Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cool Choice designer supplement: what you need for what ails you

Hi ya Gorgeous!
 So September is here. It's a busy month with the New York Fashion week happening, the rest of the nation officially goes back to school, National Truck Driver Appreciation week happens which Makeup University does a thing for, it's the self improvement month as well as chicken and  teddy bear day as well as national cherry popover day.

As always, a moment of remembrance for 911. Wow. Busy.

So you are going to need a lil something to help fuel you in all of the busy busy, that's where Cool Choice comes in.

What's new in supplements is personalization. Cool Choice, is a wee packet of powder, that mixes easily in water or tea and dissolves quickly.

To me, it had a light citrus taste. I've used my samples and like it enough to order more for me and I'm thinking this is a fun gift for the holidays for the people who have the proverbial "everything".

I picked Brain Care/Digestive Care/Liver Care - lets see if I  get smarter, lose weight and drink less wine.

 From the Cool Choice website:

Most people today take some sort of nutritional supplement, for the simple reason that they want to do something good for their body. They problem is, in traditional supplement stores you need to do research to get the best results, and it's easy to feel inundated by the massive amount of information available about supplements. With Cool Choice personalized supplements, we take the guesswork out of the equation by doing the research for you and making it easily accessible.

$39.99 for 30 packets that you choose what you want!

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