PR Welcome

Hello and welcome!
I'm a single mom, makeup artist by trade and encourager to the world by default. I primarily write about beauty/style/fashion which includes makeup and hair care products for women or men. I have on occassion read and reviewed books, taste tested beverages and snacks as well as modeled clothing for the blog.

I create how to videos for my YouTube channel also if the product lends itself well to video. I do blog/vlog about current trends/red carpet events/celebrity style and awards shows also. I enjoy doing a reader giveaway of an item also because it's good for the subscriber base to get something extra in the trade bargaining time of reading my blog.

If you have a product that is new, hot and happenin' or truly revolutionary and you would like to get the word out on it-then please send me an email with your company name and product in the subject line to: makeupbycherelynn (at) yahoo dot com.

It usually takes about a week to get a story up. Also, I highly encourage you to invest in advertising on the blog the same week your story goes live-for a one two punch!

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!