Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why everyone on Dancing with the Stars wear fake eyelashes and you should too!

Why everyone on Dancing with the Stars wear fake eyelashes and you should too!

I love the show! I'm rooting for all of them! I've got to say the makeup is good. It's so theatrical and big, bold, bright! Just what ballroom dancing should look like!

I love it!

Now, the lashes...every dancer wears them. In television, almost every actress wears them. Except Rosie O'Donnell and Ellen Degeneres. They don't, but should!

The month of October is the best month to buy fake eyelashes because of the wide variety of selection for halloween.

The less expensive brands are just as good as the $20 pairs. So pick 'em up off the end caps in Walmart for $3.00

The eyelash strip adds volume, fullness, length and without a lot of harm to your natural lashes. Some are self stick, some need glue. Get the glue that dries clear, though it usually goes on white in appearance and dries down to clear.

Remember, you can trim the length of the lash strip to fit your eye if they are too long. Once you have laid down the strip and set the glue to the eyelid, don't move it. The more you move and mess with it, the more dried glue adheres to the skin, the more gunk builds up and the worse your application and wear will be.

A pair can usually be worn 3-4 times. Don't wash them, just toss 'em. Some sets may come with top and bottom lash strips, it's a very bold and unique look to wear them on the bottom. Not for the faint of heart but the effect is worth the head turning!

I love fake lashes. Go get some and play!

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