Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day: Wet n Wild megaslicks BALMSTAIN in red-dy-or-not

Happy Monday Gorgeous!
I love Mondays because I get so much accomplished!

Now Valentine's Day is just a few days away and if you need an affordable lip look for Valentine's and beyond, try the new Wet N Wild Megaslicks Balmstains.

 This is more affordable than you think and it lasts and feels good on the lip too!

 The Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balmstain in Red-dy-or-Not is about $1.99 at Walmarts, Targets, Walgreen's and just about anywhere cosmetics are sold.

I have been wearing this shade for a few days and love it! The color lasts but the slickery'ness of the balm does not stay on much more than 2 hours. So I do find that I am either reapplying or adding my Chapstik over it.

You can't beat the price, there are several shades to choose from, and with Valentine's Day and red carpets and life to live-spend your money on good food and wine and save it on great looking lips!

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