Monday, October 23, 2017

3 Questions with Kandee Johnson - House of Achi Launch

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Monday! Well do I have some thing for you today and it's a word of encouragement that you can take with you into the rest of this week! So get ready!

Last week I had to be in Los Angeles - and just happened at the last minute to get an invitation to the House of Achi product launch party. Thank you Lola for the invitation!

 Makeup University gets invited a lot and I never go - and like Ms Frizzle says "take chances, make mistakes, get messy" - so I did! I went to the party and I'm so glad I did. 

 Bites were provided by the Doheny Room and consisted of seared sea bass mini lettuce cups, chicken meat balls in marinara and a mini cheeseburger. Nom nom!

Cocktails were provided by Tyku Sake and Electric Sky wine.

 Their was a carnation wall for taking photos with the new style "photo booth" where it's a mirror like image with a camera in it and the whole surface is active so you can sign your name on the mirror and then it shows up on the photo.

 I thought it was going to be a traditional press junket set up for interviews though it was more run and gun guerilla style inside the club atmosphere. So, my apologies for the busy background noise and video that is not well lit. But - close your eyes and listen to the wisdom Kandee imparts to you! It's so good! If you are hurting right now or feeling discouraged, she has a word for you, just you!

 Enjoy the video!

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I had the opportunity to interview Ms Johnson at the House of Achi product launch party in West Hollywood at the Doheny Room.

I asked her 3 questions - and these 3 questions I thought would benefit you! I asked her:
1) What 3 products are your must haves in a crazy busy schedule?
2) What's your experience with Achi Japanese gel polish?
3) What would you say to encourage someone who is watching and hurting right now?

She shared an amazing word for you - so please listen closely! You can more of her beautiful face and talent all of the interwebs by searching @KandeeJohnson or her YouTube channel here:

Get your own Achi Japanese Gel Polish here:

Have some fancy cocktails and bites at Doheny Room West Hollywood

Cocktails featured at the event were from:
@tykusake and @electricskywine

Special shout out to Joy from and Pleasant, also known on Insta as @the_sexy_environmentalist/

Meeting new world changers makes the travel and fatigue worth it! Go get 'em girls!


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