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Spring/ Summer  Story Lines

Coachella and summer music festival beauty tips
Summer movie blockbuster reviews and character diy looks
Mother's Day gift ideas
Graduation looks - gifts ideas
Unboxing and review products  
Fit and healthy living
2017 beauty trends
Film production updates
Spring Break travel beauty/destinations/staycations

The Youtube channel for Makeup University will also be a new video on each Monday.
The Facebook page for Makeup University will host an afternoon Facebook Live session as a midweek word of encouragement on Wednesday.
Focus in 2017  is on: positive encouragement and esteem building for women of all ages, product reviews in health, beauty, fitness, fragrance and family media.

Makeup University will be hosting a monthly glaminar and is interested in partners for production. Please email if you would like an event in your town or to sponsor an event. These small intimate events of up to 30 women of all ages will be teaching and encouragement driven. Be a part of it!

Simple, easy and stress free.

Available for previewing and writing a review for  movie releases, product launches and family entertainment
Each of the blog posts can be turned into a 30-45 minute presentation or workshop.

*Looking for joint ventures for webinars as well as Blab interview sessions
Topics of interest are:
  • Beauty:  skin care, acne care, budget friendly makeup, hair care, hair accessories
  • Fashion: modest styles for school and spring break
  • Health: sports, exercise, nutrition and supplements
  • Heart: tips, articles, reading, listening that is encouraging to feed a teen's heart
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