Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wine Wednesday with Beringer Main & Vine Red Crush - Is it similar to Apothic Crush for Half Price?

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Who's ready for some hump day inspiration? Like, maybe comb over inspo? Or since it's Wednesday, let's talk wine!

Have you selected your Thanksgiving wines yet? Today I have a wine review for you of an under $10 Walmart wine that actually came from the Safeway.

Enjoy the video and please leave a comment of your favorite holiday wine! Or, do you have a fave that I should try? I wanna know! Post it! Finally, it's so important to take care of yourself in this busy busy time, so please, take a moment, and do some stretches to help alleviate stress tension, do some deep breaths, and drink water!  Then wine!

Thank you for watching today. Welcome to those who are new here and welcome back to those returning. If you haven't had a chance to subscribe yet, please do and ding the bell so you don't miss a thing! I bought this wine thinking it would be a great dupe for a favorite brand - watch the video and find out!


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