Monday, April 2, 2018

FOX in a BOX by Hard Candy - Can Your Monday Handle It?

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Oh this Monday! Oh this Passover season! It's so exhilarating! Exciting! Woo hoo!
So who doesn't want to start this new era, this new season with some foxy lookin' cheeks?

This new Fox in a Box by Hard Candy is a marbelized baked powder with fun scents - yes, scents.
Literally like a scratch and sniff! These are available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide and on the website for $7!

 The Glamour Girl marbelized baked powder above is a lighter shade, has high shine and smells like a pina colada.

The Party Girl is chocolate scented and a more natural bronzer with some sheen to it - I love it!

Get to Walmart and get some of these in time for Coachella, music festivals, summer, road trips, cruise ships and more!

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