Sunday, August 28, 2016

Labor Day Weekend series: the bour·geoi·sie edition

Hi ya Gorgeous!
You are mere days away from starting your official Labor Day weekend celebrations! Personally, I would be pulling out sometime on Thursday, or Wednesday even, no need to wait til Monday to celebrate!

Or should I say...Stellabrate? I haven't tried that wine, if you have, let me know what you think of it. I'm a die hard Apothic girl though willing to try a new brand.

 So let's get into the video and the amazing products I have to show you!

These products from skin, to supplement and scent will help you have a relaxing staycation or vacation and certainly give  you a head start to an awesome Fall season!

 This is the Good Karma Skin Care Oil with Lux 7 - amazois!

 The new fragrance from Katy Perry called Mad Love - light and warm, toasty smelling is perfect for Fall days and those who have gone back to school!
These Cool Choice designer supplements are a must have for yourself and personally, a perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything - get a gift certificate for them to order their own vitamin after a season of indulgence!

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Products featured in the Labor Day Weekend series for the bour·geoi·sie...

Good Karma Skincare Lux 7 oil and creme
Katy Perry Mad Love fragrance
Nature's Gate Coconut Water body lotion
Cool Choice Designer Supplements

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