Friday, June 1, 2007

How to wear false eyelashes

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Makeup weekend makeup secret . . . wear false eyelashes!
Dear friends,
Taking off for a quick Vegas weekend? Going to the beach? Just out for dinner? Put your lashes on!
vegas The best ones are Ardell, $3 at the drugstore.
Buy the extra tube of clear glue because the little sample packet will dry up quick!
1.Pull one lash strip off, add a good thick line of glue onto the lash strip.
2. Line the lash strip at the end of your eye, tack down in the middle, and press into the corner. Use an orange stick or toothpick to press the strip into the eyelash line. Keep your eye closed during this process. I find that it helps to use your ring finger to pull the eyebrow up a bit, while pulling the eyelid closed to make the space between the lashes and lid skin open up. The glue will look white until it dries.

Once they are in place, do not move or adjust them because the glue will leave a residue and if you try to re-glue, then you have a dried line of glue to work over.

One pair will last a week worth of wearing. At the end of your event and you want to remove your lashes, while washing your face, rub your finger along the lash line and loosen the glue. Gently pull the lashes off, rinse them, and put back on the plastic tray they came in.

Enjoy...these are fun to wear and it takes a little practice, it's worth it!

Love ya!
Your personal makeup coach
Cherelynn Baker

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