Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sandal Season is Here! Ethique Pumice & Peppermint Foot Polish to the Rescue!

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Oh - the weather! The official date of spring has passed on the calendar yet our current weather situation is anything but warm sunny sunshine filled days!

It's all severe rain and snow, wind and in general, a rather blustery day!

Though I encourage you to look ahead to better days that are coming!  In fact, sandal season is upon us!  It's time to take the toes out of the wool socks and boots and get them ready for show in fancy flip flops and open toe sandals!

Meaning, it's time for pedicures and taking extra care of feet, toes and heels.  My heels get a little rough in the winter but more so in the summer from always being in a sandal.

I just received a sample of the Ethique Beauty Pumice & Peppermint Foot Polish bar and it is absolutely lovely!

The packaging and thoughtful wrapping is recycled that is compostable. Ethique is a Certified B Corporation, makes cruelty free and climate friendly products - in short, they just make good stuff!

So you simply rub this deeply scented bar with chunks of shea butter in it and wee bits of pumice. The aroma is from the essential peppermint oil infused into the bar. It's a very light exfoliation, it's not harsh at all.

The box says - not to eat - but to be careful in the tub/shower because the super rich emollient shea butter could leave a film on the shower surface and become slippery.

The product is safe for the whole family and would make a lovely gift for the upcoming Passover and Easter seasons- or get early for Mother's Day and graduation gifts!

Find yours and more from Ethique on their website. They make a wide range of body bars, including, a bar shampoo - which, is perfect for travel, like, to Coachella!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!