Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How To Sleep Better with Sound Oasis - Worlds Smallest White Noise Machine

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Welcome to November! How can this have happened so fast? There are officially 53 days til Christmas and I'm not even near being ready!

What I am ready for is a lot of travel coming up - I'm so excited for the gigs and opportunities! In general, I have trouble sleeping and when the chance to try a sleep aid, like white noise from the "world's smallest white noise machine' I took it!

Meet Sound Oasis, they specialize in white noise machines of all types, sorts and makes or models! If you have a baby, tinnitus, insomnia or stress, Sound Oasis has a solution for you.

I received a sample of the smallest white noise machine, it sells for $49.99 on the Sound Oasis website and can be charged via USB, used with ear buds or plugged into an external speaker, which is how I tested it.

When I think "white noise", I think ocean waves rolling in and out or crashing on the sand and rocks. That's not the sound this machine makes.

This little black box makes a white noise similar to the television being left on after the station signal goes off.  It's not a soothing comforting sound to me, it was a static buzz.  You can turn the volume up or down to what is comfortable to you.

I think this could be a good fit for the business traveler or someone who has a baby in the room and you need the constant sound to soothe.

It comes in a wee hard case to protect it while traveling.

You can learn more about Sound Oasis and all they have to offer plus the experts behind their science by visiting their website here.

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