Sunday, January 3, 2016

How to use the Acne Free Sonic Advanced Cleansing Duo to remove long wearing foundations

Hi ya Gorgeous!

How is your new year treating you so far? Mine? It's going by as fast as ever and it's only the third day!

So there is a lot of events, and travel and hullabaloo coming up in the next few months and I'm ready for it with my face primers, long wearing foundations, setting powder and finishing sprays.

You know what all of that means? That my makeup removing skincare routine needs to up it's ante, right now!

So here's a lil ditty on how to use the Acne Free Sonic Advanced Cleansing Duo to remove long wearing  foundations and a look that was meant to look fresh and last all day but now needs to be completely removed to let the skin breathe and regenerate over night.

This is what I do:

I tend to wash my face twice: first with an oil or a purifying cleanser to deeply clean and remove all of the product. I wet my face, massage a small amount of the cleanser into my skin, and then wet the AcneFree Purifying Facial Cleansing Brush  which is more of a silicone nubby wash pad- and then use it to massage my face with the cleanser on it.

Rinse well.

Follow up with my moisturizing or hydrating cleanser for a deep clean that removes all traces of makeup!

For me, it's working great. For those of you who may have full blown acne, this may be a great tool to help clear up skin. For the rest of us who get an occassional breakout but use long wearing products, this is an excellent resource for keeping the skin clean and healthy!

You can find this at mass retailers nationwide!


  • Use once a day.  Dampen skin, rinse brush head and pat dry to remove excess water before attaching to brush unit. 
  • Apply any AcneFree cleanser to the brush head, spreading a dime size amount evenly over brush surface; this will avoid product from splattering on to clothing while brush is in motion.  (Cleansers with Benzoyl Peroxide may bleach clothing/towels.) 
  • Gently massage over face for approximately 60 seconds, concentrating on troubled areas.  Avoid the eye and mouth areas.  Be careful not to press too hard; this will limit the motion of the brush and reduce its effectiveness. 
  • Rinse face, remove brush head and rinse thoroughly.

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