Friday, March 23, 2018

CARA Moisturizer Lotion from Mehron - First Impression Friday

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Who else is ready for the weekend? The very windy, cold, rainy weekend? No matter around here - we are so thankful for the weekend when we do not have to make the very long, very heinous commute.

Now, today is "First Impression Friday"  and I have just received a sample of Mehron's CARA Moisturizer Lotion.

I have been using Mehron makeup for decades - literally - drawing, painting, schmearing, their products on clients for the past 20 years.

I have never tried the skincare until now. First impression?  I'm not wowed. It has a very strong scent in my opinion. It reminds me a lot of LORAC's moisturizer in a glass bottle. I do like the packaging - it comes in it's own velveteen textured carrying bag, but that isn't really necessary, is it?

It is light weight on the skin, absorbs well, my liquid makeup wore well over it and after a few hours, I did not notice that my skin was dry or I needed an atomizer spritz of hydration.

If I had to pick yes or no to win a million dollars - I would say no, I don't like this enough to buy it.

If you like scented light weight lotions, this could be for you.  Use this link to get your own glass bottle of CARA by Mehron for $24.95

CARA Moisturizer is a nourishing, vitamin-packed lotion for all skin types. It immediately quenches skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Formulated with vitamin E, shea butter, aloe vera, and açaí berry extract to help restore the skin’s natural vitality.  Açaí is a powerful antioxidant-rich fruit that provides incredible hydration. CARA™ Moisturizer helps to leave skin feeling truly soft while reducing the surface signs of aging.
Available in a 1 fl oz (30 ml) glass bottle with pump. Includes a convenient black velvet travel pouch
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