Thursday, December 14, 2017

12 Days of Good Gifts to Give and Get - featuring Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Happy Thursday - whoa - this month is speeding by! How is your holiday celebrations going? Are you doing any new events or making a new tradition?  My family is doing the usual, but I swear, it feels like it is happening so fast!

I have finally gotten all of the lil wee gifts for my son's stocking and the funny thing about the stocking is that, it's the smallest yet it usually costs the most since I usually pack it full of gift cards to his favorite restaurants and game store!

So today in the 12 Days of Good Gifts to Give and Get - I am featuring the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder.  Why? Because it's awesome. If you have not tried any makeup from Laura Mercier, it's time you do. I'm a huge fan of her powder, lipsticks. liners, and bronzer. In fact, her bronzer is my go to for most every day!

Secret Brightening Powder - # 1 ( For Fair to Medium Skin Tones ) - Laura Mercier 

Lighter-than-air powder sets and prolongs the wear of concealer, camouflage, and other under eye products. Instantly brightens eye area.
Brightening Finish
Transparent white powder has a brightening finish that instantly adds a lightening boost to the eye area, with a touch of sheer coverage. Works on any skin tone.
Just for Eyes
Micronized pigments won't settle into fine lines, accentuate shadows, or look cakey, even in the tricky eye area where many setting powders are less than ideal.
Please note, this is really intended for just under the eyes and anywhere that needs a highlighting, so it's not for the entire face - so why buy two different powders? Because this is something that takes great care of a delicate area on the face! It's worth it!

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