Thursday, May 16, 2019

Summer Book Club Reading: Hard Times Create Strong Men by Stefan Aarnio

Hi ya Gorgeous,
I don't know about your school year, but mine is over! Woo hoo! My son graduated last week and now we are in the blissful time known as "summer vacation". Sort of.

I can agree to a some time off but I can't agree to months of tuning out!  He does have some summer camps coming up and in the meantime between now and the next semester starting, he has  a summer book club reading list. It's full of Lee Child, Eoin Colfer and World War II history books! One a week. That's all I ask.

Now, I just received a sample copy of a book that may be on his reading list in another couple of years. Special thanks to author Stefan Aarnio for sharing a copy of his latest book, "Hard Times Create Strong Men"  - you can get a copy on Amazon.  His first book, Self Made is available there as well.

 This book is written for men and as a woman reading it, I found some sideways insight into what might be the perspective of men in situations that women would see differently. Like dating!
I have a guest podcast appearance coming up where we will be talking about this very subject.
In reading the book it reads in a common speech tone and sounds like one guy talking to another. It's definitely not a PC  book and neither is the tone.

What I gathered from reading is a "take charge, take no prisoners, make decisions and stand by them" attitude and less weakness in being in charge of one's own self and life direction.

Topics range from sex, women, family, children, work, money, government, politics and everything that goes with those!

In reading the book, if I were to direct it as a scene in a film, I would definitely start with a father, bringing a journal to a son and asking him to sit down so they can discuss what's inside those hallowed pages.

As I made my way through the sections of the book I can agree with much of what Mister Aarnio is talking about.  That there is a gap in boys becoming men because there is a lack of generational transfer in knowledge, skill, craftsmanship and mentoring. It leaves a young man, to seek out the help he needs to grow into a strong man.

Every chapter has a good take away learning point, though page 484 has my favorite. Mr. Aarnio is talking about how he donated to help rebuild Haiti after the devastating earthquake.  He traveled to the Haiti to see first hand how the relief effort was impacting the local economy. The donation had built a very small no frills concrete building - not exactly what was described when the donation was made. Sometimes, when the West rushes in with aid to help, like the Red Cross, the help does more harm than good. Because of all the hand outs there was nothing for the local villages to do and they soon learned to rely on the free hand out versus grow their own cotton, to make fabric, to sew clothing to sell. Or grow their own food to feed the families and sell!

This book is a good read. It's large but worth the effort. If you are a mom of boys, this is a good book for you to read. If you are a man, this is worth you taking a look at.  Perhaps some of you don't read it cover to cover and instead use it more like a reference manual and go to the sections you need help with in the time of need.

Either way, I liked "Hard Times Create Strong Men" and I think it's relevant to today's culture, our future, and has practical applications that can help a young man change his ways for the better, now!

Get your copy on Amazon here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wine Wednesday: The Request Day - Post Your Go To Must Have Summer Wine

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Happy Wednesday - more like Winesday around here!

So, due to yesterday's accidental morning dose of melatonin and not getting my video assignments done and countless other things, I am not able to get online and do a live video today with a review of all of my new favorite wines from Israel!

I only have one left !  Next week I will do the Israeli wine video review.

Now - it's summer. Well, sort of. Our weather here in Arizona has been so weird! It would normally be warming up but instead we have had one freak storm after another. So much rain, which is a good thing - just odd.

Please let me know in the comments here on the blog or on the Facebook page for MakeupUniversity - what is your go to must have summer wine?

I wanna know!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

REsolve Tuesday: Don't Quit! Even When You Feel Like It!

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Tuesday! Happy summer vacation and in case you like me have a heinous commute for the school year - happy no more commuting!

Oh it's the little things in life that bring such joy! Like, not having to do the 4 hour round trip grind of commuting - we both hate it! Ugh!

Though that is not what is at the top of the list for today's REsolve Tuesday topic, it's actually, don't quit.

See, we both hated the commute but it was so important to do it. So we did. There could be something that you are working towards, or on, or waiting to see the end of the tunnel light peek through and though you may be wanting to just give in and give up, to quit, I'm here to tell you, don't!

Don't quit!

Even when you feel like it!  You will be more mad at yourself for quitting than you will if you stick it out.  I have read numerous accounts of people who have survived suicide and they all say they regretted it the nano second that they jumped off the bridge, swallowed the pills or slit the wrists.
Regret can be a powerful thing.  These suicide survivors were hurting so bad the moment before hurting themselves though the power of life is such a precious gift that the moment they tried to give it back, they regretted it!

So I tell ya, no matter what the struggle is right now - please don't give up. Find one wee piece of joy that you can hang on to that could help you make it through.  People who work the 12 steps for addiction recovery, sometimes start with just focusing on the hour.  Make it through this hour. Then the next.

Start planning on your calendar - write it down - the victories you have enjoyed and how you are going to celebrate the next one!

You can do it! I'm cheering you on! 

p.s. Why no video today? Because I keep melatonin in my bedside stand and it is right next to my morning thyroid medicine. Sure, I should have seen this coming and it has honestly never happened until today.  This morning, in the wee 5 am early light, I fumbled in the drawer for the pill bottle and as I swallowed I noticed, the pill shape was different! Talk about the feeling of regret!

I had swallowed the melatonin instead of thyroid medicine and as there was no getting the pill back I had to adjust my day to half of the workload because I knew that I would be spending the other half asleep!

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Friday, May 10, 2019

Flashback Friday - The Mother's Day Edition - great gift ideas!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Friday! I hope you are having an awesome day and getting ready to celebrate an amazing holiday weekend!  In the USA, it's Mother's Day - a time to honor the person in your life who has been a mother to you!

I have had a wild ride recently with work, travel, a graduation, now Mother's Day and then my birthday. All good times, all in a weekend!

Don't even ask about the wild weather! It's been cool and raining in my normally hot and dry desert home. No complaints - just weird.

Now below I have some classic and helpful gift ideas for your Mother's Day celebrations and there is still time to get something wonderful for your mom!  I swear by buying fragrance at this time of year for the gift with purchases - so get some perfume for you and some for mom!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What Wine to Gift for Mother's Day?

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Happy Wine Wednesday! Oh girl- or boy - it's time to prep for Mother's Day. Personally I've had my gifts picked out for quite some time and I'm looking  forward to Sunday!

Now to add to the mix, on top of my gifts, I also have 2 new wines that were gifted to me and now I'm going to introduce them to you!

Meet Unruly!

Hope you enjoy it and remember to comment and let me know which wines you love to gift on special occassions!

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