Thursday, September 20, 2018

All In One Shaver by J Paul Skincare | What your AFM - CES - Mipcom - Vidcon - and holiday gift giving needs now

 Hi ya Gorgeous,
Happy Thursday and almost weekend! Or should I just cut to the chase and say happy 95 days til Christmas!
I'm not ready!

Well, this lil goody I have to share today could be something to help me, you and the rest of the world when it comes to travel and shaving - gift giving and keepin' things neat and tidy in a busy season!

Meet the All In One Shaver by J Paul Skincare.  This comes in a set of 3 shavers that have 6 blades and a pump tube of shave cream for a handle.  I've used it - it's fabulous. The only thing I would do different is put a grippy texture on the handle.  Why? Because it got slippery in the shower on my legs.  The All In One Shaver is intended for the face so in it's intended use the water and shave cream run off won't make it as slippery as using it on a shin in the shower.
This item is TSA approved for travel!

Enjoy the video and get yours on the J Paul Skincare website or in H-E-B stores in Texas!

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