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Makeup asked, so I"m answering!
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Dear cherelynn,

You guys are so crazy amazing and I love you! I get alot of great emails from you, and I think that some of these questions might benefit all of the readers.

So thanks again for taking the time to email me, and here's the answers to what you have been asking!

To ask your own personal questions, contact me through the websites: or

Love ya!
Your personal makeup coach,
p.s. I"m traveling ALOT this week and may be slow in responding...but I'll definately get to it!

Fake eyelashes...whoa you sounded off!
ardellOkay, so all of you want to wear these and are experiencing challenges at home putting them on.
This is a picture of Ardell brand, $3 at most drugstores. Or, sure, get the specialty brands from MAC, Sephora, or Ulta.
Most lashes will last up to a week worth of wears. Yes, a toothpick can help stabilize the strip while drying.
Here's the secret: don't wait to practice til you are going out on a big event.
Yes, a coat of mascara can be applied before lashes and after to help seal the two together.
I recommend lining the eye before you put on the lashes because after the line can get pretty thick, really quick.
Yes, curl your lashes after you have applied the falsies and wait til it is completely dry.
Enjoy, and thanks for writing and I"m sorry for leaving out these small details that make a huge difference!

Stand up spray on tans vs. DIY at home
Selftanner duo The orange oompa loompa article brought alot of mail also...I like the spray on tan, no way would I be caught in the beds with UV rays to give me wrinkles.
The spray booths come in two varieties: the enclosed booth where the mist comes out kind of like a gas chamber.
The other is similiar to being a car in a car wash where the nozzles rotate and move up and down.
I prefer the car wash version. The same preparation applies to the spray booths as being at home: prep the skin with a serious exfoliation followed by moisturizer. When it's absorbed you are ready to either use your at home tanner or go into the spray tan.
If you are looking for the tools to help you do your own back: the home medical section at Walmart, Target, or the drugstore will have plastic wands with pincers at the end to hold a sponge or papertowels so you can reach the middle of your back. They are a few dollars and can also be used to reach the foot if that's a challenge for you.
If after a few days, the color becomes mottled on your skin, exfoliate and reapply. Then in the next time you shower, use the mildest soap possible and nothing but your hands to wash.
Good luck getting your summer color on!
My eyeliner and mascara always runs, no matter what!!
mascSome eye shapes have a shallow occular base and the skin folds easily around the eye.
Meaning: no matter what the product rubs and smears!
Okay, if this is you, and you are enjoying your waterproof mascara, just use it and make yourself feel beautiful.

Some suggestions to help the smudging: put a layer of transulcent powder underneath the bottom eyelashes. Only apply the mascara to the tip of the lashes and towards the center.

I tried the creme shadow and it creased on me!
EyeQcreme shadowFair moves on me too. Just use your ring finger to put it back in place, or use a shadow base on the lid before you put the creme shadow on ( try sephora's brand, mac, paula dorf or studio gear)

Finally...the best question for last..." I"m going to the Mirage in Vegas and plan on playing at the beach pool and swimming up to the do I keep my full face of makeup on while doing water ballet and drinking margaritas?
I'm so honored to be able to answer this question.

This requires a trip to, or in store at your local mall...get a kit from Makeup For Ever called Aqua Bella, and everything in there is waterproof: from foundation, to blush, shadow, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.
You will look beautiful, maintain your makeup, and be able to dolphin dive and do shots of tequila, all while looking camera ready.

Thank you for sharing your beauty secrets with me.
I've got some in store appearances coming up, plus some makeup workshops and the makeup party series " Simple Summer Beauty" as well as the Natural Progesterone Seminars.

Stay tuned for dates and times. As always, you can reach me through the websites, or

I look forward to hearing from you!
fake eyelashes
Cherelynn Baker
Makeup University Inc
p.s. You asked for a fake eyelash photo, here it is. And yes, the glue makes my eyes water and sting too. Ah, beauty is worth it!
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