Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sandal Season is Here! Ethique Pumice & Peppermint Foot Polish to the Rescue!

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Oh - the weather! The official date of spring has passed on the calendar yet our current weather situation is anything but warm sunny sunshine filled days!

It's all severe rain and snow, wind and in general, a rather blustery day!

Though I encourage you to look ahead to better days that are coming!  In fact, sandal season is upon us!  It's time to take the toes out of the wool socks and boots and get them ready for show in fancy flip flops and open toe sandals!

Meaning, it's time for pedicures and taking extra care of feet, toes and heels.  My heels get a little rough in the winter but more so in the summer from always being in a sandal.

I just received a sample of the Ethique Beauty Pumice & Peppermint Foot Polish bar and it is absolutely lovely!

The packaging and thoughtful wrapping is recycled that is compostable. Ethique is a Certified B Corporation, makes cruelty free and climate friendly products - in short, they just make good stuff!

So you simply rub this deeply scented bar with chunks of shea butter in it and wee bits of pumice. The aroma is from the essential peppermint oil infused into the bar. It's a very light exfoliation, it's not harsh at all.

The box says - not to eat - but to be careful in the tub/shower because the super rich emollient shea butter could leave a film on the shower surface and become slippery.

The product is safe for the whole family and would make a lovely gift for the upcoming Passover and Easter seasons- or get early for Mother's Day and graduation gifts!

Find yours and more from Ethique on their website. They make a wide range of body bars, including, a bar shampoo - which, is perfect for travel, like, to Coachella!

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Hello Spring!

Right now, even though spring has officially arrived on the calendar, it has not arrived in the day to day life of those in the Michigan area!

There is still severe snow and rain in the forecast for this month and a few weeks into next month.

This means that there is more snow on the roof of your home or business, longer than usual which gives more opportunity for a roof lead or water damage caused by snow pack and snow melt.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Red flushed skin? Try Dear by Renee Youth Soothing Creme

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Monday!

How's your March Madness going? Are you and the family on spring break or following the tournaments or are you preparing for a busy Passover and Easter season?  I swear - everything seems to happen at once!

So I have a wee bit more time to beauty blog this month now that my film, 8 Days in Havasu has officially landed on Amazon! I have a wee break til production begins on Arise Annalynn next month meaning ...time to experiment with some new products!

Meet  Dear by Renee Youth Soothing Creme! 

It can be used on skin that has psoriasis and on skin that gets red and blotchy.  I have redness from years of sun scars from being in the desert sun and not re-applying my sun screen. See, that's the secret, you have to reapply to get the true benefit and adding a hat doesn't hurt either!

Here are some details about the Dear by Renee Youth Soothing Creme - I must say, I really like the creme. It's called a creme though to me it has a gel like texture and is hydrating, soothing, feels good, wears good alone and under makeup and over all - I like it!

Details below and get yours on the website  Dear by Renee.  On the website it is $74.95 for 1.7 ounces.

Best for All Skin Types in Anti-Aging, Soothing, Hydrating, also Great for Sensitive, Dehydrated, Allergy-prone Skin.
Infusion of Hollywood celebrity favoured Arnica Extract, Youth Soothing Crème contains several active components that hydrates and soothes dehydrated, itchy, or red skin. It is also a wonderful moisturizer for seasonal transitions
  • Look Young & Radiant: The special properties of Blackcurrant Seed oil and Balloon Vine extract in combination with Sunflower Oil Concentrate effectively reduce inflammatory processes and replenish the damaged skin barrier. Tego Stemlastin stimulates epidermal stem cells and dermal fibroblasts. This premium crème stops accelerated skin aging (inflamm-ageing).
  • Fabulous Soothing & Anti-inflammatory: Hollywood celebrity favoured Arnica Extract Offers anti-inflammatory and stimulating activity, normalizes superficial microcirculation, and activates the reabsorption of cutaneous blood effusion (bruises). It enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness
  • Enhance Skin Health: Delisens Solution, an innovative hexapeptide, relieves itching while helping sensitive skin to recover its physiological tolerance threshold. Cistus Incanus Extract protects DNA, provides anti-inflammatory effects, delivers daylight defense, and protects from environmental stress.
  • Bring Hydration Back to Skin:  Defensil®-Plus markedly relieves dry, itchy, allergy-prone skin. A synergistic complex of yeast and several botanical extracts rich in saponosides and flavonoids, strengthens capillaries, reinforces their resistance and reactivates microcirculation, which restores proper moisture balance and improves skin elasticity

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spring Break GRWM and Essence Cosmetics

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Ok you spring breakers- how much fun are you having?  How awesome is your adventure? Do tell because my son's school does NOT have a spring break and we are home...while our family friends are out enjoying beach time, camping, Legoland and beyond. Oy!

So today I have a fun GRWM video demo for you to get some spring break makeup or better yet, get your Coachella music festival look on that won't break the budget!

