Monday, April 16, 2018

Post Coachella Weekend: Now What? How to Recover Quickly

Hi ya Gorgeous!

We are officially half way through the month of April and I feel part delighted that I have a few short weeks from having to quit the commute to a bit anxious because the summer is coming and my son only has one short program scheduled.  That means a lot of days of "Mom I'm bored!"  Ahhh!!

In other news, I know many of you just returned from a blissful weekend at Coachella.
There is much self care that needs to go into yourself starting now to recoup and prepare for another amazing weekend!

If you didn't see the Facebook Live on hydration, watch that here:

Ya needs it girl!

The other thing is, all the sun, sunscreen, makeup and literally baking of the sunshine of any and all products on to your skin, now is a good time to do a series of deep cleaning washes, masks and some daily exfoliation with a pad like these from St. Ives.

I wrote and did a video on these back in the day - but the info is ever green - so here's the details for you!

P.S. I just searched for these on Amazon and could not find, though these Nip+Fab are a great alternative! Get some and get busy taking care of yourself girl! You deserve it!

Find your exfoliating pads on Amazon!

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