Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday hair care at it's best! Umberto Beverly Hills, Nioxin Diamax and Goody Regency

How to Make False Eyelashes Look Natural

See our advice on how to apply the right falsies for your eyes

How to Make False Eyelashes Look Natural

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We all have our shortcomings. Some women pine for bigger breasts or better hair. Us? All we ask for is longer, fuller lashes. And since mascaras and growth serums can only do so much, we've resorted to using falsies -- and mastered it. Want to get our tips on how to make falsies look real?

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Hello Gorgeous!
Christmas is almost here! Enjoy this short video-I'm sharing some amazing holiday hair care products from Umberto Beverly Hills-this new gold can line of products helps soothe dry winter hair while keeping it styled!
The Nioxin Diamax-talk about adding thickness! And don't forget the Goody Regency hair accessories-a sure way to take you from office to party in no time! Enjoy!

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