Wednesday, June 28, 2017

BEARLY film teaser trailer inside

 Hi ya Gorgeous,

Quick update on blog things and film making and going  forward with good intentions!

Makeup University has been around for seventeen years - whoa -17 years and that's jsut a portion of my makeup  artistry work.  All  ofhat makeup doing business startedvia a sideways connection from my film making.

See, I started makeup sideways on a film set where I was working on the crew in a different capacity and one thing led to another and the next thing you  know I was doing makeup full time and had more gigs paying the bills versus directing film and video gigs. Phew.

So I stuck with it. That is until my wee cub, the love of my life said he had no desire in taking over the makeup business  but really loved video making, story telling and content creation.  Sigh.

So I dusted off some old scripts I had and moved forward  in their production.  I have Jael A Western Tale, Nascar Nights, BEARLY and ZBoy all in various stages of production .

Which brings me to BEARLY - which just had it's teaser trailer drop, you can  see that below. Enjoy and stay tuned for more makeup mixed with film posts!

It's the last day to get your BEARLY tshirt/tank!  Remember to look on the BACK!

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