Monday, July 24, 2017

Back to School with Essence Cosmetics

Hi ya Gorgeous!
It is already Back to School season here in Arizona - where did the summer go? 

I recently received some lovely samples from Essence Cosmetics that are super perfect for ending the summer beautifully as well as starting the Back to School season off on the right foot!

As always, the glosses from Essence Beauty, are in the $5 range - I have two, a beautiful mauve tone and also a shimmery unicorn pink! Pair these with a liner or a lipstick!

I also have two of the new "insta" matte products - one is a mattifying spray for your makeup and the other is a lip product that turns any lip product into a matte finish.

The mascaras - are a sore spot! I absolutely love the Princess mascara from Essence but these two new formulations, that are 18 hour were smudgy, clumpy, and over all funky on me! I don't like the lengthening or the thickening. This could be me, and they have a really affordable price - so it's worth you trying them and remember to keep your receipt just in case you need to exchange!

This  video is a grwm style video showing the new products from Essence Cosmetics!

Find your favorite Essence cosmetics at  Ulta Beauty stores and online at Amazon

P.S.  This is the foundation I was talking about in the  video but did not have on hand to show you.  essence Pure Nude Make-Up, 10 Pure Beige

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Monday, July 17, 2017

How to use the Beauty and the Beast makeup color story from LORAC for everyday wear

Hi ya Gorgeous

How's your Monday now? Or should I say, how's your summer? Here in Arizona, the summer is in full broil and school for the cub starts back in 3  short weeks ...or are they short? He is definitely ready to go back and see his friends which brings to mind the question that year round school, with a 2 week break in between semesters would do just fine. On to the makeup!

I recently received some very lovely samples from LORAC of their color story collection for the reboot of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

 Something to know going forward, I am ride or die for the original 1990's animated version and none to thrilled about another warmed over version of an Oscar winning trophy of a film.  In short, I have not seen the film yet, and when it arrives on Netflix, I will let you know my thoughts.

 In the meantime, I think that LORAC has knocked it out of the park again, with Disney, and another amazing, collector edition of a makeup color story for a film. I was SO impressed with the Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales collection ,though this is just as stunning.

 I have the eyeshadow pallet, cheek color palette, lipglosses and lipsticks and I'm beyond delighted! The colors are everyday perfect and if you know LORAC products, you know how soft, silky, smooth, blendable, pigmented, wet or dry they are!

I love all of the lip colors and the lipsticks or lip glosses can be worn alone, with liner, paired together or mixed and matched!

If you are a fan of anything Disney, Belle, Beast, the film or LORAC and special editions, rush to get these now because who knows how long they will be around!

Remember to let me know in the comments - if you were going to buy a film makeup color story - what products do you want to buy?

I'm asking for your help so as I develop the makeup color story for BEARLY film, Jael, ZBoy and Nascar Nights - I want to be sure and create the top products that people are most interested in buying!

Personally, I live in bronzer and gloss - so those are top items for me to create! Looking forward to your thoughts!

These items are available on Amazon - if you need free shipping:
Lipgloss $34.00
Cheeks $28.00

Find these items at or Ulta Beauty!

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Happy Independence Day!

Hi ya Gorgeous!

So here it is! Indpendence Day! We are officially half  way through the year 2017 - whoa - how does that go by so fast?

The rest of the month is a trip followed by a trip and then back to school here!   My family is making the most of the time to travel and be with family.  Pictures when we get back!

I pray that you and your family have a safe  and fun filled memory making 4th of July holiday celebration!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

BEARLY film teaser trailer inside

 Hi ya Gorgeous,

Quick update on blog things and film making and going  forward with good intentions!

Makeup University has been around for seventeen years - whoa -17 years and that's jsut a portion of my makeup  artistry work.  All  ofhat makeup doing business startedvia a sideways connection from my film making.

See, I started makeup sideways on a film set where I was working on the crew in a different capacity and one thing led to another and the next thing you  know I was doing makeup full time and had more gigs paying the bills versus directing film and video gigs. Phew.

So I stuck with it. That is until my wee cub, the love of my life said he had no desire in taking over the makeup business  but really loved video making, story telling and content creation.  Sigh.

So I dusted off some old scripts I had and moved forward  in their production.  I have Jael A Western Tale, Nascar Nights, BEARLY and ZBoy all in various stages of production .

Which brings me to BEARLY - which just had it's teaser trailer drop, you can  see that below. Enjoy and stay tuned for more makeup mixed with film posts!

It's the last day to get your BEARLY tshirt/tank!  Remember to look on the BACK!

Stay tuned to the Facebook page which is updated regularly here:
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Monday, June 26, 2017

Meet L'Oreal Revitalift Triple Power Deep Acting Facial Moisturizer

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Monday. Whoa. Do I ever love a Monday. You know, I get more accomplished on a Monday than I do all week! Or at least that is what it  feels like! 

Today is no different - I have already got massive action taken on many things and goals and even got the wheels turning on a return to the Monday blog and video posts for Makeup University.

In case you didn't know, I have been in Tucson for the past three weeks while my son attended the University of Arizona for tech camp and I completed production on BEARLY film.


So in this blog post and video - meet the moisturizer known as
L'Oreal Revitalift  Triple Power Deep-Acting Facial Moisturizer!

This is a free sample from Influenster and  I arrived home to it. Oh if only I had this in Tucson with me! It was so hot and dry there my skin became dryer and itchy!

In my #RevitaliftChallenge - I'm using the sample twice a day for 14 days with photos along the journey to track the results. So far I'm loving it!  This product does have a  heavy perfume scent - I can smell my face for about an  hour after applying. The scent does not bother me though if you are sensitive to smells, this could  be an issue for you.

You can find L'Oreal Revitalift and  other goodies at mass retailers nationwide OR - be cool and stay home and just have it auto-delivered by Amazon!

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