Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gerard Cosmetics: best nude lipsticks for Christmas parties and family photos

Hello Gorgeous,
The beauty lover on your list will love these lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics. They are so classic and retro and wonderful! I just knew the brown lipstick trend was coming back and could be worn gorgeously.

 Though perhaps without the kidney bean shaped deep brown  hollowed out cheek look of the 80's.

 Packed with pigment and a super luxurious long-wearing and velvet matte finish, Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks are all you need to create your signature lip look.

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Gerard Cosmetics was created with a pure passion and clear vision to offer every woman products that were the solution to everyday makeup blunders. Our CEO Jennifer Gerard grew tired of the extensive and time-consuming blending of multiple foundations, liquid highlighters and primers so instead of carrying on with this time consuming process of mixing her custom concoction our first product BB plus illumination was born and perfected. Instead of launching a complete line we made the conscious choice to create quality instead of quantity.
We stand by every product we release and make everything with love and attention to detail. In a sea of endless makeup palettes and lipsticks we strive to take your essentials and infuse them with glam and an innovative twist that has never been seen before in the beauty industry.
Gerard Cosmetics is a line created for women by women who empower each other and strive to offer products that are luxurious, accessible and endlessly chic. After the success of Whitening Lightning Jen began to offer her signature lighted lip glosses and Brow Bar to Go that have generated endless buzz on social media and beyond. However after a conversation with some of her closest friends and colleagues she realized the next move was a line completely devoted to creating cosmetics that make life easier and more beautiful. Jennifer Gerard listened to the feedback on twitter, talked to fans at charity events and conventions and more than anything you are our inspiration, our muse and why we care so deeply about creating products that speak to your needs and help you to be the best possible version of yourself. We are so excited for this new chapter and want to hear from you every step of the way, thank you for inspiring us and opening our hearts and minds to every possibility.
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!