Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Real Purity cosmetics for nature inspired beauty gift giving

Hi ya Gorgeous!
I just tried a new beauty line that is a pure and natural cosmetic called Real Purity.

I have put together a party look to go bag full of items to take you from work to play!

Get ready, set, go!

Meet Real Purity and before we get into the products and the look, you have got to meet Virginia. She is a pioneer!

Decades before organic and all natural goods rose in popularity, Virginia Easterling taught skin condition sufferers that living healthy could begin by living naturally; but it was only after years of seeing the damage of toxicity and the results of its removal from everyday products that Virginia decided to take a stand. Armed with a biochemistry background, a love for natural ingredients and a desire to replace toxic products with all-natural equivalents, Virginia Easterling set out to launch Real Purity.

Ok, let's get back to the party bag and look with Real Purity shadows and lipstick.  Each retails for $15 on the Real Purity website and you will notice, the shadows are a large size.

 The Real Purity swatch on my hand is for the eye shadow Fawn. This is great as a highlight, all over lid color, cheek tone or could even do some contouring.

Now meet Real Purity eyeshadow in Mocha Brown which can be used to create eye shadow contour, eye liner, eye brows, or all over color. My favorite part? Real Purity shadows have 6 ingredients. Total!

 A Christmas party would not be a party if you didn't wear some red lipstick! This is Clover Red from Real Purity. It's smooth and buttery on the lip, has a nice bit of pigment and wears for some time without getting dry or creating build up on the mouth.

Now let's put the look all together in a wee bag for yoru purse so you can go to work, freshen up in the tiny mirror with the low light in your car visor and off to the ball with you!

 Everything but the hairspray fits in this Modella bag. I've got my Ecotools (cruelty free also-just like Real Purity) in a separate bag to help keep them clean. One set of Salon Perfect lashes in Plum with some eyelash adhesive. In my world-lashes and lipgloss can take you anywhere!

There is a tin of breath mints so mingling and chatting isn't offensive.  I have a thin pot of bronzer from Mary Kay and it's in the Medium/Dark tone. Why? Because by the end of the day and being tired, a pop of color can make you look refreshed.

I also have the eyeshadows and lipstick from Real Purity to take my day look into night!

Then the small comb and bobby pins are so I can create a rat bump and either fold my hair into a quick french twist or simple updo, then of course, a lil bit of hairspray to hold the look together.
And that my friends, is how you go from simple day look at work to fun party look for Christmas soiree at night!

To learn more and order from Real Purity, simple click here and visit the website!

These are photos of what the Real Purity shadows and lipstick look like on: from day to cocktails to night time!

 Day look: Mocha Brown is in my eyebrows, and is eyeliner. The Real Purity Fawn shadow is all over the lid. I'm wearing the Clover Red lipstick.

 This photo shows the Real Purity products that I used-top disc is Mocha Brown, lower disc is Fawn, and the Clover Red lipstick. I did not line my lips for this day look.

 Stage 2 of the Real Purity look: adding Mocha Brown eyeshadow to the crease and corner as a contour to make a more dramatic and eye popping effect.

 Final Real Purity night time makeup: Mocha Brown all over the lid and black creme eyeliner added on top and bottom. I've used the Fawn eyeshadow as contour on my cheeks.

Ta da! You too can have a Real Purity day to night look too! Visit !

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