Sunday, February 27, 2011

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Dramatic Curly Hair Makeover

See how we transformed one real woman's unruly, two-toned curls into sleek, bouncy ones

Dramatic Curly Hair Makeover

This is a makeover article

Total Beauty reader Rachael's obvious roots and frizzy curls were due for a major overhaul, which is why we called on our makeover team at the Warren Tricomi Salon to give her sleek curls and a natural, low-maintenance makeup look that packs a subtly sexy punch.

See her transformation


WHAT THEY DON’T PUT IN THEIR PRODUCTS IS AS IMPORTANT AS WHAT THEY DO! Hello gorgeous! Just a quick blessing for the beginning of the week!
My dry winter skin that is still slightly chapped from snowboarding
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Pure,potent, nutrient rich natural preparations. After much research L’Athene was born!
PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser
Detergent-Free Cleanser, Toner and Eye Make-Up Remover
Lasts 2X Longer than Other Skin Cleansers
Non-Irritating... Balancing... Anti-Aging
THIS ALL-IN-ONE CLEANSER DISSOLVES IMPURITIES, Make-Up and Excess Oil... without Detergents. Smoothes and tones without stripping skin. Most skin cleansers and soap contain harsh detergents…that can strip the protective acid mantle of skin... leaving skin imbalanced, irritated, and dull-looking. Cleanses gently and effectively with natural cleansing agents that balance, restore, nourish and effectively cleanse dirt, pollutants and dead cells from skin. Contains French Lavender Oil which is known to tone, calm and help to regulate sebum production. Natural antibacterials effectively help to remove bacteria.

Triple antioxidant potency of Vitamin E, Echineacea and Rose Hips restores skin balance and gives anti-aging protection.

Beneficial for combination, normal, dry skin.

•Non-Detergent—No Stripping of Skin
•Restores Skin Balance
•Helps Minimize Signs of Aging
•Reveals Soft, Smoother Skin
•Soothes Redness and Inflammation
•Leaves Skin Feeling Clean, Balanced and Protected
•Prepares for Maximum Penetration of other Skin Treatment Products
~4-5 month supply.
For MEN too, for healthy great-looking skin

Beneficial after non-surgical cosmetic procedures:

•Gently cleanses, helps protect and maintain skin barrier, and limits rise of unintended effects from procedure. Even has antioxidant protection. For use, following the post-op program, when your skin is ready for skin care products. Important to use gentle, non-irritating skin care products that are nourishing for delicate skin. Procedures such as IPL, laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels.
Scientifically Proven…Quick Results

99+% Pure Natural Nutrients

Lasts 2X Longer than Other Skincare

PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser


Non-Detergent--No Stripping of Skin

Restores Skin Balance

Helps Minimize Signs of Aging

Reveals Soft, Smoother Skin

Soothes Redness and Inflammation

Leaves Skin Feeling Clean, Balanced and Protected

Prepares for Maximum Penetration of other Skin Treatments

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