Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Wookie hair with Smooth n Shine Polishing Pomade

Hi ya Gorgeous,
Oh the joy continues with Star Wars: The Force Awakens here on Makeup University.
In the galaxy, hair style and control is a concern just as if it were here in Arizona.

Whether you are a Wookie-

a droid ...

or Han Solo himself!

Healthy looking hair and control is easy with Smooth n Shine Hair Polisher and Edge Smoothing Pomade in any galaxy!

Now you can get these at Walmart, Beauty Brands, drugstores and Ulta or online and no Republic credits are needed!

Smooth'n'Shine Revivoil Edge Smoothing Pomade:
  • Controls and keeps fine hairs in place
  • For moisture, shine and stimulating feel
  • Sleeker, non-waxy feel

Smooth'n'Shine Hair Polisher:

 Advanced polishing formula instantly creates intense shine while it detangles and smoothes frizzies, split ends and fly aways.

 Ok friends, just a few more days til the movie! I'm so excited! How about you? Are you a Star Wars fan? Are you going to show? If yes, when? Preview night or first showing on the 18th?

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