Friday, May 18, 2007

Why Arbonne anyway?

So the short version of the story goes: I was hosting "Best of Beauty" the radio show, and doing alot of travel all while working as the makeup expert and trainer for a big botanical/natural product line...who just so happened to be launching a new skin product.

In a rush to catch a plane, I just grabbed a stack of Arbonne RE9 sample strips that had been sent to me, but I never used. While out of town that week, I used them and loved the results.

That weekend, while training at a major event for the product line I was repping, all the aestheticians, makeup artists and stylists kept commenting on my skin, and how good I looked and kept asking me if it was the new line?

I had to lie. That company was part of my paycheck at the I fibbed and said that it was, when in reality the big skin difference was from the RE9!!

After that weekend, I got in touch with the gal who gave me the samples, brought her on the radio for a show on the Arbonne difference. That show was our best ever, the president of Arbonne, Rita Davenport called in, the woman who brought the life changing natural progesterone technology to the company, Stasia Trivison called in, and about 100 other Arbonne'ettes!

This still didn't convince me. I went to a live presentation with President Rita Davenport. At that presentation, I saw two women receive promotions and keys to their new Mercedes, ( which is the company car) and I was flabbergasted that a 20 year old with no makeup training and a very pregnant with twins stay at home mom could surprass my income, doing less work!

From that moment on, I was hooked. I started my Arbonne business and have not looked back. I integrate it into my makeup studio and share the truth about botanicals and financial freedom with everyone who has skin.

That's why I went with Arbonne. The results driven products, the rewards, the ease of start up and the tremendous support!

Thanks for asking and enjoy the info!
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