Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to Restore Your Skin for Summer with DOVE

Hi ya Gorgeous,
Oh this day. Between Sir Roger Moore (the James Bond of my generation - love you Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, but  Moore is my Bond!) passing and the Manchester massacre at an Ariana Grande concert, it's a bit bleak when it comes to outlook.
Death is natural in one case and violent and senseless in the other.  Sigh. Ok. Going forward with good intentions. I choose to look on the bright side, no matter how faint it is.

Good thing I have this positive post about the benefits of DOVE soap, a most classic of beauty tools from way back and how you can use it today to get your skin and that of your family in tip top shape for summer.

The Dove White Beauty Bar, #1 recommended bar by dermatologists, is the perfect way to get your glow back just in time for the season. After a day spent in the sun, the last thing your skin needs is an ordinary or premium soap bar that is drying and irritating. Thankfully, the Dove White Beauty Bar’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream combined with DEFI technology helps hydrate for soft, smooth skin. 

Dove Dermatologist, Dr. Mona Gohara, has 3 simple tips to prep for your skin for fun in the sun, all summer long.



*Make sure to choose a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher for everyday use. Reapply every 2 hours with intense sun exposure. Don't take the tinder approach to sunscreen - in other words don't grab the first one that smells or looks good. Choose one that fits your lifestyle for a longer lasting relationship. 

*For flip flop ready feet: soak, sand, smear-  soak in warm water mixed with the hydrating cleanser, like the Dove White Beauty Bar, sand down those rough heels with a pumice stone, and smear on your favorite alpha hydroxy moisturizer. (Don't forget your elbows too!) 

*Use of an antioxidant serum daily leaves the skin looking vibrant, helps prevent aging and simultaneously protects against UV damage.

My Mother and her Mother used DOVE soap and always the white bar, until the pink came along and then it was a whole other luxurious experience. I had not used it in a while and the samples were exactly the soft and foamy goodness with creamy rinse off and light scent that I remember.

So many memories were triggered by that scent! My Nana smelling like DOVE while cooking tacos!

You c an get DOVE products at any mass retailer and online at Amazon too. So get some for the summer!

Finally, pray for Manchester and all those affected by this tragedy.

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