Friday, February 14, 2014

Fergie Fuchianista from Wet n Wild-for the bold Valentine's lip look

Hello Sweet Gorgeous!
Are you getting ready for the Valentine's Day celebration? For all my ladies who are single, this is a time to celebrate the goodness of God's love and not worry about what the world says or tries to make you feel like you are less than because you are not in a relationship. Say NO to that dirty business!

Just wait for the right one and God will bring him to you!

Now look at this gorgeous rich tone of lipstick from the Wet n Wild Fergie collection.

The Fergie collection has a long wearing satin finish and this Fuchianista is definitely an all day Valentine's Day date night kind of lipstick.

 At $3.59 it's a bargain, and as long as you don't mind applying a balm of slickery'ness over the top of the color as your lips get dry, this lipstick is awesome.

It's a bit bold of a color for me in my normal everyday wear, so I went and got the Bebot color from the same line, and it's amazing!

Girls-Valentine's Day is as much a day about loving yourself as it is, showing and sharing love with those around us. So hug on you and get a new lipstick to boot!
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