shadow, lip stick, blusher and bronzer and the endless possibilities for these wee loose pigments is endless!

They are loose- I recommend tapping into the lid or your mixing palette or  a tissue to get the best working space with it. Truth, I must need glasses because I can't read the little writing on the bottles to tell you which colors I have. Apologies! But - these are so good and trust me, the beauty lover in your life will want these as a gift and you want them to create your party looks!

Remember, these are exclusively at Walmarts!

 Finally, have some grace for me - these amazing Pure ICE limited edition halloween themed polishes arrived after the event, but - these colors are Thanksgiving perfect with the red and orange.

I will post on the Makeup University Facebook page a pic of my manicure.

You can find Pure ICE at Walmarts, online and Ulta Beauty stores too!

Next week, the holiday gift guide goes live! Get ready for some fun surprises in gift giving this year!
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How To Fix A Flat Fast

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Today on the Makeup University "Work It Out Wednesday" blog - I have a MUST for all ladies who drive!

This video is going to walk you through how to fix a flat tire, on the side of the road, quickly and safely.  You may not be able to change your own tire but you could pump it up enough to safely get to a repair shop!

This is not for when the tire shreds and breaks apart. At that point, you are going to need a tow to get the car to the shop. It's a good thing to invest is great tires because you and precious cargo ride on them going high speeds! Thanks for watching - if you haven't yet, would you please subscribe and ding the bell so you don't miss a new video! Today's video is a demonstration of a wee car tool you need to have for emergencies!

After all, ladies, when on the side of the road with a flat - the question isn't "what if no one stops to help?" - it's "what if someone does?" Get your own AAA mini compressor

Stay safe out there!

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Meet Cyantific Skin Care

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Happy Monday!

 This is a simple yet effective 3 step skincare system - for those of you who know you need to take better care of your skin though don't like the time commitment, Cyantific Skin Care is for you!

All-natural PhycoBoost™, the essence of our products, contains the most powerful UVA-absorbing compounds known to exist in nature. These compounds are found in a pure and healthy form of blue-green algae sustainably harvested from the pristine lakes of the pacific northwest. We've refined the antioxidant rich, UVA-absorbing compounds these algae use to protect themselves from cell damage and free radicals and brought that to uniquely effective skin care products.

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Learn more about Cyantific on their website:

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How To Sleep Better with Sound Oasis - Worlds Smallest White Noise Machine

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Welcome to November! How can this have happened so fast? There are officially 53 days til Christmas and I'm not even near being ready!

What I am ready for is a lot of travel coming up - I'm so excited for the gigs and opportunities! In general, I have trouble sleeping and when the chance to try a sleep aid, like white noise from the "world's smallest white noise machine' I took it!

Meet Sound Oasis, they specialize in white noise machines of all types, sorts and makes or models! If you have a baby, tinnitus, insomnia or stress, Sound Oasis has a solution for you.

I received a sample of the smallest white noise machine, it sells for $49.99 on the Sound Oasis website and can be charged via USB, used with ear buds or plugged into an external speaker, which is how I tested it.

When I think "white noise", I think ocean waves rolling in and out or crashing on the sand and rocks. That's not the sound this machine makes.

This little black box makes a white noise similar to the television being left on after the station signal goes off.  It's not a soothing comforting sound to me, it was a static buzz.  You can turn the volume up or down to what is comfortable to you.

I think this could be a good fit for the business traveler or someone who has a baby in the room and you need the constant sound to soothe.

It comes in a wee hard case to protect it while traveling.

You can learn more about Sound Oasis and all they have to offer plus the experts behind their science by visiting their website here.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

3 Products Recommended by Kandee Johnson

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Monday to you! Can you believe this month is over and November is 48 hours away! Ahh!

So when I interviewed Kandee Johnson, I asked her, what are 3 products you need to get glam and camera ready quick!

She said, a good foundation that can double as a concealer, a lip liner in a bright color and mascara!
So I put together some products with her recommendations, the first half is her recommends and the second is what I would use. Enjoy!

Get these products on Amazon:
Your Skin but Better CC Cream with SPF 50 Plus
L'Oreal Voluminous mascara
Laura Mercier Deep Wine lip liner

and ...
Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20, 1.5 oz, Medium
Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara
Pur Minerals Mineral Glow
essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

Link for interview with Kandee Johnson

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