So the video features a look of the day using all of the products in this photo for an easy Coachella look! Enjoy!

Now this lil stick is the belle of the ball! Meet the Essence Cosmetics Prismatic Hololighter!

It's creamy, blends well, and I have used it under makeup, under shadows, over makeup and over shadows, then on my lips and on the bow of the mouth and anywhere that I felt like needed a little pop of shine!  Love this - and it's a must for spring break and music festivals! $5.99 at Ulta Beauty or on the website.

 I love a creme shadow and a great way to extend your long day of spring break celebrations of being out at a music festival all day, is to start with a creme and then layer a powder shadow over it as the day wears on.  From left to right the colors are: Stars and Stories, 1 second to mars, and solar explosion.  These metal inspired creme shadows are soft, long wearing, have good shimmer and wear well!  Find them on Ulta Beauty or  for $4.99

Now all long adventures need long wearing lipstick so you look good and don't have to worry about reapplying. These essence makeup lipsticks are smooth and butter on the mouth and wear for a full day through eating and talking. I did need to reapply a bit mid day to keep my lips moist, though the color was still there! These are $4.99 on the website and at Ulta Beauty.
These colors from left to right in the photo:  SO UN GREY-FUL, EVERLASTING LOVE and my fave, ETERNAL BEAUTY.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Dang! Dirtybird Energy - what spring break needs!

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Whoa! So much going on this month - it's March and that means March Madness, St. Patrick's Day, spring break, and the month ends with Passover and Easter!  Holy smokes that's a lot of celebrating!

So, my son's school does not do a spring break and it's a bit of a buzz kill. We like to travel and take wee trips to visit family and friends and this whole 'no spring break" stinks!  The trade off is he only goes to school 4 days a week. So there's that.

Now, I just received some samples from Dirtybird Energy, and these soaps are amazing. I'm so glad I got a chance to experience this brand. It's one of my favorite things about doing Makeup University - I get to meet new products that in normal every day makeup work, I may not meet!  My samples came as a 4 pack with one of each scent and formulation that Dirtybird Energy makes.

This soap is so big. It fits my whole hand. Speaking of whole - this soap is for the whole family but the size is definitely man sized!

The bar is a generous 5.5 ounce size (156 g) and retails on the website for $5.99 each or a multi 4 pack sells for $23.50.

I've already tested the Original formulation and like the lather, rinse and clean but not dry feeling on my skin. My son used the bar and likes the chicken foot imprint as well as the "zingy" feel of the soap formulation.

The black plastic case the soap comes in, is reusable, recyclable and the soap is made in the USA.
So this soap is ready to travel on spring break trips, or be used in the locker room during March Madness games and when the soap is all gone, you can store some LEGO in the black tub.

So why the caffeine and how does it make Dirtybird special?  More on that in a paste of info from their website - on me - I did not notice a big difference. But - I'm exhausted from a super hard hike yesterday, I took a benadryl for a weird itchy scalp thing I have going on, and normally, I mainline espresso.  I don't fault the soap for not making me zippy because there was a lot stacked against it.

Final thoughts from me before I paste in the brand info: I really really like these soaps. I'm a soap fan to begin with, so this product had to really impress me to actually get me to say that I like it and I would buy it. Yup. They can take my money.

I think these are perfect gifts- especially for Mother's day - 'cause Moms are tired. Perfect for graduation day because those kids be needing a boost after the graduation celebrations and because I love hand made, USA, good stuff for the body, and I think Dirtybird Energy is it.

Also, if you turn the black tub over and read the ingredients - there's some humor hidden in there and I think that attention to detail means from the start of the soap making process to the finish, there is attention to what matters in this product. Buy some for you and buy some to give - you won't be disappointed.

Now for some brand info:

Why Caffeine?  When caffeine is applied to your soap it has antioxidant properties that is great for your skin and when absorbed it ENERGIZES your skin and body.  The amount of absorption varies from person to person and shower to shower.  The DIRTYBIRD ENERGY bar of soap is a great way to ENERGIZE before your first cup of coffee.
THE CONTAINER:  The soap isn't the only thing that's special. DIRTYBIRD ENERGY soap comes packaged in our patented reusable container, that snaps shut and allows you to take your soap anywhere; the gym, camping, vacation, anywhere.

About the Original:
Give your body the boost to get up and go with DIRTYBIRD Energy Soap. This supercharged body bar helps to deliver some get-up-and-GO to your morning routine and post-workout scrub-down with a burst of CAFFEINE and Peppermint. Can you eat it? NO! But you can finally enjoy every last minute of your daily shower. Formulated with Jojoba beads, this power-packed soap will effectively scrub and smooth away dry, rough skin, preparing your body to best absorb the stimulating, skin-tightening effects of Caffeine while Palm Oil and Coconut Oil deliver an abundance of rich moisturizers to leave your skin feeling comfortable and soft after every use.
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