Monday, June 4, 2018

Guize Face FX and I the Movie featuring Allergy Actress Mary Beth Eversole

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Oh Monday - you are so awesome! Today's blog post features the Guize Face FX palette in Moonlight that I received as a sample. I took it with me to Burbank for an event with AT&T for SHAPE.

It was such a delight to spend time with Mary Beth and here her story of how trauma entered her life and how she began the healing process. Then, she took it a step further to help others who are living and dealing with pain and trauma in their lives by writing a screenplay about her personal experience. Now she is telling the stories of those who have wrote in with their testimony of how trauma entered their lives and looking for solutions to heal.

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This video features Allergy Actress, Mary Beth Eversole who was generous with her time and sat for an interview, and a makeup review while I test the palette, which is amazing and worth $40!

Then, to add to the fun - the camera is being run by NerdSoul - your one stop spot on the internet for all hip hop geek culture and trends.

Mary Beth and I talk about her film, I the movie, which is a journey into healing trauma in self and soul. It's currently in it's fundraising stage, so please click this link and donate - every dollar matters and will get this project produced so the healing can begin for those who see it!

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