Thursday, May 17, 2007

Who gives a rip about chemcials anyway?

So what if toxic sludge goes on your 3 most important mucus membranes?
May 18, 2007
Hello friends,
Today's editorial starts with the continuation of a debate that started at a luncheon yesterday...and I quote the attendee " what's the big deal about chemicals anyway? Who gives a rip if it's toxic, as long as I look good, that's what matters!".
Because it's all connected and comes back like a boomerang!

waterNow the song is right when it sings " the circle of life", and multi legged frogs in our Nation's lakes prove that what goes in (or on ) goes through the body and out.

What we put on our skin goes in. There can be consequences, either good or bad.

The truth about mineral oil in your lotions is that it dehydrates the skin. No joke! So the stuff you put on it to make it moist actually makes it more dry. So guess what, you put more on. Now the bottle is empty and you need more, so you buy more. So you put more on and your skin gets more dry. We've been over this haven't we?

In advertising the best campaign ever ran that is still running is the word "repeat". To sell more shampoo, the advertising company put the words " lather, rinse, repeat". Instant doubling of sales.

Since cosmetics aren't regulated, there is nothing stopping companies from getting the cheapest ingredients and using them as they need.

Did you know that animals too toxic for human or animal consumption are sent to the rendering plant and made into "cosmetic grade" mineral oil base for products?

Put that on your eyelid!

The average woman eats 7.8 pounds of lipstick a year. That's a baby to give you refererance and that's where your lipstick goes when you put it on and then an hour later it's gone.

Flat cats off the Interstate and animals euthanized from the shelters end up at the rendering plant and in our foundation and lipstick.

Now, can you understand why I was riled up when someone flippantly makes the comment about what's the big deal about chemicals anyways?

Our three most important and open membranes, the eyes, the nose and the lips are all exposed daily to our face wash, lotions, anti-aging treatments, cosmetics, lip products. Our lymph nodes under our armpits are exposed to body soap, aluminum and silica filled anti-persperants.

Weird and unexplainable cancers are happening and it's my opinion because it's a daily routine to cover our skin with toxic chemcials, and then wash them down the drain and into our water supply.

If frogs wore shoes around the Great Lakes, there would be a need for an increase in supply.

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Normally I write to you about a new product, new technique, cover favorite styles, but today it was just too important to have a coaching moment for your health.
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