Friday, December 18, 2015

What Finn needs: A Chella Eyebrow tool kit Star Wars The Force Awakens

Hi ya Gorgeous
So I saw Star Wars The Force Awakens last night. Let's just say it's more awesome than awesome!

The new characters are well developed, and someone you can relate to and want to cheer for. Meet FN 2187, otherwise known as Finn. The brow game is strong with this one!

Chella Beautiful Eyebrow Tools are a perfect gift for the stormtrooper on the lam, traveling scavengers or a modern day man or woman looking to have grooming tools on hand!

To create your ideal brow look, remove any unwanted hairs with this perfect-grip tweezer. To use: grip an individual hair and utilize a quick upward motion to lift and remove hairs as desired.
Razor w/ Brush & Comb
For a quick touch-up or when hairs are too short to tweeze, this unique grooming tool fine tunes your brows. For closest results, stroke razor lightly against the grain of the hair's directional growth.
While grooming your new brows, these will be needed to trim hairs that grow too long. You'll love Chella's easy-to-handle styling which will make quick work of this occasional task.

Chella's Beautiful Eyebrow Tools In Case contains all the tools you will need to groom and shape your eyebrows into beautiful frames for your eyes as well as room for the Chella Eyebrow Color Pencils and/or Chella Eyeliner Pens. This tool case contains our Chella scissors, unique eyebrow razor with brush and comb and our specially designed tweezers along with Chella‘s Eyebrow Shaping Guide, all inserted into our beautiful Chella Tool Case.
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