Monday, December 12, 2011

Artist Tools by Japonesque-must have stocking stuffers!
How to Place Your Ponytail Just Right

Find out how to make this go-to style flattering for your face shape

How to Place Your Ponytail Just Right

This is a hairstyles article

A ponytail is the oldest hairstyle in the book, and one of the easiest looks to pull off well. You can curl it, braid it, or straighten it -- but did you know that where you place your ponytail is crucial if you want it to flatter your bone structure? See where your ponytail should be with this cool, how-to video.

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Hello Gorgeous!
Hanukkah and Christmas are upon us! Do you need a stocking stuffer? You must get this new tool from Japonesque! It's called Artist Tools-and they are interchangeable brushes on a dual ended handled. The brush heads are held on by magnets-and there is a brush head for every beauty need you may have!
This Japonesque tool is for the professional makeup artist, the mom, the beginner, the business woman-you name it! The brushes are a lovely quality too!
Enjoy this short video which demonstrates the new Artist Tool. Enjoy!

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Great post! The Japonesque Artist Tools are available at CVS and!