Thursday, January 25, 2018

Have You Tried Serendipity Skincare?

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Oh this 2018 is a real go getter! I've been on the go since it started and I kicked off the year with a DJ gig on New Year's Eve!  So fun!  After that it's been one amazing event after another and I'm so looking forward to what February has in store for me!

Now, that cold snowy but dry Utah weather did a number on my skin!  Good thing I came home to a sample of Serendipity Serenade repairing night cream!

I've used it a couple of nights now and love the rich and creamy texture, very light scent and how hydrating it feels on my skin. Join me on the Makeup University Facebook page for a Facebook Live where I will be showing you the product close up!

Here's a little note from the Serendipity website:

A potent yet gentle blend of invigorating natura ingredients including cotton thistle and palm tree extract gives your skin a boost in the battle against dry, damaged skin. Use overnight for a visibly radiant and refreshed complexion.
$75.00  for 1 ounce.

It's important to take care of your skin with a good regimen of cleaning, treating and moisturizing! So no matter who's brand you use, just be sure and use it daily!

Now for comparison, I have used a different brand for a long time, and it is a 1.7 ounce tub for the same price, and can be found at Ulta Beauty for a little bit less in price. So, I'm expecting this cream to out perform my normal brand for selling at the same price point while providing less product.  Stay tuned!

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