Monday, August 27, 2018

Santevia - First Impressions - and How To!

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Happy Monday!
Have I mentioned how I love Mondays? Also, in Arizona, finally, a morning that started below the 100 degree mark. Woot woot! That means Fall cool weather is only 2 months away! Joy!

Now - today's blog post is about Santevia mineralized alkaline water - treatment and bottle.
I received this sample from Santevia, thank you very much to test and review for an opinion.

Welp, my opinion is yes and amen. I like the BPA free bottle and the taste and feel of the water when drinking it. My now 13 year old likes it as well! Bonus! He is usually decent at getting water in but this just helps. I think it's the hydrogen booster gadget in the water that it making him drink more water and I've got no argument with that.

There is a wonderful booklet that accompanies the Santevia bottle detailing the benefits of a more alkaline system and how you can achieve it with the water when you add either the hydrogen booster (which is also called a recovery stick) or the bags of alkalized mineral balls.

Either way - I like it! I noticed a wee different in my skin after drinking the alkalized water for 5 days straight. When I say drinking the water, I mean 4 full bottles a day.

A note from Santevia:

Balance your water for optimal body health

The water from your tap is no longer balanced. Conventional water treatment removes healthy trace minerals and reduces alkalinity (pH) while adding harsh chemical disinfectants. This Santevia System restores your water’s pH balance, taste and natural benefits. It’s like drinking water from a pristine mountain stream: soft, silky and refreshing.

Now, that's just good stuff. There is a table top version for filling up so the whole family, pets included can use it.

Good stuff! Get yours on Amazon here or visit the Santevia website to see all the options available!

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