Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How To Use Hydralyte for Labor Day Weekend Recovery and Rescue

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 Today, I have an answer to dehydration caused from vomiting, diarrhea and over exertion!
I have received these samples in preparation for the annual girls trip to Las Vegas for Labor Day Weekend  due to past experience of what a moms gone wild trip can be like.

There has been tragedy abound and each and everyone of us gals has suffered a major blow in life!  Alas, we are not making the trip this year!

Though here are the details on Hydralyte and instead of me sipping in  Las Vegas I will be enjoying here in the extreme heat of Arizona. How extreme? Well, at the local airport,the overnight temperature was 131. Holy smokes!

Now meet Hydralyte:  this product has vastly improved on oral hydration therapy making Pedialyte and Gatorade pale in comparison.

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Hydralyte is scientifically formulated to contain the correct balance of glucose and electrolytes for rapid rehydration. The formulation is based on the World Health Organization criteria for effective rehydration.
  • Contains the correct balance of sodium and glucose to activate the sodium and glucose co-transporter
  • Is hypotonic which is the most rapidly absorbed fluid type for rehydration of body cells
  • Contains up to 75% less sugar and 4X more electrolytes than the leading sports drinks

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