Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What To Take On Summer Road Trip

Hi ya Gorgeous,
I've been on an extended travel for work, life and my cub going to U of A. As we have been in the RV and at a very public RV park, I have found a need for constantly having a disinfectant wipe on  hand as well as hand sanitizer.

 Whether I am walking the dog to poop at the public dog park, or at the swiming pool, or touching anything anywhere around here at the very beautiful Tucson Lazydays campground based on my own need for keeping germs at bay!

 In my experience, the EO organic deodorant wipe with tea tree did nothing against the 118 degree heat here in Tucson. I think in 68 degree weather this would be fabulous and healthy!

I absolutely LOVE the EO natural hand sanitizer and every one in the family from the youngest to the oldest are using and enjoying.

If you want a solution to products that do not contain triclosan, then look here, and get some for your upcoming summer road trips! 
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