Sunday, October 14, 2007

Goth brides and halloween weddings

Goth brides for Halloween weddings:
Do you remember Elvira as the host of the Saturday Movie Macabre matinees on tv?
I do. I also remember thinking she was the most beautiful woman ever, next to Princess Leia of course.

I've seen Elvira in person and she is even more gorgeous! So here's why I write today, there is a distinct and select group of women who love Elvira also, some even mix some Betty Page style into their ecclectic look, and now these women are getting married. Some are even doing it on Halloween.

The makeup is great to the naked eye, but when we talk about digital photography with a bright flash, the entire nuance of the makeup can get lost and blown out in the flash.

So I have a few recommendations and tips to help you:

1.Hire me to do your makeup. I do an excellent goth girl and can recreate Elvira to a tee!

2. If hiring me is not in the budget, then now is the time to spend a little coin on Ben Nye theatre makeup, this can be ordered online or picked up at your local costume shop. During this month, there is one on every corner.

3.Your highlights and contrast need to be even more defined for the photos. Pick up extra brushes to help draw on the shadows for your eyes. No need to get professional makeup brushes, just go to the art store and get some fine tip brushes that are used for oil paints. If they are too stiff, soak them in alcohol overnight, then wash well and let dry flat.

4.For your red lips (did you read the article about red containing lead?) or black, prepping the mouth is key to it photographing well, not bleeding into your foundation and holding up under the kissing, eating and drinking.

5.Black lipstick photographs a bit blue/green. Counter the color change by layering a dark matte red underneath it. My favorite is Expose by Lorac and this shade is otherwise known as the Satine shade from Moulin Rouge worn by Nicole Kidman.

Finally, use a sheer pearlescent crème or highlighter all over the face, then lightly dust with a green tinted powder underneath your white foundation to keep the pores from coming through the stage makeup. This is assuming you got the Ben Nye. If you aren't using that product, go to the Chanel counter and get the white base primer for your porcelain foundation.

Please, please, please, if you have read any of this, please finish and write this down: ears, neck, chest, any skin that is showing and going to be photographed must be made up like the face.

Otherwise in the photos, you know the ones you invested thousands of dollars in, there will be a glaring difference between your face and the rest of you.

Good luck brides of the Goth and Halloween evening!

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